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Nightmares after gorgeous evening.. ステキな時間の後の悪夢

At night on 24th, after 1st marriage anniversary dinner, I started to have a feeling that's like between hunger and a light stomachache. Have you ever felt like it when you're much too hungry and it's getting like sickly discomfort? I thought so when I was getting like this at the night.
"Maybe because I didn't have carbohydrates like pasta or rice on my plate, it made me hungry this quick.."
After watching some TV and taking a shower, we went to bed straight and turned off the light.


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One more bite of sweetness: Mont Blanc Tart 甘さをもう一度:モンブランタルト

Before the freezing Winter hits Europe, I wanted to keep the sweet flavor of Fall, that chestnuts have, once more. Believing that my fav. grocery store still sells them, I went there and oh lala, they had loads of them in two huge boxes. So I bought about 400g of them as last purchase in this season back home. It seems like knowing chestnuts are there makes me hit the store more often.  This time I made this mont blanc tart. As I still had a small amount of mont blanc cream from last time that I froze, I decided to make the cream again and mixed it with the previous one. The tart dough I used for it is this one which I love, almond cream as next bottom, sliced apples, whipped cream, and at last mont blanc cream with cacao power to top.  For a large amount of chestnuts in the cream, I used none of them for inside and for topping anymore but apples that gives a fresh crispy texture inside the cake.  It's because we hardly have whipped cream, I used it gorgeously (lol) this time! Yo…

♡1st Marriage Anniversary♡ 結婚一年目♡

On 22nd November, we had 1st Marriage Anniversary.  It still feels like I made the post of last year just a few weeks ago. I can't believe it's passed 1 year already.  As Jan was away this passed 22nd for his flight, we went to our favorite restaurant (Roter Hahn)
11月22日に結婚一年を迎えました。去年書いた記事がついこないだみたいに感じます。。 やー、こんなに時間が早く過ぎるのはまずい。。笑 22日当日はじょんはフライトで居なかったので、24日の日曜日に私たちお気に入りのレストラン(Roter Hahnという場所)で食事をしてきました。
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Weekend snack Curry-filled Bread 週末のおやつにカレーパン

Last weekend I made Curry-filled bread (in Japanese "curry pan (=bread)") as we had some curry leftover from dinner and it gave me a good chance to make it that Jan never had before.  In Japan this kind of bread that sort of side dish food filled in or on is very popular as small lunch or snack. Just sweet bread like fruits, chocolate, or pastry cream on top or filled inside doesn't satisfies your appetite or at least it makes you hungry quicker despite too much calories. What is your quick snack?  I missed this curry pan so much. Ever since I was a kid, I would see my dad having it often because he's a curry lover. When I visited him this passes June with my sister, he had a package that small 3 curry pan inside and we shared them. haha I remember..when my parents were still together and we were kids, and my mom asked dad what he'd like to have for dinner he always answered "curry". Mom always had to say like "we had it 2 weeks ago" but his …

Healthy Cheese cake with Quince ヘルシーマルメロチーズケーキ

We've gotten loads of quince at home.. If you've read the previous post about quince, you know why we have lots of them in the kitchen.  Since we got 7 giant quinces and they only go spoiled if left behind, I had to go 1 or 2 more rounds of making the compote.  But once they become compote you can make purée and freeze them so,,, I made it.  As I didn't want the compote and the purée to spoil and wanted to make one more dessert with it  in a different way of joy, I made this healthy cheese cake, again with full of quince.  This time I used Curd (Quark in German) that you can substitute drained yogurt for it. From 500g yogurt, you have 170g drained one. 
まだ大量のマルメロが。。前回の記事を読まれた方はなぜこれほどのマルメロがキッチンに転がっているのかお分かりだと思います。 なんせ大振りのものを7個も貰ってしまい、もう1,2ラウンドコンポートを作らなきゃ傷ませてしまうだけなので面倒ながらも作りました(ピューレにして冷凍すれば一安心なので)。 もう一種類マルメロ使ってスイーツを作ろうと思い、簡単なチーズケーキにすることにしました。ドイツには日本で売っているパイ生地は無いので前回は一、二晩越しでパイ生地を作り、もうやりたくないのでこちらに(笑)。 今回はカード(乳製品) (ドイツ語ではクォーク)を使用しましたが、水切りヨーグルトで代用しても可です。 500gのヨーグルトで水切り後約170gになる…

What is Quince??? マルメロって何???

One day Jan's dad called us and told us to pick up some fruits.  He showed us some apples that he harvested in his garden and his neighbor gave him to and asked me if I know "Quitten (Quince in German)" showing these yellow things.  No idea. I didn't ever saw this fruits before knowing or hearing the name of it.  And he neither (he'd probably known the name of it but never had it before).
So he gave me because I might bake. We'd gotten lots of apples and "quitten" home.

and what are they?
I searched "quitten" on the Internet.
Found a result on wikipedia.
Read in another language.
English please.
Quince on the search bar.
Found some articles in Japanese.  They're called "Maru-mero (marmelo: Portuguese)"..! How cute it sounds!
Ok, I figured out Quitten is Maru-mero. …
Then I continued searching the information more for quince, like how to cook, how it tastes, major cooking method for quince, sweets u…

Made you Mont Blanc. モンブラン作りました

What is your favorite Fall sweets?  Since I was a kid Mont Blanc has been one of my most favorite sweets in Fall.  In this Fall, I found chestnuts for the first time in Germany after 2 years, though I just might've not paid much attention to it in the last 2 Falls.  So I have bought them already 3 times at least and the first food with chestnuts that I made is Chestnut Rice.  As I first saw the nuts at a grocery store here, I immediately thought of the chestnut rice and mont blanc cake.  I asked Jan if he knows mont blanc and he answered he doesn't.  Don't they have mont blanc in Germany? His parents didn't know it either.  Then I thought "Ok, I'll show you how beautiful it is." Although I'd never made it by myself, I managed to make it. All you need it passion and love, right? ;)  Those mont blanc…. OH♡.  Perrrrrrfect. That's what I would have in Japan (the Mont Blanc is popular in France, Italy, China, Japan, and Hungary.)..  It felt it took fo…