Outfit of the day: What I wore for work

Spring blazer black: UNIQLO
Leopard shirt: ZARA
Legging-pants: UNIQLO
Sakura leather platform heels: TOPSHOP
Crocodile patterned enamel tote: GAP

This outfit must be one of the easiest ones for work. I like animal patterns and always want to wear it even when I have work whose cloth standard is kind of strict. Outfit for work should be formal, clean impression, sometime elegant and modest. All jobs I worked for had its rules for what you wear as other companies have and it used to be my weak point because most cloth I have are too casual for work.
Since I started to have blazers, time to think about what to wear today has reduced a lot. Sometime I wear different kinds of blazers everyday haha
Even an inner wear is t-shirt or tank top that look completely casual, it gets formal enough for work once a blazer added. I adore all of them so much :)
This outfit is what I wore last Thursday. Only leopard shirt looks loud for office but what about with the light spring blazer? simple and still cool :) This night my mom and I went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was a great ending of the day. we did lots of photo shooting and finished the day at the nice place. She really helped me so much for taking pictures and did a good camera work! Without her cooperation, I couldn't make any good post of my outfit. I gotta start to think about what I should give her on Mother's day!



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