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Here I am

Pink lace top, studded white denim, ring, white bracelet with metal plate: Forever21
White tank top, skull bracelet: TOPSHOP
Pink heels: ZATA TRF

Taken by John in breezy Summer air spent last Tuesday. Right after receiving his text I hurried up to the station by bike (imagine me riding my GT bike in those heels lol) and took him here further away from my house, actually completely opposite direction, for photo shooting. I found this place while jogging this past Spring and was wanting to shoot for outfit in front of this entrance. With this color editing, I quite like how this looks and makes nice atmosphere. I might use this place sometime again with different taste of outfits before leaving here ;) You can see bigger size after clicking on it.
How was your weekend? I finished my work and my weekend's started (yes, Monday and Tuesday off). Hope you're having a good time for the rest of Sunday!


Recent Presents and Purchases

Noticing I haven't shared my recent purchase and presents with you lately, I decided to make this post :) Funny thing is, I came back home in different shoes when I left home in heels. This happens sometimes and my mom always says "you left home in that heels, didn't you?" and I say "Yes" showing her ones from a plastic bag which I used as I bought new flats or sandals. This is how the number of my shoes gets bigger in a way haha. This white sandals on the top are present from John when I was wearing white sandals by Bershka . I'm feeling like having a shoe robe like this one below. Isn't this crazy?? but so hot view!
So here are some of new babies that haven't showed up here yet. Mostly by ZARA. You know how much I'm addicted with it ;) Which is your favorite?
最近プレゼントでもらった靴や購入したのをアップしてないなって気づいて更新したよ。 面白いのが、ヒール(新しいの)で出かけると帰って来るとき違う靴なの笑 帰って来るとお母さんが、"家出てくときヒールじゃなかった?"って聞いて "うん"て答えながら買った靴のバッグの中から最初に履いた靴を出して見せるっていう笑 いつも痛くて途中…

Summer pastels

Cropped top, necklace, bag: forever21 Mini shorts: M2F
Sandals: Bershka

These taken last Tuesday, 26th, by Haruka. It was cloudy out all day and a little shower fell down over us sometime. I've got this purple mini shorts the day before as I chilled out with 2 of my coworkers in Shinjuku, I couldn't want to wear it with some yellowish items that became Forever21 top with many dragonflies on :) Cropped top is my new try for this summer so I'm trying to have the chance to put it on if weather permits to show off my belly :) When I wear it for work, I usually wear tank top or camisole underneath and make it look more classical not to be so casual but matching some big necklace or adding accessories are more fun and feel better. I was going to make posts earlier but unfortunately I've got Norovirus since the night of 28th and been in bed and rushing to the bathroom back and forth :( It's been a while since I had it last and I never expected it would be painful this mu…

Sweet Present-Prada wallet

Sweet present from Frankfurt has now arrived :) I couldn't be more thankful now...John gave me this for the last present after Schwarzkopf shampoo bottles, souvenir from his parents' vacation (thank you!), 2 packages of Haribo, German Vogue, and Volvic coconut-lime flavored water which is limited for this Summer (we don't have it here in Japan!). I'd been wanted to have Prada items (for no reason but it kept attracting me from its elegance and gracefulness) and he remembered what I wanted  which I've said a while ago. 2 days before his flight for Japan this time, he went to Frankfurt to check Prada shop and gave me a call that he's got one when I was taking a shower at night lol
Now finally this is mine. Thank you so much for this amazing present :)

フランクフルトからのスウィートなプレゼントが届いたよ :) これ以上ハッピーな気持になれないってくらい嬉しいプレゼントだった。プラダの財布。シュヴァルツコフのシャンプー2本と、ジョンの両親のバケーションのお土産、おなじみハリボーの2袋、ドイツ版ヴォーグ、ヴォルヴィックのココナッツ-ライムフレイバーのボトル(日本になくて珍しいから試しに持ってきてくれた)の後に、「じゃ、待ちに待った・・・」って感じで笑顔で差し出したのがこれ。キ…

Autumn colors at Summer Airport

H&M top, pants, bracelets
Forever21 sandals, ring
New purple bag
19th night after getting to Narita Airport, we did a quick (5min) photo shooting before the hotel shuttle bus came. I brought Autumn colors here. I almost never wore loose top but I've noticed lately how comfortable it feels so this wide neck top can be one of them for my summer wardrobe. The green skinny pants are also easy to wear. no zip in front, pockets, belt holders. but still it's skinny pants which are not stretch :) Completely flat sandals are perfect items for a long walk or flight. You don't need to be stylish at the airport, right? I just came here to see him off though :)
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Lightbrown x Blue

All ZARA: Two-tone rigid bowling bag Leopard print cotton shirt Skinny zipped jeans (bought last winter)
Knit layered court shoe

Camisole: Forever21 Belt: UNIQLO
Bracelets: H&M Ring: Forever21

These shots taken on 19th after rain stopped. Typhoon's been landing in Japan and heavy rain's on and off all day long lately. It was hard to adjust light for taking photos and took us a little time to find "ok" place for photo shooting in which highlights my outfit well. This place wasn't really good for it but we were in a hurry to go to Narita Airport so I couldn't complain about it. I made this outfit inspired by this handbag color using leopard patterned shirt. I like how the pants and bag's handles match well :) What do you think about it? これは19日に雨が上がった後撮ったもの。台風の影響で雨が降ったり止んだり安定しなくて、撮影するのに明かりも微妙。場所探すのにちょっと時間かかったけど成田空港行くのにあまり時間がなかったからしょうがないか-。今回はバッグからインスピレーション受けてアウトフィット決めたよ。パンツとバッグのハンドルが合ってて好き。どう思う?
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Oh it feels so green

short denim, sandals: Forever21

Last Sunday, coming back home from work, spent at Komazawa park with John.We were planning to go to an outside pool where my sister and I used to go last Summer to get tanned, but sadly, they finished opening the pool from this summer and they're going to pull it down soon. Imagine my face when I found the paper on the wall right after walking forever in the hot sun. lol You can see me wearing bikini top underneath the green t-shirt which wasn't used after all.

先週日曜日の仕事の後にジョンと一緒に駒沢公園を散歩。最初は公園の屋外プールに入る予定だったんだけど、張り紙がしてあって、今年から公開を中止して取り壊す予定ですって書いてあったの!笑 炎天下の中ひたすら歩いてやっと着いたら水がどどめ色でね、人が誰もいなくてね、「おや。。(汗)」って思ってプールの入口行ったら貼紙がペっと貼ってあってね。・・・ショックすぎるでしょ笑 だからご覧の通りビキニトップ着てるの。上だけ着てたんだ。結局必要なかったけど。。

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New In: Purple bag

She's so beautiful, isn't she? It's so difficult to capture its real beautiful purple color because of the gloomy weather and light. I've been super in love with this new bag presented by John. I can't help looking at "her" once she comes into my sight.

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The outfit of 15th

Gray tank top: Bershka White tank: UNIQLO Bleached short desnim: Forever21 Sandals: Forever21 Ring: Forever21
I haven't posted what I wore on 15th. Here goes. Actually this wasn't going to be an outfit post but after taking many photos, it made me want to share this with you :). Too simple, it doesn't really look stylish, and I grabbed those clothes just for taking a walk to chill out but it was very comfortable to stay in the rest of heat of hot summer day. All photos look peaceful and beautiful. Hope you like it :)
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Had a happy Monday?

Transparent blouse: GAP Camisole, belt: UNIQLO
Pale pink short denim: ZARA White handbag: ZARA
Enamel heeled sandals: ZARA Ring: Forever21
I love this kind of feminine look made of simple colors. Now I'm addicted with the white zara handbag and pale pink's been my obsession. John and I went to Shibuya and made a crazy shopping tour the whole afternoon and night. I will share them with you here later :) For evening snack time, we went to a cafe bar and I had NY cheese cake with Habana beach cocktail. 
こういう感じのシンプルでフェミニンなアウトフィット大好き。もうこのダブルハンドルのホワイトバッグはヘビロテ開始だし、ペール(色の褪せた)ピンクはかなりハマってる。かわいすぎない色が最高だね。この後ジョンと渋谷に行ってcrazy!なショッピングツアーしてきた。あとで写真アップするね :) 夕方、軽く食べよっかってなってカフェバーに入った。あたしはハバナビーチ(ラム酒ベース)とNYチーズケーキ食べた。
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Sunday Look Blue and White

Blue stripe cotton shirt: ZARA
Navy skinny jeans: Bershka
Triangle white heels: ZARA
Double handle city bag with clasp: ZARA
This outfit was what I wore for work today. I couldn't wait to start using the bright white bag to match with the blue stripe shirt in the sun and the triangle white heels were sleeping in the shoe closed for weeks. I pretty much like all this color combination that suits hot summer! Cotton shirts are getting my favorite clothes since this past Spring. Easy to match with any kinds of items (both in casual and formal way) and comfortable to wear and it makes you help look cooler due to its shape. What is your favorite item to wear in Summer?


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New In: White doll for Summer

It was love at first sight. This amazing white was outstanding in all the clothes, accessories, and other bags, and it immediately came into my eyes once my foot went in ZARA. The white beautiful bag is now in my bag collection and I am sure I'd love to wear it out...but try my best to keep it look clean and new. scratches and stains are very noticeable on off white even they're small. So I'd better take this bag for something special time and when I need to match it to complete my outfit. Do you like it? Now this is sold on new Zara-basic line.

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Sun and Sea breeze

White maxi dress: Forever21 Wedge sandals: Bershka
Saturday spent at Yokohama enjoying sea breeze. It felt the hottest day ever this year and was perfect sunshine to get tanned. Beautiful white maxi was reflected the sun and made it everything so bright :) How did your weekend start? Hope you're having a great time with this summer sun!
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Thought you were here


Now it's your turn

Today I finally received photos Niren took. Yes, this is when I took a photo of him (just the previous post down below) taking one of me. When I saw all his work today I was so touched by his camera work and editing! All these photos I put here are also just a part of the whole shots but I wanted to share them with you after my photos. What's your thought? :)
今日ニレンが撮った写真もらってダウンロードした。そう、ちょうどこの写真は写真撮ってるニレンをあたしが撮ってる時の(一個前の記事)ショット。彼のフォトアルバム見た時はほんと感動した!カメラワークと編集が上手で違いを感じたね~。ここに載せた写真もほんの一部だけど、シェアしたくてアップしたよ。どう思う? :)

I take you takin' me

Last Monday spent taking hundreds of photos in the sun with my friend from Nepal, Niren. Since I started to shoot photos of my outfit, taking and editing photos became my new hobby and now I've been completely obsessed. He's sometimes informed that he'd shoot photos at a park but I'd not made it until this time. We met up at Shibuya and walked all the way through Harajuku, many streets in between, Omotesando, and Yoyogi park (of course we walked back to Shibuya then. No train at all!). Just made everything we saw photos. Buildings, the sky, lights, flowers and even shades. I didn't know how fun sharing the same hobby is!
He knows better about camera, how to capture the lights, make a big difference using the functions installed and etc than I know.
I was mostly snapping surroundings besides photos of him. When I held my camera and started to snap, he started to take photos of me like this. and this photo is my most favorite picture of him. It's a good shot, is…

Out with my sister

Last Sunday spent with my sister, Hruka after my work at Shibuya. I've promised her to get her clothes and have dinner a while ago and that night I made her wish come true. We've been through hard time and I decided to have much time with her like we used to before she gets back bad again.
She and I, as you can see :), have been so close sisters and I'm proud of it. This night we walked through every single shop in Shibuya and every time we found something cute and crazy items to match with clothes, we got kind of noisy (in a good way haha) and enjoyed each moment like best friends.
This photo taken in a fitting room of Bershka when we tried these dresses on. We didn't buy them but wore them for fun!

I called it perfect day

Peacock tank top: Forever21
Green denim shorts: ZARA
Yellow suede sandals: ZARA

Can you imagine how beautiful day this was? Last Tuesday spent at Tama river, Tokyo, with my special friend who I called my soul mate before (he'd show up here sooner or later with his humor :)) and it was such a perfect day in the sun. It was hot but comfortable, nice breeze, the sound of water, fluffy clouds floating in the blue sky, good clothes and my great friend to share with..I couldn't ask for more.
All these nicely taken photos taken by him. I was honestly surprised at his camera work whose results were just great. He captures right moment, second, and even small movements I make as I didn't pay attention to the camera and tells me like "put your chin down like now", "it looked good when your legs were in the water" like a real camera man :D  He's good at finding these things that match its atmosphere and environment best. In pleasant surroundings being blown b…

Sunday Look 7/4 Crushing colors in the sun

Ethnic dress: ZARA
Ring: Forever21

How was your last weekend? Hope you all had so much fun in midsummer. It's been getting hotter and hotter (and more humid in Tokyo!!!) day by day and hard to stay in the sun. My company's decided our day off on every Monday and Tuesday between July and September to disperse electricity consumption (yes, because we've had to save power lest we have blackout on upper half of Japan in super hot Summer!), so I had to work 7 days in a row since last Monday (27th June). Finally my days off started today!! I was excited to do photo shooting outside because it was all cloudy and rainy the past 3 or 4 weeks. So the title Sunday look could be Monday or Tuesday look but it's only for 2 months, and I still keep calling it Sunday one :)
I was waiting for this shot since March or April as I found this hot yellow wall near my house. I thought this wall would be good with this ethnic green one piece which I bought at zara last summer. If there was a…

In a beautiful song. I was scribbling

In these hectic days I needed (still need) to catch up some relaxing songs while drawing at night. and tonight I'm in messed feeling since so much stuff screwing me up and ended up scribbling this in Owl City sweet voice. I love him.
This is totally, typically, obviously anime touch but I don't dislike it. Layered with Space image. Let's relax a little more...and get refreshed for tomorrow's work :)
How's your weekend going? Hope you all have fun.