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Under the light

Jan came back home from a long flight with a sweet surprise present. This is a part of Christmas presents, which is 4 bottles of natural spray by HERMES. The warm orange is lit up with bright X'mas lights crossing on the box. What would you say? :)

ジョンがスイートなプレゼントと一緒にフライトから帰って来た。最初のクリスマスプレゼント: 4本のエルメスのナチュラルスプレー。クリスマスのライトがオレンジ色の箱の上でクロスして一層きれい :)

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Christmas market's started everywhere here. Last Saturday spent at Frankfurt with an English photographer, Nick to shoot photos around till the night. I got to see such an amazing illumination of Frankfurt X'mas Market which lasts till December 26 (maybe. or 25th). Here are photos of it that I took when it got dark out. I'll make another post that displays photos of me that Nick took. 
先週始めからドイツ各地でクリスマスマーケットが始まって、もうどこもクリスマスデコレーション一色。先週の土曜にイングランド人のフォトグラファー(ニック)とフランクフルトでフォトシュートして過ごしたの。ここのクリスマスマーケットは有名(ベルリンやマインツもすごいらしいから絶対行きます。)って聞いてたけど、やっぱり初体験てこともあって感激しまくり。ハンパなくきれいだった! クリスマスが終わる来月下旬まで毎日開催されてるから、ドイツへ是非! ;) ニックが撮った私の写真もすぐに載せるよ :)

November Photo Diary

Like last month, I made a photo diary for this month too. All colors of nature have got changed quickly and it didn't take long till temperature began to fall down up to 3, 4 degrees from over 10°c. As for me, I've cooked everyday which I almost never did in Japan (but used to make sweets often), got used to what people are like (behavior, for example, that's similar to Japanese people in a way), and started to go to school which is insanely tough. All I can say is I've grown up a lot compared to what I used to be in Tokyo. So me, myself has kept changing like the sky, trees and leaves have got changed quickly. Maybe photos this time are more than previous one but hope you enjoy it :) 

Like a Polo player

ZARA TRF sweater UNIQLO blazer, legging-pants MANGO bowling handbag Buffalo boots
Wearing a sweater and a blazer at once was kind of new try for me but I think this came out good :) Sometime I avoid wearing a jacket to show off the whole outfit even when it's pretty cold outside. No way to know how many people on the street ever look at me (my outfit) and like it, but I feel more comfortable when all my clothes are shown off and not being hidden by a thick, long coat.. When it finally reaches 2°c or 3°c in the day time, I'd give up and wear a jacket :P  If I ever put a helmet on for this outfit, isn't it going to be like a Polo player? Which is why I titled it for this time :) Hope you like it! 
セーターとブレザーをセットで着てみた。着てる服をコートで隠すのがもったいないから冬にブレザーコーデが増えるんだよね。せっかくいい生地のパンツやニットを着てるのに分厚いロングコートで隠したらなんだか損な気がして、そんなんでこの朝もジャケットなし。どれだけの人が私の服見て気に入ってくれるかなんて知る術もないけど、一人でも自分のコーディネートでインスパイアされたら嬉しいよね。さすがに日中も2度や3度になったら諦めるけどね :P  ところでこのアウトフィットにヘルメット被ったらポロプレーヤーみたいじゃない?最近の映画のモンテカルロでセレーナゴメスがかわいいポロの衣…

School day

H&M sweater GAP scarf Bershka skinny jeans ZARA boots
Taking some walk in the morning sun before starting school. I DO love the morning sunshine and fresh air which go away quickly by noon. Breathing in a cold air with my eyes closed switches on my motivation for new day and keeps it lasting till I get tired from study. This might be normal but is so important to me. How is your day going? I'm again excited for this day and ready for insanely difficult German class! Tschüß!!
朝の日差しに包まれて散歩。冷たくて新鮮な空気を吸い込むとモチベーションのスイッチがオンになって夜勉強で嫌んなるまでフル回転でいれるんだよね。これってごく普通のことかもしれないけど、私にとってはすごく大事。朝自分をリセットして新しい一日に備えるとなんだかワクワクするしね。今日もまたアレルギー起こしそうなくらいクレイジーなクラスにやる気全開 :) みんなはどう過ごしてる? チュース! (Tschüß!はドイツ語のBye バァイみたいな感じ。かわいいでしょ?)

Sunday Sun

H&M knit UNIQLO blazer ZARA suede khaki bag, boots H&M skinny pants
Last Sunday spent in the sun and it allowed me to walk all the way up to Ruesselsheim. Since I've missed using the suede handbag by ZARA which I got like a few seconds before I had to leave Japan to Germany in Tokyo, this time I made this outfit from it :) How was your weekend? Sorry for asking you late but hope it went amazing and had a nice Tuesday. 

No jacket

All ZARA Blue knit, TRF ripped skinny jeans, large shopper handbag, boots
Actually it wasn't going to be an outfit post. I had an appointment/meeting with a photographer at 11am and he and I both were waiting for each other at the same station, but missed each other after all. I was at the platform and looking over the whole parking area since 5 minutes before 11am till next 20 minutes and I decided to take some walk until I receive his message to let me know he's there. He parked his car by the parking area and waited for me till 11:20am and didn't check and send message because we agreed on time and where to meet... Later on he finally sent me a message after returning home and we both found out we missed each other. Yes we both were excited to work together in this nice weather. We'd end up meeting up but I guess not right away for sure. It happens.  I went back home after 12pm (waited more than 1 hour haha) and John and I walked up to the grocery store 20 min away…

Colors in Winter

All ZARA Yellow knit (new in: also here), stole, large shopper handbag, boots (from last Winter) イエローニット(new: このニットと一緒に購入)、ストール、レザーハンドバッグ、ブーツ(去年の冬に購入) IOC jacket/IOCジャケット(from 高島屋)
Thankfully it was warmer than last few days. Temperature was almost 10 degrees and it even warmed me up pretty much after 2 hour-walk. This almost never happens lately :) I was waiting to wear this knit which I bought the blue knit with at the same time to make it completely different mood and look by matching with colors. Yellow and (sort of) purple are antagonistic colors, and I added this green bag for effect color which doesn't bother other 2 colors. Black is always perfect to be with any colors and accessories, thus I had no hesitation to complete today's outfit :)  Winter clothes tend to be dark and it's a little hard to enjoy layering clothes, but I don't want to stop trying matching colors in cold seasons. So this could be one of my tries :) What would you say?

Hellbeige Pullover

H&M Hellbeige Pullover/H&M ヘルベージュ プルオーバー TOPSHOP biker jacket/TOPSHOP バイカージャケット ZARA handbag, boots/ザラ ハンドバッグ、ブーツ Bershka skinny jeans/ベルシュカ スキニージーンズ
How could I express how cold it's been these days? It's like I've been stuck in a fridge the whole day and the coldness reaches even up to my bones... It hurts even when I move my fingers and my lips and cheek wouldn't move. I'd got completely used to Tokyo weather which almost never snows in Winter and you can enjoy any kinds of clothes all the year, so it is just hard for me to be here now. But still looking at warm colors of trees and leaves make me feel better :)  I do like this wide necked knit that nicely shows off the collarbone, and the sleeve length is perfect for my arms for medium size. My height is 172cm which usually needs large size but these sleeves cover up to back of my hands. How would you wear this?

Deep blue.

blue sweater (new purchase), TRF khaki short pants, Two-tone rigid bowling bag/ブルーセーター(New)、TRF カーキショートパンツ、2トーンリジットボーリングバッグ
Buffalo boots/バッファロー ブーツ

11.11.11. :) 2011 November 11th, How did you spend this day? Next year we'll have 12.12.12. I heard there are/were many couples got married today. I wondered when my marriage would be. it must be years away from now for sure, at least it's out of my sight.. I'm still 22 :)
Still leaves have been so colorful and warming up the towns all day long. Wind's chilly but the sun pushes it away and keeps us smile in the shine. These photos were taken before John went to flight to Japan. This new blue sweater has such a deep catchy color and adds fresh atmosphere to my closet. I never get tired of looking at this beautiful tone :) How would you wear this with? Pink short denim would also be pretty with this sweater. But be careful not to catch a cold ;)

11年11月11日、みんなはどう過ごした?ポッキーの日だね笑 面白い記事見つけたんだけど、これってほんとなの? 来年は12年の12月12日だね〜。…

Interview and Japan week at Frankfurt

ZARA Tufted Platform Court ShoeFringed Checked Scarf/ザラ プラットフォームヒール, フリンジチェックスカーフ UNIQLO blazer/UNIQLO ブレザー Bershka zipped skinny jeans/ベルシュカ ジップドスキニージーンズ
Today I went to Groß-Gerau to take an interview for school I'll start going to from 15th this month. First I met a nice lady working at the office and asked her about all the information for procedure, and then had a text to see how much I can understand German. No need to ask, that was a disaster haha Let's see how quick I can learn it ;) For this formal occasion, I chose my favorite blazer matching with recruit shirt and skinny jeans to dress down (because it didn't have to be super formal.). It's been a little while since I wore heels with bare feet last so I lost feeling on my toes in this cold weather. 
Yesterday spent at Frankfurt, many Japanese flags and pretty shops, attractions immediately caught my eyes and made me miss home so bad! They've been having Japan week lately and you can taste our deliciou…


TOPSHOP jacket/TOPSHOP ジャケット ZARA sweater, check shirt, skinny jeans/ザラ セーター、チェックシャツ、スキニージーンズ MANGO bowling handbag/マンゴー ボーリングハンドバッグ converse sneaker/コンバーススニーカー
Yesterday I went to Königstein (Koenigstein) for sightseeing. I had not gone to mountain area for months so this was such a refreshing time. This time I didn't choose clothes for an outfit post so I upload photos here for some updates :) Days have been getting colder and colder and keeping me from wearing short pants and tights even in the sun. It might've been a bit boring (outfit) posts for you but I promise I'll keep you posted even if it's just normal content. Even just sharing small things with you, I'm happy that you are reading this blog for sure and I have you as someone who know me somehow. I have no idea how many people check out my updates and they would ever come back here again to see me, but posting photos and my thoughts are absolutely a part of my life and I do love it.  I'd keep this b…

1 month passed

ZARA sweater, pale pink short denim/ザラ セーター、ショートデニム Buffalo boots/バッファロー ブーツ MANGO bowling handbag/マンゴー ボーリングハンドバッグ
3rd October, I arrived here Germany from Tokyo to start a student life without knowing German alphabet.  Today just 1 month passed since then. I already am feeling I've got changed and grown up a little compared to 1 month ago. Even since the beginning of this year, I'd had a feeling that I'd make a big big difference this year from last years, I'd definitely be different, new megumi, and that would for sure come true. I've worked and waited enough to become a student again and study what I've been waiting for. There are so so so many things besides becoming a student which I'd like to try, see, and know in my future and while I'm young enough.. So I always hurry to live my life. I'm not trying to hurry but I am when I get conscious about myself :) No body knows when you die and so do I.  Life is given only once.  So I want to see as …

SLY Knit

SLY knit/SLY ニット UNIQLO blazer, tank top/UNIQLO ブレザー、タンクトップ FOREVER 21 yellow denim shorts/FOREVER21 イエローショートデニム ZARA boots/ザラ ブーツ MANGO bowling handbag/マンゴー ボーリングハンドバッグ
Last Wednesday spent at Mainz was full of Fall colors again and it made all buildings look even better. The contrast of nature and historical houses always makes me speechless because of its beauty and grace. This day I wore SLY knit which I found this past Summer at Shibuya, Tokyo. Opening up the wardrobe and I realized I haven't worn it to share here yet, so I matched it with metal accessories and yellow short denim, added the blazer to complete it. Do you like this knit? This would show up here again next Summer :)
水曜はマインツに行って来た。どこも秋色に染まってて、古い建物の美しさが一層引き立つの。コントラストがほんとにきれいだから下まで写真見てみて :) このSLYのニットは夏に渋谷のシェルターで見つけて買ったんだけど、まだアウトフィットとしてアップしてなかったと思ってメタルアクセとイエローのショートデニムと合わせてみたよ。ブレザーと黒のバックで締めてね。多分このニットは夏にも着るかも :)

Falling days

IOC jacket (at Takashima-ya)/IOC ジャケット(3年前に高島屋で購入) ZARA boots, denim shorts/ザラ ブーツ、ショートデニム MANGO bowling handbag/マンゴー ボーリングハンドバッグ All leaves have changed their colors and it's got a warm hue throughout the town. How have you been spending Fall days? The feeling that I've got (must be true) chubby these days has caught my head down a little but I've been taking a good care of my body everyday: 1.5 hr jogging and 3~5km swimming every Friday night so I don't worry about getting fat much. I made work outs and exercise here way harder than when I was in Japan. Continuing fashion/posting outfit blog after changing a country shouldn't be easy stuff especially from Asian country to Western one. All yummy, new food is always such a temptation and I should be careful about how many calories I have in a day because I'm too easy to gain weight :( Sometime I ever wish this huge delicious pizza was 0 kcal! haha  I'm thinking that after 3 months my body would be used to …