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2 Days of Summer Vacation 2日間の夏休み

On 20th. and 21st. Aug., I went on Summer vacation to Shizuoka prefecture with my mom and sister. 
In the morning of 20th we were headed to Atami city which is located in the eastern end of Shizuoka and adjacent to Kanagawa prefecture. 
At 10am we arrived in Atami and went straight to the beach. We got to park the car in the garage, not in the outside parking space, so that the car room didn't turn a sauna. 
I needed to put many layers of sunblock on my skin as I've been trying not to get tanned and played in the waves while Haruka, my sister, was exposed directly to the sunlight. 
She always wants to look tanned. She listens to me warning the overexposure of UV but can't bring herself not to do it. Young lady! 
Only one thing that I didn't feel comfortable with at the beach was…… JELLY FISH. 
I never get used to the feeling of getting like a little electric shock when the tentacles of jelly fish touch your skin and you get red tiny dots in a row mostly on your legs..or body…

My first awesome experience 動き出した仕事

With Sarah, the secretary of the founder.
We had a big event last week, between 11th and 13th, in the company. Where I work is a foreign-affiliated company which is from Germany. This time the founder, his secretary, a Swedish company officer came to Japan to hold a conference with our client leaders to discuss management policy of our Japanese head office and its future. Everyone's become irritated…I'd say "nervous" rather than "irritated" since the last 2 weeks to prepare everything for these 3 days as it was a very important event which could determine our future.  The founder even cancelled his Summer vacation to come meet in the conference. It was serious.  It's because we're in need of more people to work, about holding the conference this time no one was allowed to be absent. One lack of us would've given crucial damage on running the operation.  Luckily none of us got sick.
My role besides the preparation was an interpreter at dinner. I…

1st Wedding Anniversary 結婚式から一年


I'm here in Tokyo! 帰国から現在

Thank you to those who kept on checking my blog for updates while I was completely away for the past 3 months. I returned to Japan to work.  I have a long story of having to GIVE UP on University in Frankfurt and the return to Japan.
After completing a language school in December 2012, we were at the tutor in the University in Frankfurt in March 2013. She told me that I will be able to enroll in the school with the translation (either in English or in German) of the graduation from the last school I finished because I have finished 13 year-education (12 years till high school + 1 year of collage). And I've done it right away. It was because the due date for Winter semester was on 15th July, we'd had enough time to await their answer.  Waiting for 1 month, 2 months, and finally the end of 3rd month, June 2013, I received a letter from the University. It said that they need not the graduation certificate of my collage, but of my high school. Plus its transcripts and completion unit c…