Ready to Wear for Summer- QUICK SILVER WOMEN

1 Easy Breezy Dress  $44.50  
2 The Runner Short  $39.50

3 Handy Crafty Cubes Maxi Dress $64.50  
4 Garden Quilt Floral Dress $39.50

5 QSW Black Swan Tank $48.00    
6 QSW Love Or Looking Bikini $88.00   
7 Riptide Dress $44.50

One of the most popular Surf brands, QUICK SILVER is launching hot Summer items for this coming season. I randomly picked up some of them which caught my eyes. Even in Quick Silver and other surf brands, they've had vivid colored cloth and swim wear more than before..or Surf brands are supposed to more colorful? :D Even just looking through new arrivals and their exciting Summer items, it's so hard to stop thinking about what to wear in the sun!

Easy Breezy Dress (#1) will be noticeably pretty on the street and showing off your tanned legs wearing The Runner Short (#2).
Grab QSW Love Or Looking Bikini (#6) and head for the beach!

After swimming at the beach, put Garden Quilt Floral Dress (#4) on to cool down at the yard.

Having a refreshing shower in the evening, what about going back to the beach to see the sun sinking in below the horizon coloring the whole sky hot orange in Handy Crafty Cubes Maxi Dress (#3)?  It'd be an ideal of Summer days.

What will you wear tomorrow?
Be colored in ocean blue of QSW Black Swan Tank (#5) to be like a mermaid? or
Be as colorful as the sun might get jealous in Riptide Dress (#7)? :D

Hot Summer will come over here so soon. Get ready to grab catchy items to be "it" girl!

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