Handbag I have been looking for.


Does anyone know in Tokyo which ZARA shops have this TRIANGULAR MESSENGER BAG WITH FLAP?
well I've been looking for this all ZARA shops where I can go near my office, house, and while I was with John, but I couldn't find it at any of ZARAs. I really want (not just a wish!) this for my wardrobe and I am sure I'd definitely adore it because it was love at first sight. I'm kind of in a hurry because their arrival of goods renews at 2 or 3 weekly intervals so I might not be able to buy it anymore in a few weeks. (Probably 1 week left. It's already been 2 weeks or so since S/S items have been at stores, right?) There are many variations for my outfits by matching with this messenger bag.
If you ever know which ZARA shop has this stunning bag, please let me know and I will for sure run over there and make a purchase :)


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