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AH!!!!!!! These scones are good. So good.  The face you get when the first bite makes you take a big breathe-in from nose with your eyes wide opened.  This is what they did to me. Cooled scones are just as good but freshly backed ones are more winning.  By the time they come out of the oven you should get your coffee prepared. Good syrup or jam.  Trust me. These scones are good. You wouldn't even realize how fast they get gone from the batch.  Recipe is easy and simple. Click down here.

Take me back: Bostalsee 2 night-stay

I've still got a couple (maybe more) of posts that I haven't made yet and had been putting off to write.  And this is the one that has been stuck in my head, wouldn't leave my mind and keep on telling me "make a post. make a post. make a post" and I was thinking back "I will. I will. I will." You sure know what it feels like if you were like me: You know you will do it at some point (and you do it actually) but don't want to work on it right right away…and end up putting it off.  I haven't made any solid resolutions for 2017 yet though, one of them would be reducing this problem: Putting off things that I know I can get done right away.  So, okay, I've written enough blah blah. Now it's about the lake Jan and I visited back in Summer last year.  Hope it sends you off a bit of warmth from the screen and helps you forget the coldness for some seconds. In the end of August 2016, we drove for the direction France and stayed out at a hotel f…