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Anytime Fitness

Today I finally got to join a gym after moving to new place.  I'm excited and energetic!  They're opened for 24 hours and obviously, no excuse.  Kick your ass off the sofa and burn for Summer ;) 
国分寺に引越して来てからやっとまたジムに通えるようになりました。価格も安くて最高。24時間営業だから言い訳無しだね笑 xoxo M

New Hair

On 3rd, May I've gotten my hair cut.  Haruka (younger sister) had her birthday on 22nd April and Shogo (younger brother) had 4th May we decided to have their birthday party on this day.  Haruka brought her boyfriend here. 
3日に髪型変えました! はるかが4月22日に、将吾が5月4日に誕生日だったのでこの日に合わせて誕生日会をすることに。 はるかは彼氏も連れて来てにぎやかで楽しい午後になりました。

My outfits for work lately


Osaruchan and Reika on 27th April


Cinderella movie day with Natsumi

On 25th April we headed out to Shinjuku, Tokyo. We got to make AVOBATH at LUSH, sing in Karaoke, and watched Cinderella that was amazing!

Too much to catch up but let you know I'm still here

How have you all been? I haven't made any post here since November and been absent.  I couldn't catch up anymore but I wanted to share some photos of how my life's been.  My work's been crazy as hell but I'm enjoying my life more than I have ever done. 

Reading GONE GIRL on kindle in those little candle light in an evening.  I've gotten the room fragrance (how I call it) and the GreenLeaf candle. 

A kind of cherry blossom flower taken by my dad. Nice share of Spring.

Stayed over at Reika's place. How lovely is she? She puts no makeup on.