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Summer Fall 2015

With Lillian, Fireworks at Futakotamagawa by Manuel リリアンと。二子玉川花火大会 
Summer has passed and so has Fall.  It had been one of best times I've lived and couldn't be replaced. I got to meet so many people and worked with them. My work has been keeping me from blogging for a long time and I'd even forgotten to have it.  But this is one important place of my life where I've left memories and news that affected my days in a both good and bad way.  As I'd been away from here, I gathered all photos I took during this Summer and Fall.  Enjoy it :)
今年の夏ももう過ぎ、秋も深まって冬もすぐそば。 今年も生きてきた中でかけがえのない時間になりました。国、人種問わずたくさんの人と出会えたし、仕事もしてきました。 忙殺される日々の中でブログって存在すら忘れかけてたのてすっかり放ったらしになってしまいました。しばらく載せていなかったので、載せられるだけの写真を載せたので、見てくださいね。