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My family in Germany 12th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月12日-帰国

This is the last post of my family's stay in Germany.  On 12th August, the day they flew back to Japan again, started as it usually had been. My dad again brought us some sandwiches for the breakfast and mom, Haruka, and Shogo came in to spend some time at our place. One different thing in the morning was that my dad didn't buy beers as he had flight on that day. ;)  As my family flew to Germany on 5th, my parents and Haruka & Shogo had different flights. As parents' one was at the night, Jan and I took advantage of it and brought the wedding dress and the suits back in Mainz after we saw Haruka and Shogo off in the noon.  This first photo was when we were at the airport and had some snack before Haruka and Shogo got on board. 
これが家族のドイツ旅行最後の投稿。 8月12日--みんなが帰国する日--はいつもの何の変わりも無く始まった。再びお父さんがパン屋さんからサンドイッチを私たちの朝食用に買って来てくれて、お母さん、はるか、将吾が揃って少しのんびり。一つだけ違ったことと言えば、この日はフライトがあるからお父さんはtoom(スーパーマーケット)でビールを買って来なかったことぐらい。笑 5日のフライトと同様、両親とはるか・将吾のフライトが別で両親の出発は夜だったため、この日中にドレスとスーツを返しに行かなけれ…

Wedding Photos by my family 8月10日 結婚式 -家族が撮ってくれた写真

Here I post all the photos taken by me and my family. From when I put the dress on at home to the last moment of the day: wedding dance. 

The Evening 夜

Photos taken by Gianni Bianchini

The Party and Photo Shooting パーティーと二人

Photos taken by Gianni Bianchini More photos ☟☟☟☟☟

The Wedding Ceremony at The Church 教会での挙式


My family in Germany 11th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月11日

On 11th August, I woke up feeling still enchanted. I couldn't believe the wedding is now all over while the preparation took months and months. But there were piles of presents from our guests on the table that we left the night before and collapsed into bed.  The moment we enjoyed flew so so fast but there were many people who cooperated with us and made the day successful and very precious. This though came in my mind in the cooled living room.

After the party finished, even though I told my family to come to us after 10am as we wanted to sleep in the next morning, my dad and Shogo came to us at 9am with the sandwiches from the bakery. While I was already awake and unpacked the presents, putting flowers into vases and stuff, Jan just came out of bed with …

My family in Germany 9th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月9日

On 9th August, just 1 day before the wedding, we spent the day at home except Shogo and Jan. These 2 guys went to a thermal bath spa, Opel car museum, and some shopping.  My mom made this amazing wedding cake from early in the morning until early evening, while Haruka, dad, and I made a lazy day. 
She started to work on 3 layers of the dough which is full size oven plate. We had prepared dozens of egg, sugar, butter, flour, and some decorations to top. Although baking 2 doughs at once would've been easier,  she baked 1 dough at each time because all 3 of them needed to be baked evenly.  Even though the estimated time for 1 dough was about 1 hour from mixing ingredients till finish baking, each of them took for about 45 to 50 min as there was no failed one.  Waiting for the doughs to cool down, making butter cream, not normal whipped cream, for being left outside for a while, topping flowers and sugar pearls, and finishing with the writing.  Right after finishing up the cake, Jan …

My family in Germany 8th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月8日

On 8th August, their 4th day in Germany, we went to Mainz as planned. On this day we had to pick up my wedding dress and Jan's suits at a costume shop near Mainz Haupbahnhof station which is the next station of the central city in Mainz, we decided to go to the city first and then to pick up the dress. 
The first top photo is when we were waiting for the train to the central city. Sorry I didn't take photos of  the city while showing my family places and all photos I have here are at the first platform, food we had, and the evening. 
一番最初の写真は、マインツの中心街へ行く電車を待っている時にホームで撮ったもの。 この日は家族の写真もさながら街中や行った場所の写真を全然撮っていなかったらしく(頭どっか行ってたね)、このホームで撮った写真とお昼に食べた食事、晩ご飯しかありません(苦笑)。

My family in Germany 7th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月7日

On 7th August, the official sightseeing day for my family, the day started with lots of sunshine...and food.  Jan and I finished everything for the morning and were ready to welcome my family to come over and going to go to Frankfurt all together. They buzzed the door and came in with many bakery bags.  Dad said "I got you sandwiches!" We looked at each other and bakery party began lol 
My dad told us that their breakfast is too small and they serve exactly the same thing every morning.  Breads are cold and flavorless. Well, I could imagine that.  For breakfast we Japanese eat something warm, for example, freshly steamed rice and miso-soup, and a grilled fish or side dish made from egg like scrambled egg and sunny side-up egg. Something that energizes us to start out on new day.   Of course no one expects that they would have what they have in their country, at least no one eats exact the same thing every morning and plus flavorless, right?  I felt a little bad to book the …

My family in Germany 6th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月6日

On 6th August, 2nd day of their Germany trip, we decided to make a relaxing day until Jan flies back here in the evening.
The reason: no car (I don't have a drivers license yet), not wanting to go far by train, jet lag, and so on.

At 9am my mom and Haruka came buzz my door and relaxed in the living room until 10am which I promised them to come to their hotel. As 3 of us were about to reach the hotel, my dad and Shogo were already walking toward us.
When my dad was still packing his suitcase in Japan, I told him to wear something looks like Samurai in Germany and here he does.
We straight went to the supermarket called toom where we had Kebab for dinner the night before to buy drinks and snacks like sausages, pizza, microwave meals, instant noodles, etc. Especially my dad and Shogo were curious about this kind of stuff and wanted to try them.

This 2nd picture of me and Haruka while my mom taking the photo was when we were heading to the hotel to pick the guys up.


My family in Germany 5th August 家族の初ドイツ旅行8月5日

On 5th August, finally this day, my family landed in Germany. I had waited for this day for many many months and here they are :D First my brother and sister arrived here with Lufthansa and we decided to chill out till our parents get here with JAL. Unfortunately as they are smokers, the first place we came together was a smoking area outside the entrance door of the airport.
While smoking (I don't smoke!), they were impressed by taxis because all of them lining up there were  Mercedes Benz and of course, we took some pictures of it with their phones.
They told me about how their first oversea flight was and it was good except the food.

They looked a little tired but had some energy to wait another couple of hours and have a stroll in the airport. 
ついに8月5日、私の家族がドイツに来ました。この日を何ヶ月も待って待って、やっと!  両親は割引チケットが有効なためJALでのフライトが決定だったのだけど、弟妹は対象外ということで一般のチケットを安く取ろうということでルフトハンザで来ました。まず14時過ぎに弟と妹が着き、両親が着くのも約2時間後くらいだから帰らずに待つことに。 喫煙者の二人はトイレに行きたいと言いつつもまず一服を優先し到着ロビー外の喫煙所へ。ドイツに3人揃って最初に行く場所が喫煙所とかね笑 ここに来…

Hospital Stay Day 3 入院3日目

On 2nd August, 3rd day of being stuck in the hospital, super simple breakfast welcomed my morning. One chilled (again) breakfast bread, 1 butter and honey, and 2 cups of coffee (I brought one from the vending machine on the 5th floor). I didn't mind that much because I knew I will be released that day. 
The doctor from the day before came to my room and talked to me for a little while. I asked him if I can leave there finally and he gave me a permission. He said he'd bring statement papers of what I have, what they did, and what they found and I can show the papers to a home doctor in my city if it doesn't heal.  While Jan and I were waiting for the papers to come, we shared the last (finally!) lunch which was veggie mixed rice, 2 chicken balls with tomato sauce, 1 soup, and 1 strawberry yogurt. 

8月2日-入院3日目- は質素な朝食で朝がスタートしました。またも冷やされた朝食パン1個にバターと蜂蜜1個ずつ、セットのコーヒー一杯に無料で提供されているコーヒーメーカーから持って来たコーヒー一杯。少ないけど、ベッドで寝てるだけだし、退院できるの知ってたから気にしませんでした。

Hospital Stay Day 2 入院2日目

1st August, the 2nd day of hospital stay, I woke up at 6am with noise of construction just right next to the window of my ward. They have been building new wards where they can accommodate more patients and departments. After 2 hours since I was awake, I've got breakfast: 2 chilled breakfast bread, 1 honey, 2 jams, and a cup of coffee.  During the morning, no doctors came in for advancing tests though a nurse came just once and asked me if everything is ok. My arm where the needle tube kept aching over the night and made it everything hard to do. I tried to have the breakfast using my left hand. 
The lunch came. That was scrambled egg with some leek, boiled potatoes, and cream stewed spinach (I actually don't know how to name it). When I was in a language school near my home, my teacher once said she hates this kind of spinach because it looks like puke or chewed and thrown up (gekaut und gekotzt) loll... I didn't expect that I'd have one in a hospital hahah.. 
8月1日 -…

Hospital Stay 1 Week Before The Wedding--- Day 1

Sorry for not updating this blog for 3 weeks. I had so many things to go through and wasn't able to even open my laptop for that. This is the reportage of my hospital stay before writing about my family stay in Germany and our wedding.