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Hang Out with My Buddy! 3/31

Tonight Cory and I went to check Nikon SLR at Nakano, Tokyo. It was so much fun time with him. He and I have known each other more than 3 years and been best friends. I like him as I love my family and he knows all about me too. what I felt this time is...he looked my eyes more than before haha. I think it's because he's got lots of chance to talk to his students looking at each other's eyes which is important for English teachers. A while ago he hardly looked my eyes while I did looking at him during talking. It was kind of odd for me 'cause Western people I know always look at me well when they talk to me.anyhow.. After my work was done, we met up in Shibuya and had kebab for dinner. And then went to a suit shop since his ones got too buggy for his size (he's got a lot skinny due to 2 jobs and school), and headed for an electric shop to check headphones for him and the price of MacBook Pro for me. Finally we came to Nakano for checking Nikon Single Lens Reflex c…

Knitwear I'd be wearing for Spring '11

asos bobble stitch jumper  One of my Spring/Summer addictions is Knitwear. Since some of crochet knits in my wardrobe have been my addiction and I always wear them all year, discovering new designs and colors on knits for 2011 Spring/Summer trend makes me wanna have more.
As I mentioned on this post I am going to match crochet/damaged knit with short dehim as soon as it gets warm enough here. Though I have a couple of short denims, I don't have colored one yet. So I will for sure have pretty shorts for my knits like the pink lace-up shorts in the picture below.

Coming across asos website and this coordianation: a stitched jumper and damaged denim with the boring wide belt. This look is for me not only simple but so winning outfit. Putting just one top on, men's like belt is boldly cool, and showing off legs. I love ittt! I'd definitely make an outfit post inspired by this kind of look. Wish I had my dad around. I'd use his belts and shirts hehe.
Ok, so I looked through …


Browsing Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection, after jumping fromfashiontoast, I discovered the amazing ads and their 100% of proceed aid for Japan.
I was so touched by the ideas and help! I want to thank them so much from here, Japan!

from RALPH LAUREN Polo Ralph Lauren and the United Way worldwide network join forces to support the relief effort in Japan. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition polo will be donated to the humanitarian effort through the Central Community Chest of Japan, a part of the United Way worldwide network. Classic fit in cotton mesh, finished with our embroidered pony at the left chest, applied flag and embroidered "Japan Relief" at the right chest. Embroidered "Japan," "Ralph Lauren" and "United Way Worldwide" logo at the back. Japanese characters for "hope" are embroidered at the left chest and back.

Colors even fashion world- Louis Vuitton SS Ads

Freja Beha Erichsen, Raquel Zimmermann, Kristen McMenamy in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer '11 ads photographed by Steven Meisel


If you're one of Chiara Ferragni's fans, you for sure know what I'm gonna talk about on this post ;) Yes, ELECTRIC COLORS are so hot to wear for this season. Vibrant, eye-popping colors are even more lightning up Spring and Summer '11 and they also would keep us focused on 70's fashion throughout the year. To make your outfits more attractive and catchy,  add something stimulative accessories to your look by vivid colors.
Looking through many cloth shops, ELECTRIC BLUE  is by far eye catching.
Thanks a lot to, my searching for fashionable people has got way easier than before I found it. Let's see how fashionistas wear ELECTRIC BLUE.

What Do You See In Me

You don't know me yet.

soko I will never love you more than the drummer of flaming lips
I will never love you more than Woody Allen movies
I will never love you more than the White album of the Beatles
I will never love you more than God only knows
I will never love you more than DVD's night with my girlfriend
And we talk about stupid things like feelings and men
I will never love you more than my boyfriend when I was 14
Even if he's now an asshole, I will never love you more
And you say, you love me more than everything
And compared to me everything is nothing...
I will never love you more than meeting Paul McCartney
And we asked him to play a song on my Ukulele
I will never love you more than my Scandinavian Tour
Which was more than paradise, I wish you remember it too
I will never love you more than dancing to Phil Spektor
I will never love you more than my Casiotone keyboard.
I will never love you more than Daniel Johnston himself.
For me he's more than God, I will never love you m…

Sunday Look 3/27 Crochet Knits

I'm always in love with Crochet Knits.  It always makes me feel more girl, feminine, and a little sexy by showing off my skin from all holes :) This season, Damaged knit has also been hot to wear so I surfed some of these on TOP SHOP, Forever21, and for both kinds of knit. Though I've uploaded many many outfits of people from, please do not get mad even if your outfit is on my blog without your permission.  The reason I put your picture is I really think you're such a fashionista and stunning look on there.  Today, unfortunately  I didn't have anyone to snap my outfit so I was doing photo shooting by myself using "self-timer" haha. and it made me think I really do need a photographer who can work with me sooo much. Using "self-timer" has limitation and it's so difficult to control for many kinds of angles, the light, to capture the whole figure of the object (in this case, me) and much more. So today's work made me s…

Super Windy but Full of Happy day

Today was such a wonderful day. It was perfect sunny out though super strong wind kept blowing throughout the day. After photo shooting of my outfit, my mom and I went to walk in the sun for chillin' out. I didn't expect we'd have that much fun at Takashimaya department store in Tokyo. Since the bottoms of my boots' heels have been worn down, I got them fixed and walked around the whole floors looking through many shops with her. We've got much stuff just for fun time like snacks, talked a lot more than we can on weekdays, laughter, sharing ladies' thoughts and more.Yes, as you see the photo above, I made a small debut on HERMES from its eau de toilette. I awkwardly walked into the shop and looked in. How can I describe its elegance, grace, luxuriance, and the beautiful scent of the entire space. That was such an inspiration.

Which bottoms do you like with the tshirt?

The T-shirt with lace detail gave me ideas of bottoms to be matched with. Here goes. I randomly grabbed floral layered cotton skirt, short denim, and fake suède short pants with lace. Which one do you like? and what do you think about these?

One outfit for work

The outfit of yesterday.
 My recent outfits are being colored thanks to the neon cowhide bag and the skinny purple-blue pants that I bought last year at ZARA. Adding the transparent cool t-shirt even more colors today's look. See I'm happy with them and how much I've been addicted with the bag hehe.

Outfit for this weekend...

detail will come later :)

Pictures that gimme inspiration for Summer


New In and Summer Inspiration


Outfit of the day: Double cardigan

Khaki brown-Lux cardigan: GAP Blue-Long tail cardigan: ZARA Baby pink long sleeves: ZARA Light blue damaged short denim: ZARA Crocodile patterned heels: ZARA


Everybody goes to the dance floor, to the dance floor, to the dance floor, 
Everybody goes to the dance floor, alright stop...DENIM TIME!!!

Must-Have Items for Spring/Summer Inspired by PEASANT

Yves saint Laurent
Spring's come with Peasant this year. Looking through several fashion shows, PEASANT BLOUSE is for sure worn by many models on runway. Being in a color of pure white and pretty cut laces of the blouse pulls more out of your faminine-ness for this season. You know what? Kate Middleton used to wear white colored cloth like charming blouse for winning look when their date expected to be serious in positive way.
What about wearing peasant blouse for this coming season for your date and for girls' party?

"Previously highlighted in a “Trend Alert”, the PEASANT BLOUSE will be a huge hit at retail.  Getting its inspiration from YSL and bohemian fashion, the peasant blouse was shown in several styling variations from feminine and charming at D & G to clean and crisp at Fendi.  Variations were seen such as one-shoulder, long sleeve , cropped and off the shoulder. This top is also converted into dresses and j…

Lazy Monday in the Gray

Now I'm a neon ZARA bag addict and I ended up editing this photo taken by Haruka. How was your weekend? Mine went awesome and it makes me feel achieved. Since this Monday in Japan is a national holiday, I'm at home all day and looking outside raining. They were saying earlier it's gonna be rainy today, I was kind of in a hurry for photo shooting this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were limited for me to snap of my outfit so I tried hard to do it and made it. I just wish I could make more outfit posts on weekdays. Many fashion bloggers and magazine have kept me so involved lately and this fever never gets down. I've been searching for trends and hot items as if I'm obsessed with something and I cannot help looking at items that people wear on the street, in a city, at the station and wherever I go.
I don't want to lose this fashion fever I've been having last a few months and want to share my blogging passion with you. Here's a place I put everything abou…

Sunday Look 3/20 Neon Orange ZARA bag

It was love at first sight. Finding the amazing neon orange bag (this looks more pink/red but it's actually orange) at ZARA, I fell in love with it immediately. The touch is so smooth and there is much space inside the bag. I couldn't resist it. What do you think about my outfit? Please click "SEE MORE HERE" below to see my whole look of today.

Comfy Sunday morning in Gap Lux cardigan

Sunshine was flooding in my sleeping room when I opened my eyes this morning. It deserves Sunday morning.  Kids of my neighbors were already playing outside and screaming for more toys. My sister had left home for her work and I was alone at that time. In GAP lux cardigan, I was feeling so smooth and wanted to keep it on for a while. The dotted baby pink camisole is one of my favorite room wears that I bought at ROSS in the states. What is your Sunday plan? I'm going to relax all day :)

Must-Have Items of Spring/Summer '11 Color Your life

Grab VIVID COLORS in your wardrobe. You shouldn't be hesitant to choose colors this season. Go bold ones and try opposite colors for your Spring/Summer outfit. Using black for wedges.

Must-Have Items of Spring/Summer '11 Be Floral

Go Floral. 

Outfit of the day: All about ZARA

It was such a warm Spring day today. How are you spending Saturday? There's no longer cold wind and biting chilly air in rooms. Sunshine was coming from a chink of the curtain when I woke up before noon and I soon thought I'd definitely do photo shooting of my today's outfit. Today I was wearing all ZARA cloth with the pretty beige hand bag by ZARA which John gave me as a present and zipped black leather boots by ZARA. Only giraffe patterned muffler is by GAP.

Better-Have Items Nerd Glasses

Go Nerd look? Nerd/Geek Glasses are worn a lot often lately to finish up, complete, or add another tip on their outfits lately. There's nowhere that people don't wear nerd glasses in fashion snap now. What do you think about these glasses? How do you wear them? Are you already putting them on for your outfit? or are you going to get them for new season? I titled "Better-have" item for nerd glasses because I thought these would give me (and you!) different taste on my fashion and something like twist while I just titled  previous post "Must-have" for white shirt that is believed to make a big role in Spring cloth. Let's look through people in the glasses :)

Must-Have Items of Spring/Summer '11 White Shirt

Have you found what to wear for your Spring/Summer outfit? White shirt has been one of must have items for this season and they are matching it with men's like short pants for 70's relax-trad look. In this season,  fashionistas tuck in their shirts, not let them out of skirts or pants and roll up sleeves loosely. Show off your legs and grab mannish boots? or pick up high waist tight skirt and ribboned heels?
It's so fun even to think about which to match it a white shirt.
Here are some photos from that I chose for great examples of it. How do they wear it? :D

Photographing never goes out of my mind!

Yes I know I haven't been able to upload my outfits these days. I didn't want to miss posting especially of my outfit which is updated every Sunday. Since the devastating earthquake hit Japan last Friday (March 11th that we shouldn't forget), all people, including me, in Japan island got so panic. Fortunately in Tokyo, it didn't leave chaos here unlike the North. I could've done photo shooting  if I ignored the crowd and this situation but it obviously seemed I shouldn't though I wouldn't ever do my hobby at that moment.  Last Sunday I was with John at Narita Airport. We were going to do photo shooting at Marroad Hotel where we always stay at every weekend but JAL this time changed the place where all cabin crews stay this time, which was Excel Hotel Tokyu Narita.

For the North Japan 被災地の人たちへ。届け!!

ORANGE RANGE キズナ ORANGE RANGE BOND Click this image below to listen to this music

じっくりじっくり、聴いてみてください。オレンジレンジが被災地でライブできたら最高だな・・ :)

My sister said to me that this should be a really good fight song for people in North Japan tonight. What the lyrics says might sound common and that everyone knows but I would really like you to listen to it with your eyes closed. It does sink into your heart and so touching. In the affected places in the Northeast, survivors for sure have been feeling exhausted, depressed, hopeless there in chaos. but we are here to help them out a…

City life with less lights

When I came out of Shibuya station, it made me stopped walking and got me speechless for some moment. I've never seen Shibuya with a lot less lights like this before. Yes, this is obviously to send electricity to North Japan by scheduled blackout. Since Tsunami had washed everything away in Iwate, Miyagi, and Ibaraki prefectures in North Japan, these places have still been no lights, water, gas, food, and more. This picture is taken with my digital camera by SONY CyberShot. If I didn't snap this view with night mode it'd have been even darker. Until this night, I wasn't aware of how bright it used to be and how much it gathered young people here. As for this place, it should be brilliant, shining as always, alive with lots of young people, and entertaining unlike this.

Some lovely moments in chaos

We were fortunate to have such a wonderful moment together though there were still quakes often all day long. On the way back to Narita from Tokyo on 12th night, in the hotel room, when we were asleep, we had aftershock frequently. But no doubt we had a lot of fun time. Here are some photos snapped before I left there. 

Demand>>> Supply

Everyone goes to the grocery store and desperately grabs whatever there is. Since the first huge earthquake has happened, all convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores, and other places that sell food have been packed with lots of people who want to buy as many meals, snacks, water, flashlights, batteryies and stuff as possible. When I went to the grocery store near my house, around 10pm, there were still so many people walking so fast in the shop. I never saw such a chaos and people in a panic. Nobody could expect this earthquake would be that big and upset everything in Japan.
All TV channels have broadcasting earthquake which's been lasting since 11th and places where Tsunami left such a tragedy. The number of death and missing has been climbing up more and more everyday while some people could find their family members in this mess after 3 days.

The biggest earthquake in Japan

As you may know, such a huge, devastating earthquake has hit Japan. This is after Tsunami took everything away. There are more than 2000 death and 20000 missing for now. (23:00 3/13 Sun.)

Only buildings made of concrete left after Tsunami
He survived on the roof for 3 days
Making sure where their house used to be.

The wave brought and left the car on the top of the apartment's roof. 
I was alright and my family was safe too fortunately. It was such a tragedy seeing everyone screaming. I am hoping everyone stays safe wherever they are. Wish all of you a happiness, safety, warmth, and love.

What I want for my wardrobe: Black Sheer Shirt

Yes, she is my inspiration: Chiara Ferragni who is a student, an Italian fashion blogger, and one of the most inspiring fashoinistas I know. One of cloth I've been wanting to have in my wardrobe is a black sheer shirt. I think it makes you look more sexy, sophisticated, cool, fashionable, and girlie. What would you wear this with? I would grab a black blazer like Chiara wears, and lustrous trousers with studded heels and a bag. ..and  with tied up hair. Or black fluffy skirt would match this shirt too.
Tonight I was browsing people who wears transparent shirts on google and picked some girls up for this post who I thought look so cute and cool. After tomorrow work is done, I'll go to some places like Topshop, H&M, Forever 21, ZARA to see if they have sheer shirts.

My flight attendant guy John John


Keep The Beat- MANGO

Coming across a fashion brand I never knew is always so fun and exciting. I've seen the name MANGO sometimes by now, but I didn't care about it much. Typing ESPRIT bag on google search bar, I found so many hits and found a girl from Russia named Yuriya having Esprit bags for her outfit. Checking what she wears made me search for MANGO and now I am one of their fans :) I picked some cute bags up from its site...

My Wish List L-Z

Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton  Leopard Stole Since I've started to surf many fashion websites to look for bags, I'm getting like a bag addict. Many kinds of outfits come up in my head and it is even so good for me to stay focused on fashion world. I wonder how big the world is, I wonder how long it's gonna take until I finally get to my own style, and I wonder how people think of my fashion look. There is still a lot to learn about fashion and to do for my photo shooting, and I have been so involved. I thank my sister who coorperates my hobby and blogging a lot and thank John supports me for everything I work on :) This time my wish list goes from L to Z. I didn't think of after H for brands' name much so I skipped some and list them up there which I remembered :) All of these bags are so amazing and much inspiring. Enjoy looking through them!
And...something awesome news came to me tonight. They'll show up on Sunday night (In Japan time) here!

My Wish List E-H

ESPRIT Practical shoulder bag with twist detail on front pockets (approx. 16 x 12 x 4 inches)
 Surfing brand bags is getting fun for me. Looking through many bags makes me start imagining cloth that I would wear with one of those at the same time. Also knowing these bags' price..keeps me speechless. I wonder all the girls on fashion blogs have bought them or their family give them as a present..? Wonder how far I am from where they are. I made this wish list believing in my future. This post is E-H..