Sunday Look 4/10 American Dream-70s Inspiration

Here goes. This photo become one of my most favorite works. I've got inspired by 70s or 60s atmosphere of photography and current fashion trend. What do you think about it? :) The actual story behind this photo shooting is that my aunt in the states sent us a big carton filled with these many snacks, seasonings, instant noodle packages, and more kinds of food worrying about grocery situation because of Japan earthquake.  She wanted us not to get in any troubles for food so since big quakes started in 11th March, she rushed those tons of food over here. Such a warm present :)
When I woke up in the morning, I got a sudden inspiration coming up in my head with these snacks and 70s fashion trend and grabbed the bleached denim, U.S. flag patterned Tee, and puff sleeved denim outer for Sunday look. If I wished to have for this photo shooting, I'd say pretty paintings or a few more pieces of news paper. But I'm happy with this work for sure.

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 I really spilled out m&m. haha not on purpose.

 Puffed sleeve outer (cotton/denim): ZARA
American flag patterned Tshit: ZARA
Bleached damaged denim: Almost Famous (Bought at ROSS. U.S.A.)
Geek glasses: somewhere



  1. nice pics, but u gotta eat healthier ;)

  2. haha thanks Louis! Of course, I always eat healthy like you do ;)


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