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Plenty of veggies, delicious Bolognese :)

Maybe spaghetti bolognese is one of the easiest, standard menus which all moms make at home. And I made this for dinner yesterday, before John flies out again to Japan today. I was thinking of what to make for dinner last few days for Friday and remembered he loves bolognese the best. Am I a nice girl? yeah I know.  and of course, it was so yummy and made him say "Mmmmm....*with his eyes closed*" Surprisingly he never had Carbonara until I made here but now it's already ranked in his 2nd favorite foods :)  I like seasoning food using many kinds of (at least 2 or 3 kinds) spices and it helps me not overuse salt. Do you know how too much intake salt? Using 1 clove of garlic and a few kinds of spices really do season your food nicely even you don't use salt at all. (Of course I use salt a little but just to finish up/complete it before serving.) What makes me happy lately is that John's started to say "that was salty" mentioning a food (pre-made food whic…

Yummy& Chewyy Gnocchi Gnocchi Gnocchi ♥♥♥ (No Egg))

Sunday dinner, home alone but fine, was delicious chewy chewyyy Gnocchi. Needless to say, I'm addicted. There are a hundred kinds of sauce to eat with gnocchi but I think cheese based one is perfect. Drop a tiny bit of butter over just-boiled gnocchi and put hot melting white creamy cheese sauce aaaalll over it! Sprinkle black petter on it, too? Ohhh my goodness so crazy. YUM!
Wish you didn't have a flight, John, and I could say "Mmmmm! BABYYY!.....this gnocchi is amazing." ok, here's the recipe.

日曜日の夕食は、一人だったけど、もぉーーっちもちのニョッキ!言うまでもなく、完全にハマった。ニョッキにかけて食べるソースの種類はいくらでもあるけど、チーズベースのソースが一番おいしいよね。湯でたてのニョッキにちょっとだけバターを落として、熱々のホワイトクリーミーチーズソースをたっぷりかけるの!最後にブラックペッパーも振って。オーーーマイグッネス! Yammyy!
ジョン、フライトがなければよかったのにね、そしたら私が"Mmm Babyyyy!!.....このニョッキおいしいわね。"って言えたのに。

Very healthy! Fish Dumplings in Tomato Sauce

Friday's dinner was colored by red and green (avocado salad). I enjoyed cooking as always and having someone like a family to share the food is such a pleasure. We went to a grocery store for a huge shopping (to last next 2 weeks) after my school and then I started to cook this. It required some patience to fight with sticky fish dough but it really is rewarding and well worth to try it. I didn't come up with making fish dumplings and have them in tomato sauce by myself simply because it seemd to take long till finish and tiresome to make it after a long day...but that's not true. (if you have a food processor)
These boiled fish dumplings are fluffy and mild, and spread & melt out in your mouth with tomato sauce.. Mmm.. It'd make your family smile and ask you for more helpings :)
Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe!

Easy&Yummy Coconuts Milk Curry

Last Thursday, I made Coconuts milk curry for the first time. Last time John had a flight to Japan, he went to Thai restaurant in Narita Airport and had a nice dinner which I can't have here in Germany.. When I was still living in Tokyo, I used to come over to see him at Narita and went to the restaurant to have coconuts curry milk curry (could be something different but this kinda stuff). Whenever I go to Malaysian, Thai, Vietnam restaurant, I can't help ordering food seasoned with coconuts. Mmm..  Super easy and it can be your frequent recipe for dinner. No fish, no meat. Why not try? Click "SEE MORE" for recipe :)
先週の木曜に初めてココナッツミルクカレー作った。前回ジョンが日本に着いたときに夕食にタイレストランに行って、おいしーいご飯を食べて来たっていうのもあって悔しくて作った笑 まだ私が東京に住んでたときはジョンのフライトの度に成田に行って、そのタイレストランでよくこういうカレー(か麺)注文したの。タイ・ベトナム・マレーシア系のレストランに行くとココナッツベースのメニューしか注文しないくらい好きだから自分で作らない手はないよね。すんごく簡単で肉・魚なしのダイエットカレー。試してみて! "もっと見る"でレシピ見てね

Rice cracker-Potato gratin. Simply delicious.

Potato was wanted for dinner last Saturday. I agreed, but didn't want to do pretty much fight with it like I did last week, and I was too lazy to look for recipes for potato! Then I just sliced them out for gratin. Easy, delicious, and fresh-because it has rice cracker at the bottom :D It transformed into food let's say chewy macaroni thingy. The smell of rice cracker is amazing and perfectly matching with shrimp (underneath the potato slices).
If you wonder if this was seriously working out, I say yes, let me cook you one. Once you bite it, outer corner crispy-potatoes, shrimp, and the chewy-ly melted rice crackers crush together in your mouth and the smell of tiny basil flakes spread out right away.... Simply, yummy. John couldn't help asking me for another portion. He loved it, and so did I. Trust me.

Recipe shows up after "SEE MORE". [if you could stop with 1 portion, 4 servings]...♥

Nice color :) Green Pea Soup!

Saturday dinner was one of best ones, which was colored with nice green pea soup. I never made soup from one vegetable like this (e.x. pumpkin, potato, tomato, carrot etc), but since I got BRAUN Multi Quick for 3rd Xmas present, I couldn't want to make green pea soup as 1st creation of vegetable one. So here it is. Tastes great, smells nice, and makes the table more colorful. Note* I HATE green pea but I can handle with the soup (only soup) and John LOVES green pea, so I gave it a try..
Click "SEE MORE" for recipe!

土曜の夕食は越して来てから最高においしい夕食の一つになった。グリーンピーススープでワンカラープラスされて :) 今までこういう一種類の野菜からスープって作ったことはなかったんだけど、3つ目のクリスマスプレゼントにブラウンのマルチクイック(これはリクエスト)をもらってからすっごい作りたかったの :D すごくおいしくできたし何しろテーブルがカラフルになるのがいいね-♥ "もっと見る"をクリックしてレシピ見てね :) 注*私はグリーンピース相当嫌いなんだけどスープだけなら食べられて、ジョンがグリーンピース大好き(意味がわからない)だからやってみた。。
[2~3 servings]♥

American inspired chocolate & nuts cookies

Bringing chocolate & nuts cookies to the class was a nice surprise for everyone and they complimented me a lot :) I made them last Friday morning right before heading to school, of course I skipped preview for the lesson but it was worth it! :D I was browsing many cookie recipes and in a while I decided to create my own one, simply because I always end up getting lost which part I was reading or at least taking time to trace the method. These cookies came out so nice, crispy, and nuts and cacao powder gave a great match and yummy smell on them. Perfect snack with milk,...or espresso :) Why not try?

先週の金曜の朝一でこのチョコ・ナッツクッキーを焼いて学校に持って行ったの。みんな気に入ってくれて嬉しかった-!! :) 予習はさぼったけど作った甲斐あったから問題なし笑
色々クッキーのレシピ模索したんだけどやめて自分のクッキーを作ることにした。っていうのもいつも結局どこまで読んでたかわかんなくなるし(いつも使うのは英語のレシピだから字がちっさくて見失う) 少なくとも文章をたどる時間ロスがめんどくさくて。
サクサクでカカオとナッツの香りがたまらない♥ミルクと相性完璧。エスプレッソと一緒に大人目に食べてもおいしい。試してみて :)

Perfect Dip Sauce for Fried Fish! PLEASE. TRY.

I could say this sauce was such a genius development. Really really delicious and I'm sure you couldn't help adding more of it. It works well not only for fried fish, but for grilled chicken, avocado salad, vegetable sticks, and so on. I would indeed like you to try this sauce. Just mix ingredients, dip it, eat it,...and you'd lick the dishhh! Here's the method. 

このディップソースは画期的な発明って言っていいかも。。ってぐらいおいしい!!! きっとヤミツキになってどんどん欲しくなっちゃうよ ;) 白身魚のフライとは完璧な相性だけど、グリルドチキン、アボカドサラダ、ベジスティック、等々何にでも合うから是非試してほしいソース。ただ材料混ぜるだけだから、ぜ・ひ!!

[Perfect Dip Sauce for 4 portions 4人分 (一人当たり3~4切れ)]

Small size Onion 1/2~1/3 玉ねぎ 8分の1 Mayonnaise 12 Tablespoon マヨネーズ大さじ12 Ketchap 4 Tablespoon ケチャップ大さじ4 Mastard 4 Tablespoon マスタード大さじ4 Milk 1 1/2 Tablespoon 牛乳大さじ1+1/2 Garlic 1 Piece にんにく1欠片(にんにくチューブでもok) Salt 1 Pinch 塩ひとつまみ Black Pepper to taste 黒こしょう 少々

If you have a blender, mix all the ingredients and you're done. If you don't have a blender, chop up Onion into pieces as tiny as possible, and mix all other ingred…

Recipe: kartoffelknödel-Potato dumpling

For Monday evening, I made Kartoffelknödel (Potato dumplings) for the side dish. Kartoffelknöde is made of potatoes and always served with meat (grilled chicken, beef, pork, lamb etc) in a plate.  It's really chewy and Potatoes' original sweetness is amazing. It does match with meat and sausage of course, and you can enjoy them in a soup as well. We were going to buy them but now no need! :D Here's the recipe :9
月曜の夕食にKartoffelknödel(カルトーフェル(=ジャガイモ)・クヌーデル=じゃがいも団子)をサイドディッシュ用に作りました。レストランで肉料理を注文すると(ちゃんと"with Kartoffelknödel"って書いてあります)こういうふうにセットでついてきます。もっちもちで超~~~~おいしい。お餅好きの日本人なら好きになるはず! 肉とも相性バッチリだけど、スープに入れてこれだけ食べてもok. これで買う手間省けました★ レシピは"もっと見る"をクリックしてね :9 Bon Appétit :)

Delicious Tacos!

For Sunday dinner, I made Tacos! Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions, Salsa sauce.... Mmm....watering mouth? ;) Here's the recipe. As you know, Easy&Yummy!

日曜の夕食はタコス作りました!みずみずしいトマト、レタス、オリーブにフレッシュオニオン、メキシコの日差しをたっぷり浴びて出来たサルサソース...Mmmm!ジュルって感じ? ;)
Bon Appétit!


This is the 2nd post of my cooking (these are photos of dinner). I never fail to make salad every night and cook with less oil, salt, and price (just cook as much as possible.) Dressing is also self-made, all ingredients are from fresh veges and meat. It's always like experiments which isn't easy to guess what comes out (lol) but for now, it all tasted good :9 I'll make more recipe posts besides this "what we ate" post. Have a great weekend!

New In: knit & shorts

Pimkie khaki knit, ZARA WAXED EFFECT SHORTS xoxo meg

Fruit Tart for Jan's Birthday (Requested ;))

2012 finally came and at the same time, Jan's birthday came, 1st January :D He turned 31 years old (when I first met him was 2 years ago..time flies.) I asked him what kind of cake he'd like to have for birthday and this fruit tart was requested. So I made this :) It was pretty much successful for the first try.
Here's the recipe. Click "SEE MORE" Just 10 steps ♥ ♥

2012年明けました! と同時にジョンの誕生日が来て31歳です。(私が初めてあったのはもう2年前...早すぎる)少し前にジョンに誕生日何ケーキ食べたい?って聞いてフルーツタルトがリクエストになったので作りました~♥初めてにしてはよく出来たと思う! 
れて嬉しかった~ :D

※(18cm タルト型の場合全分量を1/2にしてください)

[Tart base タルト生地 ] Unsalted butter (無塩バター) 1 cup (200g) Powder sugar (粉糖) 120gSalt (塩 2つまみ) 2 pinchesEgg (卵)1 M sizeAll purpose-flour (薄力粉 ふるう) 2 cups (400g) Sift wellAlmond powder (アーモンドプードル ふるう) 60g Sift well

[Pastry cream カスタードクリーム]
Egg yolk (卵黄) 6 M sizeGranulated sugar (グラニュー糖) 80gCorn starch (コーンスターチ) 40gMilk (牛乳) 2 cup (400cc)Cream (生クリーム) 1/2 cup (100cc)[Other その他] Yo…