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Quick Crispy Churros. 簡単カリッもちっチュロス

Found out I'd been wanting deep-fried, hot, crispy, cinnamon sugar coated Churros. Exactly this. To satisfy my sugar-desire, I sneak into the kitchen, open nutella lid, and enjoy 1 tablespoon full of chocolate bomb. But it actually doesn't satisfy my desire...but unfortunately I'm out of fruits and even nutella. How sad. I started to brows Japanese food recipe site and came up with making churros. Why the hell didn't I think of it? I didn't know how easy and quick to make them. The worst part is only after frying when it comes to cleaning all these mess in the kitchen. but that's a price of delicious snack :)
55g Bread flour (強力粉 55g) 80g All-purpose flour (薄力粉 80g)  1/2 cup/ 100ml Milk (牛乳 100ml) 1/4 cup/ 50ml Water (水 50ml) 1/8 cup/ 25g Butter (バター 25g)  1 Medium Egg, beaten (卵 M1個、溶く)  Vanilla extract (バニラエッセンス 少々)  Cinnamon & Granulated sugar (シナモン・グラニュー糖 適量) Sunflower oil (揚げ油)  Directions.....>>>>>

No Knead Bread. Moist, rich, flavorful. 捏ねないパン

I've been baking breads.  We found it tastes better, is more flavorful, nicer texture than grocery breads that are already dried out and get quite hard in a couple of days. Last weekend I baked 2nd no knead bread for John (I eat rice these days). Baking bread is my new discovery last 2 months. How happy it makes me as it is freshly hot out of oven. The smell has been loved through the ages and never changed. And it always brings us a smile. I love a moment I put the knife down through the bread and rich, moist, puffy dough shows up with a little left steam. No nutella, no sugar-flooded jam required. I like to enjoy the new baby loaf simply with a butter. Do you like it too? You're my friend.
I keep trying to make better breads, cakes, cookies, and of course meals.

This video from Kitchen Vignettes helps. ビデオ観ると全体の流れがわかるよ。
3 cups All-purpose flour (薄力粉 600g)
1 tsp/5g Dry yeast (ドライイースト5g)
1 tsp Salt (塩 小さじ1弱)
2 cups to 2.5 cups/400~450ml Water (水 400~450ml), depends on how dry …

Avocado & Tomatoes' Cold Spaghetti. アボカドとトマトの冷製パスタ

1 large Tomato, cut into dice (トマト 大1個 角切り)
1 Avocado (アボカド 1個)
2 cloves Garlic, minced  (にんにく 2片 みじん切り)
1 tsp fresh Lemon juice (レモン汁 小さじ1)
5 Tbsp extra virgin Olive oil (エキストラバージンオリーブオイル 大さじ5)
200g Spaghetti (パスタ 200g)
Salt & freshly ground Black petter to taste (塩 & 粗挽き黒胡椒 少々)


Baked Onion Rings. クリスピー ノンフライオニオンリング

My first onion rings that would never change. One day I found the recipe looking for healthy side-dish snack and these non-fried ridiculously crispy onion rings caught me. I wonder  why didn't I come up with them until today? The step you need to go is very simple and easy. Just flour onions, dip in egg,  cover with bread crumbs, and bake in the oven. Why would you go deep, oily, high calorie-fries even though they're damn good? And they're clean. You just need to waste the cookie sheet while wiping off splashed oil and glossy wall by stoves are required as you fry them.
Please try these onion rings. You'll like it. You go bake another set of onions because it's addictive.

1 medium yellow Onion (玉ねぎ1個)
1/2 cup All Purpose Flour (薄力粉 100g)
1/2 cup whole wheat Bread Crumbs (パン粉 100g)
2 Eggs (溶き卵 2個)


1 Hour till Eat. Soft milk loaf 簡単しっとりソフトミルクパン

The quickest soft bread I've baked. Slightly sweetened by milk, richened by butter, and all flavor is contrasted with salt. Don't tell your family how easy to make this bread is, and you could keep your label of good bakery :)
With this bread, I made french toast that was amazing! I'll upload the recipe within next few posts :)

Makes 1 Poundcake pan パウンドケーキ型1個分
200g Bread flour (強力粉)
2 Tablespoons/ 30g Butter (バター 30g)
2 Tablespoons Sugar (砂糖大さじ2) I used brown sugar. Tastes good! 私はブラウンシュガー使用。これもおいしい!
1 pinch Salt (塩 ひとつまみ)
130ml Milk (牛乳 130ml)
2 teaspoons/ 7g dried Yeast (ドライイースト 小さじ2)


Japanese Home: Fish with sweet vinegar sauce ポン酢でおいしい 白身魚の甘酢かけ

What do you think about Japanese homemade cooking? Generally, we never make sushi at home (except their home is already sushi restaurant or sushi freak) and we don't eat Tempura as often as non-Japanese people think we do. We cook thousands of delicious dishes using fish, rice, vegetables, of course meat, seaweed, soy sauce, vinegar, more and more.
Especially sake, soy sauce, dashi are key to boost the deliciousness that each ingredient has, which means we don't need to add extra seasoning or oil. It helps you make it healthy, low calories and yet satisfying and delicious.
This fish dish should be one of these meals that satisfy you. It'd make you want white steamed rice and miso soup. Even you eat them all, the calories are less than regular meal set at McDonald's ;) You know which is healthier and doesn't make you fat.
Since I started to add more steamed rice at home lately, here in Germany, the appetite of wanting huge plates like fried chicken or sautéd pork, …