TOPSHOP shorts that I will check for Summer

Sand Fringed Side Denim Shorts By Unique**
Floral Printed Runner Shorts
MOTO Sparkle Stud Denim Shorts
MOTO Camel Snake Print Hotpants
MOTO Flag Printed Hotpants
MOTO Floral Denim Hot Pants

Girl's wishlist never ends. Whatever pops up for new season looks all attractive and it makes us want them all. Having fashion fever for months is the hardest sick I've ever had! haha because this never gets cool down. I'm still looking for my own style like "what is gonna be "so me"?"
I've been seeking clothes and a cool style that people think I would/might be wearing. It looks like what I would have. It's been still just a little while since I started posting of my outfit and to have fashion fever so all my outfits I've posted until today might seem to be random but if you ever check my blog often, that's so honor to me and I can stay motivated.
I keep doing my best for sharing my outfits and try not to bore you here so please stay tuned and see how I am here :)

One of my must-have items for summer is definitely short denim! I couldn't live without them. After suring websites, I picked 6 shorts up from TOPSHOP site and make it one image here.
As you may know, UNIQUE design is now so hot to wear and one of the most catchy items, besides animal pattern, studded design, big floral, and 70s inspiration.
Which one you'd wear? and what is your must have items for Summer?


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