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Narita photo diary


When it blows through

Pale pink Spring knit: H&M TRF skinny denim: ZARA Bandolera charol enamel bag: ZARA Bracelets: TOPSHOP Owl ring: H&M
This was very first time John helped my photo shooting and all the results came out so good. It didn't take us time until it all finished that was amazing. All these taken last Friday (29th April: William & Kate's Royal Wedding!) at Marroad Hotel in which he always stays at as he comes to Japan. He didn't miss any seconds for good shots like when it blows my hair nicely, when I tiled my head down looking natural, and when I smiled at him beyond the camera. My digital camera isn't really professional unlike Nikon or Canon SLR so the lens make your face look longer or your legs shorter depending on the position of camera, which is trouble and takes you more time until you finally get nice photos that look natural as you see the objects. I shouldn't complain but even this time, though he did such a great camera work, we couldn't avoid having …

Colors of the Sun

This post isn't an outfit one. Last Sunday I took photos of flowes which are blooming wonderfully in the sun while photo shooting. I'm not a photographer so the results aren't super good but I still like them :) What I wore at that time was H&M puffed sleeve t, ZARA short denim, Gap handbag just in case you want to know. My mom and I found eye-popping yellow wall on the street and I had to snap quick there haha.
Now I'm thinking of doing other outfits in front of this wall sometime. It really highlights what you wear and deserves blight Summer later on. I'm excited to think about it anyway..

Outfit of the day: What I wore for work

Spring blazer black: UNIQLO Leopard shirt: ZARA Legging-pants: UNIQLO Sakura leather platform heels: TOPSHOP Crocodile patterned enamel tote: GAP
This outfit must be one of the easiest ones for work. I like animal patterns and always want to wear it even when I have work whose cloth standard is kind of strict. Outfit for work should be formal, clean impression, sometime elegant and modest. All jobs I worked for had its rules for what you wear as other companies have and it used to be my weak point because most cloth I have are too casual for work. Since I started to have blazers, time to think about what to wear today has reduced a lot. Sometime I wear different kinds of blazers everyday haha
Even an inner wear is t-shirt or tank top that look completely casual, it gets formal enough for work once a blazer added. I adore all of them so much :)
This outfit is what I wore last Thursday. Only leopard shirt looks loud for office but what about with the light spring blazer? simple and still co…

Owl about Spring

This is my first fashionable ring since I got addicted fashion world. This catchy Owl ring is by H&M and I'm going to wear this with heavy Spring knit I bought at the same time. It'll be an outfit post for this weekend :)

Outfit of the day: See-Through John Lennon :)

John Lennon & Yoko Ono t-shirt: H&M Voile Blouse: ZARA Denim shorts: ZARA Yellow green belt: UNIQLO Studded gladiator sandals: unbranded
Did you get what I titled? :) eheh You can see John Lennon though the voile blouse which is see-through.. :P This photo taken last Sunday came out a good result and I couldn't wait to post them. Temperature went up to 24 degrees and it almost felt like the beginning of Summer which is my favorite season. I can't wait for super hot summer and to wear bright colored tank and real damaged short denim with sandals! I love Summer no matter how hot and humid it gets. My mom and I walked in the sun taking photos at the same time and feeling breeze around. 


I'd wanted to have enamel bags so much and now they're mine :) These amazing bags from ZARA will make my outfit this weekend. I can think of thousands of combinations from these 2 babes and I am so sure I'm gonna be addicted with them!
What would you wear with one of them? :)

Sunday Look 4/24 Spring Sunday Sun

4/24 Sunday Look: All ZARA S/S collection '11 Twill blazer Electric pink Tee Twill Bermuda Shorts Colored Peeptoe Shoe: Electric blue Accessories: unbranded
It was one of amazing days in this Spring. My mom helped a lot for my photo shooting the entire day and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It was full of Spring sunshine and warm enough to stay outside with just t-shirt and shorts. This was my first time to try vivid colors for my outfit post. What do you think about it? :D We did another 3 sets of my outfit photo shooting but I will post them here separately. I have to do more editing, (I cannot change the length of my legs or make my face cute and stuff though hehe) , organize, and think about what to write with each photo to match well for atmosphere etc.. there's still so much until they're finally uploaded here but I love all the stuff that make a post :) I promise coming posts won't bore you so please wait ^ ^* Hope your weekend went amazing…

Love or Peace or Love and Peace


Would you like more?

Rain kept me from going outside the entire day. Sitting on the chair, lying down on my bed, stuck in my room for hours, going back to the bed holding mug. My butt hurts. Just let me hope it will be sunny Sunday tomorrow.

Go Skinny. Wanna be Skinny


Detail of Twill blazer and stuff

This is the details of new blazer that I bought at ZARA last Thursday. I really wanted to have a beige color blazer for a long time (or any kind of light color of it!) because others that I have are 2 blacks and 1 silver that always make only formal look. 

What A Rainy Day

It was such a hyper drenching day ALL day! Since I woke up this morning around 7am (just went to the bathroom hehe) the sound of rain was reaching my ears and it kept me awake in bed for a while. I was just hoping this rain stops right away so bad. Why? you know that. I needed to do photo shooting that I missed last weekend due to visiting my dad. Makeup was done, hair-do was done, all clothes were ready, and accessories were on me. Only the sky wasn't ready and didn't give me any second for taking photos until now 6pm. Rain is on and off it's like it claims like we're supposed to let it rain even just for a day. So I ended up staying home all day today and it made me think about a lot of things. Now so many things are in my mind and I came up with thousands of ideas for new posts. I don't even know what to write for the first post of today!  While hearing the sound of rain, I started to browse tumblr for images of rain. There are mixed with some photos that I too…


φιλοσοφία φιλοσοφία φιλοσοφία φιλοσοφία φιλοσοφία φιλοσοφία

New In: Twill Blazer by ZARA

I got this blazer that would match marine look! How would I wear this blazer? :)
It'll be an outfit post this weekend.

TOPSHOP shorts that I will check for Summer

1 Sand Fringed Side Denim Shorts By Unique**
2 Floral Printed Runner Shorts
3 MOTO Sparkle Stud Denim Shorts
4 MOTO Camel Snake Print Hotpants
5 MOTO Flag Printed Hotpants
6 MOTO Floral Denim Hot Pants

Girl's wishlist never ends. Whatever pops up for new season looks all attractive and it makes us want them all. Having fashion fever for months is the hardest sick I've ever had! haha because this never gets cool down. I'm still looking for my own style like "what is gonna be "so me"?"
I've been seeking clothes and a cool style that people think I would/might be wearing. It looks like what I would have. It's been still just a little while since I started posting of my outfit and to have fashion fever so all my outfits I've posted until today might seem to be random but if you ever check my blog often, that's so honor to me and I can stay motivated.
I keep doing my best for sharing my outfits and try not to bore you here so please stay tuned and…

Handbag I have been looking for.

Does anyone know in Tokyo which ZARA shops have this TRIANGULAR MESSENGER BAG WITH FLAP?
well I've been looking for this all ZARA shops where I can go near my office, house, and while I was with John, but I couldn't find it at any of ZARAs. I really want (not just a wish!) this for my wardrobe and I am sure I'd definitely adore it because it was love at first sight. I'm kind of in a hurry because their arrival of goods renews at 2 or 3 weekly intervals so I might not be able to buy it anymore in a few weeks. (Probably 1 week left. It's already been 2 weeks or so since S/S items have been at stores, right?) There are many variations for my outfits by matching with this messenger bag.
If you ever know which ZARA shop has this stunning bag, please let me know and I will for sure run over there and make a purchase :)

Made my wish come true

SAKURA Leather Platform Shoes by TOPSHOP

It was such an amazing Friday. John and I met up after my work last evening and we were hanging in Shibuya until he had to leave for the airport. We went to an Indian curry restaurant for dinner and when we were almost done, he handed the big paper bag to me saying here's your present. There was the SAKURA leather platform pumps by TOPSHOP in the box! It really got me speechless for seconds and I even forgot to breathe too. Look how amazing these are.. He told me that these platform heels were in my wishlist on this blog and searched for a place he could get them and he went all the way to TOPSHOP in Harajuku which is next to Shibuya and got them before coming to the station near my office.
And then we went to ZARA to see what's new after leaving the restaurant and he got me the Colored Peeptoe Shoe and awesome short pants!!
Click for More pictures :D

OOTD: Meets Rose

 Colorful flowers are spread out the town and warm breeze brings here comfort. It is hard to stay home all day because sun is trying to take us out to show how beautifully Spring's started. Finding the bunch of rose near my apartment and I decided to do photo shooting in front of the tree. I didn't know my pink short denim and the color of rose were matched at that moment but when I started editing photos, I had to boost colors and highlight the both colors. This outfit is so simple as you see it. In comfortable cloth and colors, there's no need to add many accessories or hair do to it. So my hair was just messy as if I just got up. I'm thinking if I should dye my hair all black or a bit more lighter colored these days.

Navy crochet knit: TOPSHOP White tank top: TOPSHOP Pink denim: ZARA Platform heels: ZARA Bangles: unbranded 

Ready to Wear for Summer- QUICK SILVER WOMEN

1 Easy Breezy Dress  $44.50  
2 The Runner Short  $39.50

3 Handy Crafty Cubes Maxi Dress $64.50   4 Garden Quilt Floral Dress $39.50
5 QSW Black Swan Tank $48.00    
6 QSW Love Or Looking Bikini $88.00   
7 Riptide Dress $44.50

One of the most popular Surf brands, QUICK SILVER is launching hot Summer items for this coming season. I randomly picked up some of them which caught my eyes. Even in Quick Silver and other surf brands, they've had vivid colored cloth and swim wear more than before..or Surf brands are supposed to more colorful? :D Even just looking through new arrivals and their exciting Summer items, it's so hard to stop thinking about what to wear in the sun!

Sleep Wear for Summer #3 Layered Stripes

Now it's pretty warm outside more than inside house. But at night and early in the morning, temperatures can go chilly compared to the day time. So I'm wearing ZARA loose cotton long sleeve with the flexible one piece dress also by ZARA. The pink one piece is so comfotable to wear directly over your skin and it's amazingly elastic as if it's made of rubber hahah I'm layered in bed and the hem of the skirt gets nicely tangled up around my thigh and all fits me :)
What do you wear at Spring night?

Never Ever Get Enough: Really Wish to Have for S/S-ZARA

1 Triangular messenger bag with flap 2 vintage shoulder bag 3 Blazer with pleated shoulders 4 Skinny studio trousers Blue and Green 5 Printed court shoe: Blue 6 Basic court shoe: Green
This Spring is so crazy for me. I can NEVER stop finding cool items this year. Or I didn't know how attractive vibrant colors are and how they catch my attention. Today and yesterday I went to ZARA after my work and it was such a huge inspiration. The whole shop was filled with all eye-popping colors and fresh design t-shirts, trousers, and killing platform pumps. How could I stay quiet? No doubt I wanted to buy all that. What I have been wanting to have is mostly nude color items like blazer, pumps, and bags. But I have to add more colors in my closet. It's Spring. Lately, though I'm too dull to be aware of what I have, I don't have any small bags like 2 shoulder bags in the picture. Tote or normal handbags are big enough and useful to pack many things in but those 2 above caught my ey…

ZARA LookBook April '11


Platform Pumps Addict

SAKURA Leather Platform Shoes
WIRE Black Suede Faux Snakeskin Effect Platform
SCARLETT2 Nude Patent Peep Toe Platform Heels
SCARLETT2 Peep Toe Platforms
LANEY Stripey Patent Sandals in Black
SUGAR Mary Jane Platforms

Complete Spring Wishlist

Jessica Simpson 'Brinna' Platform Sandal 2 EUGENIA KIM Honey straw hat 3 TOPSHOP Beaten Metal Cuff 4 ALEXANDER WANG Cropped knitted cotton sweater 5 TOPSHOP Black Leather Lazer Cut Fringed Bag

Sunday Look 4/10 American Dream-70s Inspiration

Here goes. This photo become one of my most favorite works. I've got inspired by 70s or 60s atmosphere of photography and current fashion trend. What do you think about it? :) The actual story behind this photo shooting is that my aunt in the states sent us a big carton filled with these many snacks, seasonings, instant noodle packages, and more kinds of food worrying about grocery situation because of Japan earthquake.  She wanted us not to get in any troubles for food so since big quakes started in 11th March, she rushed those tons of food over here. Such a warm present :)
When I woke up in the morning, I got a sudden inspiration coming up in my head with these snacks and 70s fashion trend and grabbed the bleached denim, U.S. flag patterned Tee, and puff sleeved denim outer for Sunday look. If I wished to have for this photo shooting, I'd say pretty paintings or a few more pieces of news paper. But I'm happy with this work for sure.

Click for More Photos ↓↓↓↓↓

Tuck my morning into films

Things that let my Sunday begin.

Guess what comes next :)

What the articles say isn't a clue for next post of my Sunday look. Can you guess what it would be from this photo complies? From its atmosphere, how I edited this, and why I used news paper from U.S. (actually I didn't mind if it's from European one. the result wouldn't have been changed). If you're a fashion trend seeker, you might know what I got inspired by ;) Sunday look this time is honestly I love it more than others posted before even though I'm the only one in the photos and edited. then I ended up asking you to guess what the next post would be like. hehe Anyhow, I promise I will make it a good Sunday look and so hope you like it. Some different kinds of posts could come before it though. 

Sleep Wear for Summer #2 Tank Tops above green

Which tank top do you prefer for sleeping wear in Summer? I bought them when I was in the states just 1 year ago at ROSS (I always buy tons of awesome clothes there every time I go to the states!). These tank tops can be worn outside ,of course, but I thought it might be fun for this post as 2nd choice of bed wear. What I wore this time was FOX, ROXY, and VANS. Since I was a little kid, I've seen some of FOX biker suits that my dad had because he owned his motorcycle shop in my hometown and used to go cool touring with his friends often, so when I found that tank top at ROSS, I had to get it. If you (my dad) read my blog, I'm sure you'd definitely like it!
These photos taken a couple of days ago and I was kind of waiting to post until now because it would've been weird if I made it on my  blog while I was absent from work, right? hehe who knows..
Anyhow let me know what you think about it. :)
Click on "SEE MORE" ;)