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Day 4. 21sr Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

This was taken when we left the lodge to return home. As you can see, the weather couldn't been any worse. Windy, freezing, rainy and dark. I'm glad the weather stayed nice last days. 
We only have to drive back home. Goodbye Bayern until next time!!

Day 3. 20th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

Woke up, felt the sunlight, opened the curtains, and asked "why so sunny today and not yesterday??" This couldn't have been more beautiful but oh well. It was lucky enough for us that it never rained yesterday.  Today we wanted to walk around in Füssen city which is about 15 minute-drive from where we stayed (or from castles). 
The sun was so warm, crisp air, farms, Alps mountains, and nice foods.

Day 2. 19th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

I don't know about you but I looked up and it kept my mouth opened in a shock for a while. SO beautiful.  I think I'd like to write a bit about the history of this castle here. It might help you appreciate its background of LudwigⅡof Bavaria who built the castle and how it's loved over centuries. For more information and details, please check Wikipedia ( or other related sources.   Castle Neuschwanstein (Neu=New Schwan=Swan Stein=Stone) was built by LudwigⅡ, King of Bayern, in early 19th century.  It's located by the border of Austria (about 4km to the border) and there is a castle Hohenschwangau where LudwigⅡspent his childhood and owned by the father of LudwigⅡnear Neuschwanstein.  The name of Neuschwanstein derives from a castle "Schwanstein" that used to be where Hohenschwangau is today and named after the year 1890. So now you know where "Neu=New" Schwanstein comes from.  The castle can appea…

Day 1. 18th Oct. Our Trip to Neuschwanstein

I know it's been a while since I took the pictures and never made posts about it. So I'm going to make posts of unshared events by the very end of this month.  This is the one of things I want to get done before New Year comes.  On 18th October, we drove to Bayern to visit Neuschwanstein castle. I'd been wanting to go there once so bad for a long time not because it's the model of Cinderella castle but because it's one of the most popular spots to visit in Germany and I wan't still there yet. And it's so far from where we live. 

Christmas 2016

Before heading out to Jan's parents.
Merry Christmas!! I hope all of you had a great time with your family or beloved one. This year I got to celebrate it with Jan's family for the first time. One of us was always missing last years. The year 2011 that I moved to Germany, despite of my first Christmas experience in oversea, Jan had to fly out on 24th. In 2012 I was gone as I wanted to be with my family in Japan. In 2013, Jan and Anni were gone for work and I stayed home alone.  In May 2014 I moved back to Tokyo to work until this year. So it was the first time for us to be all together.  Here I'm going to share with you what we had for 24th dinner and 25th lunch.