What A Rainy Day

It was such a hyper drenching day ALL day! Since I woke up this morning around 7am (just went to the bathroom hehe) the sound of rain was reaching my ears and it kept me awake in bed for a while. I was just hoping this rain stops right away so bad. Why? you know that. I needed to do photo shooting that I missed last weekend due to visiting my dad. Makeup was done, hair-do was done, all clothes were ready, and accessories were on me. Only the sky wasn't ready and didn't give me any second for taking photos until now 6pm. Rain is on and off it's like it claims like we're supposed to let it rain even just for a day. So I ended up staying home all day today and it made me think about a lot of things. Now so many things are in my mind and I came up with thousands of ideas for new posts. I don't even know what to write for the first post of today! 
While hearing the sound of rain, I started to browse tumblr for images of rain. There are mixed with some photos that I took from my room :) 


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