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April Outfits :)

top: H&M, shorts: ZARA, boots: ZARA, bag: MANGO
jacket: TOPSHOP, cashmere cardigan: UNIQLO, shirt: ZARA

sweater: VERO MODA, jacket: TOPSHOP, jeans & boots: ZARA

shits: ZARA, pants: Forever 21, boots: ZARA

scarf: ZARA, sweater: H&M, jeans/boots: ZARA, bag: MANGO
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27th. March Münster Day 3 and 28th the morning

The 3rd day, last day in Münster, started from the morning market that's taken place twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday morning till noon) in front of the cathedral (in German: Dom).  The place was full of smiles, chats holding Easter food, shouts for selling, and people walking busily to buy from shop to shop.  They sold various products at their trucks and small tents from accessories, meat, fish, deli, bread & cakes, honey, pasta, nuts, dried fruits, vegetable, cheese, eggs, flowers and more. We bought regional rich honey as a souvenir for Jan's parents and dried fruits to eat while walking.  Even just walking through the market is a lot fun!  At a small truck, they had freshly baked waffles! I regretted having breakfast at our hotel... It was hard to walk by the yaaaahhmmyyy smell of waffles just out of the oven. Definitely next time. More photos.....>>>

26th. March Münster Day 2

2nd day. We headed out to the city where's very accessible from her (Jan's grandma) apartment. The weather was perfect, it actually stayed completely sunny until 28th we left, and beautiful streets, shops and its display, buildings never stopped fascinating me. My mouth kept opened when I faced this church. It's hard to show you how big this was in this photo but incredibly beautiful and got me speechless.  In the beginning of the day, first we knocked on her door to go some shopping and have lunch together. The air was still so frozen even after 10am (-3 degrees!) but we saw many people jogging in light outfits. 
More photos....>>>

25th March Münter Day 1

From 25th to 28th March, we went to Münster which is the next state to Hessen (our state) to visit Jan's grandma. I was so surprised how beautiful the city was once we arrived to Münster. All the buildings and the townscape are different from where I live even though it's just the next state. Again I took too many photos to handle...even resizing them takes forever. but luckily the first day we arrived, the time (almost evening) didn't give me the chance to make thousands of photos to take ;) So here they are.  The first photos are from our car, me, our room that had like a small living room to relax, the bed room taken at the night, our dinner (I had lamb stew), and the beautiful moon right out of the restaurant. 
More photos.....>>>