OOTD: Meets Rose

Colorful flowers are spread out the town and warm breeze brings here comfort. It is hard to stay home all day because sun is trying to take us out to show how beautifully Spring's started. Finding the bunch of rose near my apartment and I decided to do photo shooting in front of the tree. I didn't know my pink short denim and the color of rose were matched at that moment but when I started editing photos, I had to boost colors and highlight the both colors.
This outfit is so simple as you see it. In comfortable cloth and colors, there's no need to add many accessories or hair do to it. So my hair was just messy as if I just got up. I'm thinking if I should dye my hair all black or a bit more lighter colored these days.

Navy crochet knit: TOPSHOP
White tank top: TOPSHOP
Pink denim: ZARA
Platform heels: ZARA
Bangles: unbranded 



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