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From one pizza dough to many to taste :) Nom nom nom

From the no knead pizza dough, today I baked my first bread (I baked many breads with my mom when I was little, but this is what I baked all by myself).  I usually have Rye or Vollkorn (brown) bread like this: for more Vitamin B, mineral, and fiber. 
After 1to 2 months I moved to Germany, I almost became anorexia. If I could think of the cause, it might've been that I had no friends, couldn't communicate with others for the language, got hungry from study but the food didn't satisfy me (completely different from Japanese healthy food...), and "I don't want to be fat.". The struggle of hunger and trying to stay thin to continue fashion/outfit blog. 
When I was about to "fall" (start to suffer from anorexia), I consulted with a person (food/nutrition professor) about my problem and she recommended me to buy Vollkorn or Rye bread that contains LOTS of vitamin B and mineral that help people on diet (≠ to be skinny; = to be healthy). And she told me to m…

American Cherry Pie アメリカンチェリーパイ

My kitchen was full of American Cherry smell from the oven. How nice and much it made me excited to bite.   Since today, 31st March, Easter/Spring break has started. I finished A1 exam which is first level of German language and a test for non-German people and our teacher gave us the result, though we'll receive the official form after Easter, that wasn't bad: 90/100. It's been 4 months since I started to learn German language and now I am able to express what I want to say. There's still much much long to go but I'm growing everyday :) 
We were going to have a party at school before Easter break started but it wasn't officially announced and I missed the chance last Thursday to ask our teacher if we'd make a party on Friday. But my Italian friend backed pizza for me (how sweet she is!).  "We won't have a party but I'll bake a pizza for you, meggy :) (in German) " she said.  This is my reason to bake this American Cherry pie :)  The recip…

Simple Handmade Arrabbiata Sauce 手作りアラビアータソース

Handmade addiction. Now I started to make Arrabbiata sauce and feel my improvement of cooking :) "I've made a pizza dough, pizza cheese in the fridge, olives, smoked bacons.... Oh I don't have tomato sauce that's the most important ingredient!"  Luckily I've bought canned tomato puree a while ago and now it turned arrabbiata sauce. I never made it by myself and always went to grocery stores to get it when I wanted to have pizza, pasta, or soup to skip many processes that Italian mamas do from 0. I love Barilla. Delicious, flavorful, and nicely amazing promotes other ingredients but still remains its taste....So they're always not cheap. This was the problem for me.
I was browsing many recipes for Arrabbiata sauce and concluded this method. I used just basic ingredients that all of you might also have in your kitchen and simply because I didn't have red wine, Italian seasonings, and red pepper flakes. Easy and tasty as always. If you have any tips for …

Japanese Original White Stew ホワイトシチュー

White stew is one of Japanese homemade dish which all kids like. This stew method is based on béchamel sauce or let's say milk. I've found the history of the white stew and what has become of it till today on House Foods Corporation.  When it started to get popular in Japan, about in 1960 ~, they didn't ever know béchamel sauce and used butter and flour instead just to thicken the soup. You know miso soup, don't you? :) The so-called stew was like miso soup which is slightly seasoned with butter and flour to get easily staffed.  After WWⅡ, a House Foods' staff tried to make again the stew that he used to have in childhood at school and he found there is a stew in Ireland that looks similar to one he had, which was Irish stew.  He produced "House Cream Stew" and it enabled people to have a delicious white stew (at the time the package said cream stew) easily at home.  Now we know we use béchamel sauce or milk and butter to complete the stew but it was such…

Easy No Knead Pizza Dough こねる作業不要・簡単ピザ生地

Easy simple pizza dough. I was always thinking that making a pizza must be a hard work. Or at least pizza is what I'm supposed to eat at pizzeria. "Handmade pizza couldn't be competitive.." But today I found that was wrong.

This olive oil dough has full of flavor, is so rich, and perfect for pizza and focaccia. When you bake it as a pizza, it gets nicely crispy but not dry out and moist inside. Enjoying even only dough as a focaccia beats other snacks in your rack. This is so good. It'll blow your mind.

Since I came to Germany, when I was in the states as well though, I've got many chances to have pizza.
But hey,... I'm enough. Always too salty, just a hot mess on the crust, I never ever see any savory twist in the dough. Or do I need to taste salt or dried out dough? I truly don't understand why people always go to the pizzeria (maybe we have only the one in this town, or "because everyone goes, which makes them think "this is delicious&qu…

Chewy Gooey Brown Sugar Ginger Cookies しっとりジンジャークッキー

I did it. I finally did it. I jumped for happiness in the kitchen. Why? My cookies are perfectly CHEWY & GOOEY. I've baked cookies over and over and over ....and never become chewy at all until today. Hundreds of times of baking cookies is now rewarded. Honestly I almost cried simply because I was happy for the success. There are already trillions of American mamas succeeded in baking chewy cookies out there and this really isn't a surprising thing to them but..... AH. I am just happy. And, delicious. Crispy out & REAL gooeyness is perfectly remained in.
I can't think of words to describe this feeling (yes, maybe this sounds like I succeeded in making sunny side up egg but you know how it feels if you've achieved something you wanted from long work. Totally like that.) 'cause...I've read loads of chewy cookie recipes and tried them all and I never made it.
Chewy cookies are completely different from normal crispy ones, ice-box ones, Sablé, etc. I would …

Protein Apple Sour Salad

Pretty Spring salad is here. I made cookies and had 1 egg white left in my fridge.
And I thought "I don't want to just waste it in the sink but too little to make meringue cookies" What would it be like if mixed in salad? And I grabbed whatever veggies I found in the fridge drawer and sliced up apples. How easy and tasty!
Chilled apples are crisp, fresh vegetables are dancing with feta (really), and egg white has a unique texture with smoothness and elasticity. It's a pop in your mouth.
Would you try this salad? You'd like it :)

1/3 Carrot, cut into sticks (にんじん1/3 小さめのスティック状に切る)
1/3 Apple, sliced thinly (リンゴ1/3 薄くスライスする)
1 Tomato, remove seeds & cut into cubes (トマト1個 種を除いて1cm大に切る)
4~5 layers Lettuce, kale, or your favorite leaves, cut 1 inch/2.5cm size (サラダ菜など好きな葉っぱ4~5枚2.5cm大に切る)
±50g Feta cheese, cut into cubes (フェタチーズ50g 1cm大に切る お好みで量を調節)
1 Egg white (卵の白身)

[DRESSING ドレッシング]
150ml Extra virgin olive oil (エキストラバージンオリーブオイル)
2 teaspoon soy sa…

I'm a rabbit...Yummy Spinach Gratin. ほうれん草グラタン

Wednesday evening, we had spinach. Mad amount of spinach. It made me feel I feed on plants because I never had this amount of spinach till this day in my life and as a main dish.
At least, we (Japanese) don't eat spinach as much as German people do.  It never shows up on the big plate like here; sits in a teeny tiny dish included in appetizer just to balance & color up the whole meals.
Food is simply interesting. It always change its style in each countries.
When I was looking through a food catalog with John one day and I found Grünkohlgericht which is kale or spinach sautéed with potatoes and sausage.
I asked him "Which meat (or main dish) do you eat with this? Chicken?" I completely thought it's just a side dish served in a small dish.
"No, we eat this as main dish" he said. "WTH. you guys are horse? LOL it's just leaves.." No no could this be main dish while you guys eat huge Schnitzel fried in over over used oil without sala…

Greek Salad. Simple, colorful, healthy, delicious ギリシャサラダ

I want SLR so bad. Whichever Canon or Nikon. Simply, madly, sincerely want it. 
You have no idea how much I wished to have it to take photos of this salad. My camera doesn't satisfy me to capture the best aspect of the object, to blur the background of it, and boost/highlight the details of it. Blurring the background is, I think, the most important part of photographing, especially when it comes to food. 
As long as you (yes, me) want to make posts of recipes of your cooking and direct steps with the photos, these should be very good quality for the performance to attract people, which I can't do well yet. *sigh* Only the price of SLR concerns me. If you have a cooking blog and had the same problem I have, you know how it feels.

Hai, I made Greek style salad. and I ate it.
So eye-popping, healthy, easy, many ingredients to enjoy, and beautiful. 
Need to say more? well, I'm addicted :)

[DRESSING ドレッシング]
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (エキストラバージンオリーブオイル 大さじ2)
1½ tablespoons le…

Vinegar and rosemary chicken

I guess it's time to make something different flavor or to refreshen ordinary cooking and this:
vinegar-ed chicken thighs flavored with rosemary. This was completely new/refreshing dish (as long as I've cooked till today) and became one of our favorites.
The meat got tender in the vinegar and the combination of rosemary and sautéed garlic is simply fantastic.
It's been 5 months since I officially started to cook in Germany (I almost never did in Japan.) and I still don't feel I'm a good cook.. I don't feel any practical recipes got settled in my brain yet and if I'm ever asked to cook right here, I couldn't think of anything nice to make.
But I've learned from what I've been doing that the motivation to cook is to see someone's smile from my cooking. Seeing "Oh delicious."-face and having compliments are always a strong energy that keeps me in it. What I taste isn't so important. What is important for me is if my cook can plea…

Shortcut Cinnamon Rolls #1 ショートカット(簡単) シナモンロール

I couldn't forget the taste of cinnamon rolls that I had in the states some years ago.  I would love to be able to make it by myself but I'm too lazy to ferment the dough and other to wait till I can finally eat. Then I found a couple of shortcut recipes for cinnamon rolls.  The first one I tried today, Saturday night alone in the kitchen, John had a flight to Japan, was one without sugar graze. It maybe took me about 1 hour. Real short, easy, and yet delicious and flavorful.  With these easy cinnamon rolls recipes, why would I make other ones that take hours and hours?  As delicious as original ones, makes family smile, addictive, that's pretty much good enough for me.  In the original recipe that I used this time didn't have precise measure/quantity of each ingredients by using all "tablespoons", "teaspoons". So I wrote down exact how much I measured, which might help you see quicker.  How many grams of 1 Tablespoon and teaspoon by the way? The m…

Macadamia nuts Banana Ice cream! マカダミアバナナアイス!

For Sunday sweets, I made this roasted banana ice cream. It went up to almost 17 degrees outside and the sun was shining all day long. Since we had ripe bananas in the kitchen ruck, and had this nice weather, I thought having the ice cream at the terrace would be a nice treat before new week starts.
Mixing with chunky macadamia nuts was such a joy.
Do you know Baskin Robbins' "Nuts to you"?  I wonder if the menu is limited only in Japan..
the Nuts to you has 5 kinds of chunky nuts in caramel  based-ice cream: Almond, cashew, macadamia, walnuts, peanuts, and pecan. The ice cream is so crazily yummy and if you love nuts, that's for you.
So I put LOTs of macadamia nuts in my ice cream this time, which was (still is) fabulous.
The recipe I used: here The recipe doesn't have nuts and I arranged ingredients within required amount :) It would also turn nice with some liqueur.

You need:
3 ripe banana (熟したバナナ3本)
75g brown sugar (ブラウンシュガー)
2 Tablespoon caster sugar (砂糖 大さじ…

Enchilada! エンチェラーダ!

My first Enchilada. This was amazing Saturday dinner and became my go-to recipe. It was actually easier to make than I expected (green sauce one would be harder though.), so satisfying, many tastes inside, simply great enough to enjoy. Someday I have kids, they'd love this :)
John never had Enchilada before so this was his first one in his life, and he did like it! Yay I got his "thumbs up" :D

Serve 2~3  1.25lb/500g Chicken breast (鶏むね 500g)
6 sheets Tortilla (handmade) (トルティーヤ6枚 手作り)
1 bottle of your favorite cheese dip
1 stick green onion, chopped (万能ネギ 1本 小口切り)
1 cup/200g pizza cheese (ピザ用チーズ)
1/2~1 cup/100g-200g tomato sauce (トマトソース 耐熱皿の底に敷く用)
1 cup Salsa sauce (サルサソース)
Sour cream for topping (サワークリーム, トッピング用)


No-Fried Fish croquette with Siciliano sauce 魚コロッケ シチリアンソースがけ

To avoid meat oil, but still wanting to be satisfied with what I eat,  I decided to make fish croquette. No fry. And I experimented Siciliano pesto from Barilla to make the sauce, which turned out perfect match with this fish croquette.  I never tried Siciliano pesto until last week and always bought Genovese for safe-going. One night I found Siciliano at a grocery store and immediately grabbed it and tried it with penne pasta. That really was "Oh la la!" new discovery. The reason I went the sauce was I've got a new friend from Sicily in my German language class. New friends expand food variety,...right? This is fantastic. It's an amazing combination of Ricotta cheese and walnuts. I'm sure I'll try all series of Barilla pesto haha! Now it's my turn to make her try Japanese products :) Tempura?  You can check the fish dumpling recipe is my past post. Here you see all the process and details about the filling and tomato sauce to serve with. 
You need: F…

Duchess Potatoes 焼き-マッシュポテト 肉料理の付け合せに♡

Welcome to Germany. I met you and how fast I fell in love was such a magic. Duchess Potatoes. Crispy out & creamy inside. Hot. Steamy. Put a lot of sauce on it and bring it to your mouth. How could I describe the feeling of "Mmm....(sigh, from nose.)"? You love it. You do.  If I have to regret of my first Duchess Potatoes, I should've made them taller, bigger, thicker, and bolder like you can't tell which is the main part. They were tiny like that.  But for sure they tasted pretty good, healthier than other recipes out there, actually it doesn't taste it that different, does it?, and more potato which is very important. I don't want extra fat, milk, oil to thicken and boost calories and just need nice amount of oil (here it's butter) to promote/back up the ingredients (here it's potato) itself. So I minimized the ingredients to enjoy simple delicious Duchess Potatoes.  What do you think? :)

910g (2 pounds) potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks (ジャガイ…

Beautiful Handmade Cream Puff (Crispy) シュークリーム(サクッと固め)

Oh sweet load. This was simply gorgeous sweets that I made for the first time. These beauties are just like flours come out for Spring having a little of snow.. Perfect sweets for holiday of new season.
I love a little hard, crispy puffs more than flabby ones because all cream inside comes out when I bite it and it makes a mess in my hands. Do you like that? You don't. So I made hard one.
It's nicely hard enough to hold plenty of cream, crispy enough to bite and enjoy, and it tastes amazing when the cream spreads out in your mouth. :) ohaah! Maybe I don't need much words to spell them makes me hungry again.
Please also check out How to make Pastry cream which I used for these cream puff. I added some rum in the cream. Tastes & smells even better!

50g All-purpose flour (小麦粉)  1~1.5 Eggs, beaten (卵 1~1.5個) 30g Unsalted butter, softened (無塩バター室温)
60g Milk (牛乳)
2 pinches Sugar (砂糖 2 つまみ)
1 pinch salt (塩 ひとつまみ)

Peach-Barbecue Chicken!

BABY. Look at that. I made this for Sunday dinner... Coincidentally, as her recipe says she made this for Sunday dinner. I can't find words to describe this amazing chicken babies. The best chicken I have ever made in my entire life.  Check out the recipe I used here: The Pioneer Woman How good this was? Come one, as shown. 
In her recipe, whiskey and Worcestershire Sauce were needed but sadly I didn't have both so I skipped Jack Daniel's part and used teriyaki sauce for substitute for Worcestershire Sauce. AND, instead of 12 small whole Chicken Thighs in the recipe, I used 2 big whole Chicken Thighs to bite wildly. joke, just we had them in the freezer.  You can check out her original recipe, but I also write down all the steps I did with Japanese translation, which might help my friends in Tokyo ;) 
2 whole Chicken Thighs, Bone-in, Skin-on (鶏もも) 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil (オリーブオイル 大さじ2) 2 Tablespoons Butter (バター 大さじ2) 3 small whole Yellow Onion, Diced (Sサイズ玉ねぎ 3つ 刻む) 340g, …

How to make Pastry cream カスタードクリーム

The pastry cream recipe I always use and need to keep here to be able to see whenever I make sweets.  I believe this pastry cream is very orthodox, simple, delicious, the most grocery store-like, and yet more flavorful of each ingredients. With this cream, you can make a fruits tart, cream puffs (about 14~15 puffs), Bavarian cream, Éclair, and Custard Filled Brioches etc. I'll add more sweets recipes. Stay tuned :)
私が一番使うカスタードクリームのレシピ。このクリームが一番オーソドックスで、シンプルでおいしくて、市販の味に近くて、でも素材の香りがしっかり活きてる気がする。 これでフルーツタルト、シュークリーム(14~15個分程度)、ババロア、エクレア、クリームパンが作れるよ♡ これからもスイーツレシピ増やしていくから、チェックしてね ;) Makes 630g/3 1/5 cup/22oz (630g作れます) Egg yolk (卵黄) 6 M sizeGranulated sugar (グラニュー糖) 80gCorn starch (コーンスターチ) 40gMilk (牛乳) 2 cup (400cc)Cream (生クリーム) 1/2 cup (100cc)Method.....>>

Hot & Flavorful Peperoncino. ペペロンチーノ

Have you ever had Peperoncino? You have. But surprisingly John never had one until today I made it for him. Why was it surprising? He's in Germany in his entire life and millions of Italian restaurants are just right there and of course way more chance to have Italian food than me who was in Japan just until very recently. Plus, he's 8 years older. Are you with me? well, I'll make whatever he never has, then he wouldn't surprise me any more ;)
Anyway, I made Peperoncino. The gorgeous smell of garlic and hot red pepper accelerates your hunger. Peperoncino needs very simple ingredients, thus it's not easy. Simplicity is difficulty, I'd say.  Did I do a good job? Don't ask me. It was good but I made it too hot. I could see he was trying to look "ok" but in his mouth it must've been on fire. Sorry. Grab some milk. You're alright.

Serves 2

1~2 cloves garlic (にんにく 1~2片) Thinly sliced.1 red pepper (鷹の爪 1本) Remove seeds and cut into 2~3 pieces.4 sl…

Handmade Wan Tan (Wonton) dough and its soup! 手作りワンタン!

Don't I have it? then make it yourself. "Make what I don't have"-This is getting like my motto these days. Since I moved to Germany, I've noticed there are so many food I can't get which I didn't even care when I was in Japan and this has made me miss the food even more. It's strange that once you know it's hard to get, it makes you want it which you didn't care before.
So this time I made Wan-tan (Wonton) and its soup. Do you know it? Do you like it?
What was surprising is handmade wantan is very CHEWY. You can't compare it to ones grocery store has. And what's the most important is, damn ass CHEAP. sorry. and you can eat as much as you want, though you gotta make a lot of course. and I did it. and ate it.
John likes (rather say loves it?) Wan tan soup which my mom used to make and he requested me to make it. I said "But they don't have wan tan wraps!" and I ended up making it by myself , which was fun! You know, he love…