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Days Spinning スピニング デイズ

I'm making a blog post again in my kitchen, on Saturday morning, without the light on while Fall breeze cross the rooms.
It's been insanely busy at work, better yet it keeps on getting busier. It only gets busier each day.
I wake up at 4:30am and at earliest I come back home around 10:00pm but actually a few minutes before 11:00pm since last Monday. So every Friday night I feel like my body is flying in the air or just numb. 
It's because where I'm living right now is Kanagawa and my office is in Roppongi, Tokyo, I know it's freaking far and it takes 1:45 train ride on each way. But I reeeeaaally wanted to work in this place and at this company. So it's totally fine for me.
I know it couldn't be better that we're busy. Our business is getting bigger and bigger and days go by quickly like a racing car that wouldn't stop. Or I should say that it's like a jumbo airplane taking off and flying up into the sky, like our CEO describes.
I find myself becomin…

Moving Days and Nights ステキな、長い夜

On 3rd, Wednesday, we had an important and huge party after work with our clients and Prince Fushimi (the imperial family of Japan) and it was an incredible experience. 
It is because the restaurant is a few minute-walk away from our office it helped us organize the group of the clients and carry on the party.
This time, again, I participated in this party as an interpreter with another coworker of mine. 
Since one week the Swedish vice president, stationed in Singapore at the moment, has been working with us in Tokyo, there needed one more interpreter besides me as we have an executive director from Bulgaria. 
I was relieved to hear that she, my coworker, is also attending it.

The man, who you can hardly have a chance to come close to and talk to, Prince Fushimi was such a lovely person with humor and I had a positive shock. 
Wish I could've had more time to talk to him. I will get to see him again in November.
Although I've taken so many photos of him and our clients at the night a…