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Nordic/Winter Makeup #1

As you know, every one's crazy about Nordic, Military, Leopard, Good Girl this Fall and Winter. Then I did makeup that would be matching this season. This is the first one, which means I'll do more later.
Cold eyes suit Winter..
Since Khaki's been also in fashion, I'm wearing a khaki gillet.

What is called "Snow girl" has been in trend in the world right now. Typical warm look cloth such as knit and fur is layered. Add unique accessories like trekking shoes and leg warmer to go mountain girl!
For town use, mannish items are useful. Black Taylor jacket, short pants, and knee/thigh high boots would be cool with Nordic items.
We need to be careful not to go dowdy/unsophisticated look from too much Nordic items.

As for this makeup, it's super easy! I was just arranging some colors and they were getting like Winter look :D Please read this through!

*As always, apply any eyeshadow base you have and take shimmery white by BYS on the pencil brush. You can …

Rihanna in "Love The Way You Lie" inspired look

Once I saw the video-Eminem ft. Rihanna "Love The Way You Lie"- it caught my eyes and made me wanna do her look right away.

And as far as I see in the clip, she doesn't have color gradation on her lids and I thought super high level makeup technique which I really don't have yet may not be needed. I do wish I had even similar color eyeshadow that she's on..but I made it creating very close one though lightning can change its real look.
Main color is going to be dark purple with some gold bronze shimmer on the middle of the crease.
Every time I do makeup, I always end up wishing if I were a Caucasian girl so bad haha I've been always wondering why I'm not one since I was 13 or 14 lol

Anyhow this is what I've done! :D
This time I wrote substitution by MAC in case you don't have products I used.
If you're interested in how I did this, please keep reading it! Hope I don't bore you.
Let's go tutorial <3

*After applying any eyeshadow ba…

New Face#2 by KATE and L'OREAL

Since I've been kind of desperately doing things about my hobbies of makeup, I decided to shoot another post tonight. Right after I got them last week, thought I'd definitely show you guys ^ ^

1st one is by L'OREAL-Golden Tan Skintones. These are obviously looking so useful! Each of these spreads out amazingly smoothly on your skin and colors up so nice. When I got this, there was a wonder in my mind if this can also be lost its perfection later on the end of the day. Some products really do lose its look because of skin oil, perspiration and so on. But I found out this doesn't at all after I tried this on today. Those colors don't change til the end at all. Nice!
I know I'd use them on many of my tutorials :)
2nd one is by KATE (the rest of  2 also by KATE).
This and other 2 are their new color collection these days. In the middle of first 2 ones (from right side) are mutt look (so are 2 other pallets) which helps create smoky eyes that doesn't need shiny per…

Military Eye'd Girl inspired by Fall/Winter fashion

Today I did this military colored eyes for this Fall and Winter. This season Military, Leopard, Tred, and Nordic are hot. So I used a couple of colors in order to match any style.

Due to lightning, this looks brownish eyes. See another picture down below, it looks more purplish around the outer crease.
This would definitely match military wear to start out from tomorrow. Please try this out and now check the tutorial :)

*Apply any eyeshadow base you have, and take pinkish gray from horizon e/s pallet by BYS on a fluffy brush. Put this all over the crease and blend it up very well up to (under) the brow bones.

*Take Root Beer e/s by NYX on a pencil brush and apply into the crease. This goes from the inner corner to the middle of the crease. Gently fades away at the middle point.
*My new pallet by L'OREAL Pris-Golden Tan Skin tones! Take the reddish brown on the same brush and apply from the outer corner of the crease to the middle. Blend it into the Root Beer naturally.

*Take a litt…

Can-Be-Boyish Look with Feminine Eyes

They've been saying in fashion that military wear is going to be HOT these days. Finding a girl in ELLE Girl magazinge, again, and I thought her look is hot though it still looks cute.
Oh, she has such a thick and noticeable lines/angles on her lid, though the makeup is for military wear. And this looks cool like a man!!
Of course, it made me wanna try this. What I did got a bit more femine though. Since this is for military (guy) look, there's really no need to use any colorful eyeshadows, which means nude or orange (any skin tone) is preferred.
So I used only orange and nude colors for e/s that wouldn't take much time. And fake lashes not necessarily required. This is the look. Wearing lashes might make or even change its look feminine, but unless you use volumy one any doesn't matter..
This tutorial can be a bit longer than usually I do because I took pix of my process besides cosmetics. If you wouldn't mind, please keep reading!

*After applying e/s base (any kind …