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The last school day

Today was the very last school day. I can't still believe 1 year has already passed with lots of struggles, cries, worries, improvement, laughs, and jumps for happiness. 
2011 October 22nd, the crazy German started. I was completely believing that I'll learn German in English (that's international language!) but I was wrong... My teacher began to talk super fast in German while I only knew "yes (ja)" and "no (nein)". I got really lost where I was and what to do. Nobody spoke English in the class, all of us were from Japan, Italy, Pakistan, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain. So the first few months were extremely tough to go through each class and we had to understand what our teacher said as she only spoke German.  Funny thing is that I got married exactly in 1 year with good German knowledge (sure, I keep on studying and improve my German).  Here is the post from last year after 2 days the German class has started. We made a short walk before I went to the schoo…

Outfit of My Marriage

Dress & Belt, Shoes: ZARA  Coat: ESPRIT This is the outfit when I wore for our marriage on 22nd November :)  More photos >>>

Some shopping at Frankfurt

Before going to Rüsselsheim that's our neighbor town, we took the train to Frankfurt to buy a small christmas present for my teacher and for Jan. I was thinking of getting him something that he needs to have and today it gave me a good chance :) For the christmas present for my teacher who taught us in German language school since last November 2011, I've planed to get her Chanel eyeshadow.  Thankfully it's got sunny since early in the morning while it was typical horrible Winter weather yesterday. I had to take an advantage of it ;)  As I expected, they had a wonderful, huge Christmas market in Frankfurt. I can't believe it's already 1 year passed since my new journey in Germany has started and now I can speak German :D (not super good yet, but I can say I'm completely different in a good way :) ) Here I took some photos while walking. Hope you enjoy it!

2nd Rüsselsheim Christmas Market

Today Jan and I went to my 2nd Christmas market at Rüsselsheim (you can pronounce [r[ue]ss-sels-haim] :D) Here's the post from last year . This Winter's been incredibly cold and it was -4 degrees tonight. Hands get immediately numb and breathe freezes in second. But the sky was perfectly clear and many people were enjoying the christmas atmosphere which everyone had waited for. Of course the first food we grabbed was delicious sausage sand! This time I tried beef sausage for the first time and that was so good while Jan had normal (pork) one. As next snack we had beef stew, then Jan got garlic herb butter bread, and we shared the big butter sugar cake that we also had last year. It was biting cold but so much fun :) Click "See More" for other photos!

We are married

On 22nd November 2012, we got married :)
We got to know each other in the beginning of February 2010 and have made thousands of memories until today. I am so honored, grateful of what we are now and excited to see what we'll have from today. I couldn't be more thankful to have you as my husband and to spend my life with you.
We are planning to have our wedding next Summer 2013. I promise I'll post the photos to share with you :) We love you my readers. Hopefully you come back to my blog tomorrow again :)

Meg & Jan

Day 5th, 6th, 7th Gran Canaria: 19 - 21st October

Photos of 5th, 6th, and the last day we flew back to Frankfurt. I totally fell in love with their beautiful magnets that I couldn't stop taking them. When I found shops, for souvenir, supermarket, clothing, I looked for magnets and grabbed them all (ok, not all but quite a lot, ±20 of them) when I came back home, I sent half of them to my mum in Japan. For the last photos taken at small rocks by the beach, Jan made exact what I expected him to capture summer sun. Our trip for 1 week turned absolutely unforgettable! I love you Gran Canaria! We'll come back again :)

Day 4th Grand Canaria: : 18th October

Where will we go today? Beach or beach? ...or beach? The day before I found the cute bikinis at a souvenir shop run by Chinese guy who was so nice and I couldn't wait to wear them for this day. What do you think about them? Wherever you look around you find cactus, hibiscus, shining ocean, it couldn't be better :D and for the end of the day, sharing laugh over drinks is must in the summer night :)

Day 3rd Grand Canaria: 17th October

Finally dove in the wave :D But before we went to the beach we made some walk in the sun for a couple of hours. What always caught my eyes were flowers at the step.  There were many kind of flowers so new for me by colors, shape/figure, smell that I never saw. So I had to take photos of them. Palm trees are one of symbols there that should be in the picture, deep blue skies, burning sunlight that turned my skin super dark brown, and hot sand. The last one is Pringles Kiss :-*

Day 2nd Gran Canaria: 16th October

This day we spent a relaxing time. Sleep in till almost noon,  grab some snack at a local supermarket that is always one of my excitement on trip to see what they sell, enjoy Summer weather that I was missing, and hear beach waves. I took hundreds of photos. Hopefully you won't get tired of them ;) 

Day 1st Gran Canaria :15th October

My first trip to an Island oversea was to Gran Canaria. In the beginning of this Summer we were planning to go to Tenerife and made a reservation for all stuff but Jan forgot about the dates of his Summer vacation and we had to cancel it. Then the travel agency lady recommended and told us that the flight and hotel reservation that match our schedule is to Gran Canaria. Now I'm so satisfied with our decision to sing up for it that promised me an amazing stay there :D These photos are when we arrived in Gran Canaria via Madrid airport. Hope you like them :)