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Japanese Potato Salad おいしいポテトサラダ

Good morning. I'm listening to Mike Cavanaugh writing this post with my favorite Caffè Latte in the kitchen. Since today Summer break's started until the 3rd week of August. I have 6 weeks! Woo hoo! I'll spend 3 weeks back in Tokyo to see my family and my friends. I've been waiting for it long long time since John got me the tickets last November. I always feel so lucky to have him (I'm always proud to have you John, of course) especially when it comes to flight and all that process. This time I can fly on both way for about 700 bucks even though it's the middle Summer season. And sure, I can get flight tickets 90% off because he's a cabin attendant. So I'm thinking of a surprise visit for my mom ;) Where are you flying this Summer?

Do you know Japanese potato salad? Have you had it before? No? You should give it a try. Not only John loves it but also both of his parents loved it, too! I am sure that German people would like it more than their Kartoffel…

Spicy Champignon garlic butter sauté マッシュルームのバターにんにく唐辛子炒め

Thursday evening. In Germany, at 8:45pm..can you guess what I'm doing right now?
Watching Europe Football Champion 2012!!
No, I'm not football freak and not ever using a horn thing at my balcony for each goal like John does..but I can't believe myself yet that I've started to watch it for each game.
If you're not interested in football at all like I was just until very recently and you ever come to Europe, you couldn't really help getting involved in watching Champions League.
You'll see how insanely crazy people get, how the whole country heats up, and all broadcasts keep you updated each second for football news and playing hot music.
How could I resist it? The whole town has been so excited.

Here are my mushrooms. Buttery sautéed, spiced up with garlic and red hot peppers. There's no other side dishes than this. Seriously super easy to make and you can't stop bring it to your mouth. I used 300g (1+1/2 cup) for 2 portion but I thought we'd n…

Japanese Teriyaki Chicken 照り焼きチキン

OH. This was so good. This is Japanese Teriyaki chicken...I have to declare it. I just noticed that every time John comes back from his flight I cook chicken...and they're always from Western menus. He's original German and loves Western food of course, but luckily he also loves Japanese food. And I am Japanese and I miss the food. If you've cooked Japanese food, you probably know how easy actually to  cook it is. This is the one of these easy dishes no matter where you live in the world.  Before I moved to Germany, I thought I would never miss Japanese food because I mostly chose and cooked Western food and had no problem with what I ate. But once I started to live here, I got the problem with what I eat.  No matter how much I eat, no matter what I grab, nothing satisfied my appetite and I kept gaining weight. (Now, of course, everything I cook and eat satisfies me but at this time, I started to be anorexia and have eating disorder.) And I noticed how important the food w…

Summer, Tomato, Cold Spaghetti! 夏のボロネーゼ風冷製パスタ

2 to 3 portion 2~3人前 (2人で食べればたっぷりな量)
800g canned Whole Tomato (ホールトマト1缶 800g)
2 Medium Yellow Onion, minced (玉ねぎ2玉 みじん切り)
[Option] 1/2 100g Bacon, cut small (お好みで: ブロックベーコン 100g 小さく切る)
2 cloves Garlic, minced (にんにく 2片 みじん切り)
2 Capsicum annuum (鷹の爪 2本)
2 teaspoon dried Oregano (乾燥オレガノ小さじ2)
2 teaspoon dried Basil (乾燥バジル小さじ2)
1 cube Chicken broth/ Consommé (固形コンソメ1個)
Salt & freshly ground black pepper (塩・ブラックペッパー 適宜)
Olive oil (オリーブ油 たっぷり) オリーブオイルは太りませんのでたっぷり!
70g (1 portion) Spaghetti (パスタ麺 70g (1人分))
1 Tablespoon Fresh lemon  juice (レモン果汁 大さじ1)

1 In a large pan, pour in your favorite olive oil, minced garlic, and Capsicum annuum at low heat.
When it starts to smell good, stir minced onion at high heat, and toss diced bacon as onion gets transparent.

2 When bacon is cooked through, carefully dump tomatoes, oregano, and basil. Smash tomatoes with a wooden spatula into your favorite piece-size. I like tiny ones.
Bring the heat lower as tomato sauce starts boiling, drop cubed chicken b…

Chicken with Olives. Easy Summer dish

With only salt and pepper, chicken can be insanely delicious. They can make you drool like now.  I see youuu!
I was looking for an easy chicken recipe and I found this recipe in The Pioneer Woman.
Though the recipe called for Green Bell Peppers, I had to leave it out because they don't have it here in grocery stores. But I'm so satisfied with the outcome and how it tastes. Chicken got super tender, though I just quickly browned and boiled with other ingredients, and the combination with penne was another big pleasure of each bites (Ree's original recipe used Linguine) .
You should also give this a try. It really isn't complicated as these first pictures would make you think so, because I never cook something difficult, and needless to say I'm sure you'll love it.

 On my Facebook I've been posting pretty much of photos of what I cooked and foods that I don't post here the recipes of. These are so easy that anyone could wing without a recipe once you know…