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26th Christmas Lunch at his Parents 26日のクリスマスランチ

On 26th, we were invited by Jan's parents for Christmas lunch.
In Germany, Christmas eve is on 24th and Christmas is on 25th and 26th (I was believing that Christmas is until 25th.). So all shops are closed from 24th afternoon, trams, and buses get a lot less on operation.
Since shops are closed and people get less on the streets it creates a quiet and calm atmosphere in the city. In Japan christmas is more party like and celebrated mostly by young couples while in western countries with christian religion all family members come together to celebrate, exchange presents and have dinner and go to church eventually in the night. This might be a reason that in Japan many people don't know what christmas exactly is. So they also exchange presents with friends and coworkers.
I stayed in Japan from December last year until February this year, so this was actually my second christmas in Germany and I could enjoy the original christian christmas here.
Even if you are a non christian …

25th Christmas Dinner & all recipes クリスマスディナー&レシピ

On 25th we celebrated Christmas with the successful roasted duck. Although I had no idea how it'd turn out, after the long fight (!) it gave in and came out SUPER juicy and tender that Jan was expecting (I hope he was so). I thought duck has some particular/ unique flavor in it (we just probably feel that it has simply because we hardly eat duck.) but nothing bothered me biting having it. Around 2pm I started to work on the duck for preparation though, since it really was my first time to face the whole bird to fast, I couldn't make even a guess of, for example, when to start preheating the oven, how long the duck should be roasted, and how to deal with the birrrrdd! I ended up putting the duck back into the oven to roast twice.  Which is why Jan was in a uniform shirt in the beginning and in a sweater later on in the pictures (end of this post ☟) I just make notes of each steps I did to cook for someday. I took all the photos by removing gloves while fighting with the b…

Wish you Marry Christmas :) メリークリスマス :)

Marry Christmas everyone :D  How are you spending your holidays? With family? Friends? or with your beloved one?  I've been still "home alone" but tomorrow evening Jan's flying back and we'll have this DUCK!! I'm nervous. I never had, not even handled it,  this kind of size, the whole bird like this.  This is still bird! I can still see the bird shape!  …oh my god How can I deal with that?  Wish me luck! :D  By the way, I finally got new glasses last week. Since my old ones that I made in high school time, don't help me see well especially during driving a car. I haven't passed the drivers license test but I've been already driving a lot on the school car. :D and the new ones are just amazing! I'll wear them when I go outside from now on.  Happy Holidays!!! Kisses from Germany :-*
みなさんメリークリスマス :D どんな風にクリスマスを過ごしていますか? 家族、友だち、恋人などいろいろだと思います。 私はまだホームアローン状態ですが明日25日にじょんが帰国するので、夕食にこのおっきな鴨!!!を食べます。 ドキドキ。。。(汗) まずこんなもの調理したことない以前に丸焼きを食べたことがない。 しかも見てこれ鳥…

Frankfurt Christmas Market 2013 フランクフルトクリスマスマーケット2013

On 20th we then went to Frankfurt! Whoo hooo! It's because Jan had a flight on 21st till 25th (now he's away :( ), we wanted to come here before it ends on 23rd. In Frankfurt Christmas market, you'll have rather a lot of fun than historical tourism spots where you can relatively enjoy its romantic atmosphere among beautiful castles and old streets. Here are hundreds of cute christmas shops throughout Zeil street (detail in this post in Summer with my family) and from the way to Dom and Römer and you'll see this amazing view. :) Hope you enjoy all photos!
20日に今度はフランクフルトに行って来ました。21日にじょんがフライトで25日に帰国のため、クリスマスマーケットが終わる前にということであっちへこっちへ。 前の記事にも書きましたがクリスマスマーケットは23日までなので、気づくとあっという間に終わってしまいます。 家に一人っきりで一人で電車乗ってクリスマスマーケット行くのも何だしね。 フランクフルトのものは、古城や歴史ある通り道で人気のロマンチックな観光地とはまた違ってたくさんの催し物であふれテンションは上がりっぱなしです。もちろん前日のリューデスハイムのような場所も最高ですよ。 ツァイル(Zeil)通りから大聖堂と旧市庁舎のある広場まで何百もの(数えたことないけど果てしない)かわいいお店で埋め尽くされています。(詳細は家族との夏の記事をどうぞ) では写真をお楽しみくださいー☆ Photos 写真☆ ☟☟☟☟☟

Rüdesheim Christmas Market 2013 リューデスハイムクリスマスマーケット2013

On 19th, we went to Rüdesheim christmas market.  Even though we went there last year too, surprisingly I didn't even make any post about it. (!) So I took loads of photos to share with you and hope you like them. (62 photos total) Isn't this first photo already surreal? :D  When I first came here for Christmas market last year, it jumped up to the top of MY christmas market list in my head in. a. second.  Though there are still hundreds of cities in Germany where I've never been to yet, Rüdesheim is absolute a super highly recommended-place to visit. ;) It's because here is such a historical, romantic spot, the lit-up view at night is so fantastic and keeps you say "wow..".
I wrote good information about Rüdesheim in a blog post this past Summer.  You could also compare the streets we walked through this time with the past one checking details of the city at the same time.  Hope you feel like you're enjoying it with me :D
19日にリューデスハイムのクリスマスマーケットに行って来ました。 …

Smell of Christmas☆ "Christmas Tea" 冬の香り クリスマスティー

One of my favorite things on Christmas season is to enjoy Christmas tea!
The name "Christmas tea" sounds already so exciting and makes you expect how nice it smells and tastes.
And the smell and the taste are even better than you expect!♡♡♡
Ingredients of Christmas tea are mostly fruits (e.x. apple) and some spices often used for baking (e.x. cinnamon) and you get like "AH!…♡".
If you close your eyes and smell it, you think like you're holding a whatever lovely pie that your grandma just baked and can almost taste it… and you sigh.
There are million kinds of Christmas teas and I've tried or smelled some of them when I found them though, they never betrayed my expectation.
When December comes many people put it in a gift bag with other Christmas presents in Germany.
I like how they like tea and gift one to someone.

そして期待以上の香りと味♡♡♡ クリスマスティーの多くにはリンゴをはじめとする果物とシナモン等のお菓子…

Walking through 3 Christmas Markets☆ クリスマスマーケット2013☆

This season has again come. This is my 3rd visit Christmas markets!
The first one in 2011, I had no idea what's going on in the festival thing (I didn't know they're markets and thought festival like ones in Summer). I simply followed Jan to walk around, to eat something new, and to drink a warm red wine (I found out later that's Glühwein). It ended like "the festival was nice".
You can read my first Christmas market visit in Rüsselsheim which is the next city to ours and in Frankfurt (article 1 and 2) in 2011.
The 2nd one in 2012, I welcomed the christmas season with an expectations "I hope they have the markets again this year".
As Germany and some of other European countries never fail to have christmas markets every year, they had one and I enjoyed it even more than the first year :)
Here's the 2nd one in Rüsselsheim in 2012.  
As you can see in the past blog posts of christmas markets, there's a big difference of it between, for exampl…