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Melting cheese is coming out..;) Cheese Hamburg Steak

Just simple hamburg steaks but what if melting cheese comes out as you split them? Nice surprise and it makes it twice more yummy, doesn't it? I was kneading this hamburg dough and just remembered some pizza cheese leftover in the fridge and asked John to bring it out. Of course it made him smile ;) The recipe is real simple. Just add whatever cheese in your fridge and put some in the dough before you shape it.  Since I'm a flavorful meal lover, I used pretty much of spices to season, as always.
250g Ground beef 1 clove garlic minced 2 small onion finely chopped 2 large eggs 50g bread flakes, actually I didn't measure it. let's say 50g Salt & pepper Dry Oregano, Rosemary, Ginger 1 teaspoon soy sauce (if you have) 100g (let's say) cheese, any kinds. it melts and no difference

Mexican Lasagna メキシカンラザニア

On Saturday, I made Mexican lasagna for dinner. ..even though I just made tortillas by myself for tacos. You ask me why? John's flying back here from Japan today, I want to make something nice, warm, satisfying for him (of course for me too), and I've been eager to have Mexican food which is why I made tortillas, but tacos isn't warm/hot enough for nights this season still...Why not make it lasagna! Simple reason :) Enchilada?.. I never made it before, though I'll soon try to make it..Quesadilla? Not enough "Mexican" flavors. The smell of cheese, hot salsa, olives, coriander, and seasonings everything flooded out of the oven and it makes you even more feeling starving. Until I was 17 years old (oh my goodness it's already 6 years ago?!..1,2,3,4...yea 6.) as I visited my aunt in Montana state, I never had Mexican food. The shock of its deliciousness and the surprise of encounter of the amazing taste, could I forget?  I ended up going to Taco John…

Handmade Whole Wheat Tortilla ハンドメイドトルティーヤ

I LOVE Tacos. Especially quesadilla and enchilada always make it hard for me to choose. Thinking of lack of eating Mexican food eventually made me make tortilla by myself. This time, again, I used whole  wheat (bread) flour mixing with all-purpose one. The reason I've been using the whole wheat flour is simply because I want to finish asap. I'm not in a hurry but I like to use plain bread wheat more than this dark one. I'm not familiar with kinds of wheat but it feels like when I use the whole wheat one the texture feels harder than plain one, doesn't pump up much, and the result is almost always different from what I expect. No idea if this is what it's supposed to be and if I only need to know this is so, but ..this isn't for me. The whole wheat, you are very healthy, beautiful as shown, good for the body, skin, and maybe balance up the nutrition, so here goes, tortilla.
The recipe I used.
日本語訳もあります :)

6 sheets (I made it *2: made 12 sheets) Ingredients....

Vegan Raspberry Chocolate cake- No sugar No flour No butter

It's late to post but I wanted to share this vegan delicious cake which I made for my Birthday party at school.  I never made "vegan" sweets before but now I'm totally a fan of its method. I would never go vegetarian but I want to learn more about the food and sweets (especially sweets part).
This tastes so fresh in your mouth even though it's baked, nuts are crunchy, and this sour raspberry sauce refreshens each time you bite this cake.. Would you try this?

1 1/2 cup (300g) walnuts or any nuts (ナッツ類)
90g (about 1/2 cup) dried raspberry  (ドライラズベリー)
5 tbsp cacao powder (unsweetened) (純ココア)
1 tsp cinnamon (シナモン)
3 tbsp olive oil (大さじ3 オリーブオイル)
4 tbsp apple sauce (unsweetened) (大さじ4 りんごソース)
1/2 cup (100g) fresh raspberry (フレッシュラズベリー 100g)

150 g dark chocolate (ダークチョコレート)
1/2 avocado (アボカド)
1 tbsp honey (大さじ1 ハチミツ)
a pinch of salt  (塩ひとつまみ)
1/2 cup (100g) fresh raspberry (フレッシュラズベリー 100g)
1 tbsp cornstarch (大さじ1 コーンスターチ)
1tbsp lemon juice-unsweetened (レモン…

Shakey's Golden Potatoes! シェイキーズ ゴールデン ポテト!

Do you know Shakey's fried potatoes? Every time I go there, I never fail to bite them. I could eat them more than Pizza and pasta! Nicely seasoned with soy sauce and roasted black petters are working amazing on these...
If you have some potatoes you are wondering what to make with, try this recipe!

3 Large Potatoes (じゃがいも L-3個)
2 tbsp Soy sauce (醤油 大さじ2)
1~1/2 cup Cornstarch (片栗粉 まぶす用に。適量)
Salt & Black petter to sprinkle (塩・黒こしょう 適量)

Simple, delicious Tomato Risotto

On St. Valentine's day, after my birthday, I wanted to go healthy & warm food to "clean" my stomach/body. John and I celebrated my 23rd birthday at a nice starred ☆☆☆ restaurant on 13th evening, which was so fantastic and gorgeous. But you know, after having huge, Birthday dinner (and plenty of cakes), you might feel like eating light and low-fat (hopefully almost no-fat).
So I decided to make this tomato risotto that was simply seasoned with spices and yet delicious. No way, my body would reject extra butter or glossy food shining from oil...yuck.
This risotto was so easy as always, and pretty much tomatoes are satisfying. Serve with salad and soup so that you would be staffed even though you don't eat much and no need to go another helping.


Almost Flourless Gooey Addictive Chocolate cake! I'm addicted.

I used this recipe.
This cake was simply amazing. I made it for tea time of my birthday which was 13th. Perfect one for you who love chocolate and chewy sweets, and care about calories & fat. As she says on the blog I used, it came out wonderful and gives plenty of gooey texture with only a little amount of butter and flour. It's so easy to make and satisfying to enjoy.
The cake has a crunchy crust on top and so gooey inside. You should give it a try!

25g plain flour  (小麦粉 25g)
15g unsalted butter  (無塩バター 15g)
4 eggs  (卵4個)
200g caster sugar (砂糖 200g)
1 tsp vanilla essence  (バニラエッセンス 小さじ1)
150g dark chocolate (70% cocoa & best quality chocolate you can get hold of: ビターチョコ150g)
50ml water  (水 50ml)
50g almonds powder (アーモンドプードル50g)

Only 3 steps! Delicious, easy, foamy Potato soup ♥ 超簡単・おいしいポテトスープ

Would you like to have warm, foamy, thick potato soup for cold days? The most simple, quick, light (no added oil except one contained in milk, no cream) and yet very delicious and addictive potato soup is here. This soup made my boyfriend and his parents say "lecker (delicious)!" which means that's confirmed by German ;) ..Here's a Potato-love country, right? If you have some potatoes left at the corner of your kitchen, this must be used for them!
Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe. with Japanese translation.

Soft, puffy cookies: Cinnamon-coconuts & Walnuts-Jack Daniel's

Cinnamon & coconuts cookie and this is Walnuts & Jack Daniel's cookie 
Sunday evening, yes some hours after we had handmade pizza, I started to make cookies as snack. We didn't need to have dinner, but wanted something small to bite... "Want cookies?"
Since I've been so trying to figure out how to make chewy cookies lately, it gave me a good chance to try it again this night. I don't want to admit, but even this time, they didn't come out "chewy" one which I wanted again... But I gotta say, I made a big progress and I do love these as one of various cookies. Plus, it made again John say "Mmm.....*with eyes closed* Das its lecker (it's pretty good.)" Yay for me! So, on this post, I should file the recipe :) Now I'm almost finding how to make chewy cookies which I'd try soon. If you also like soft, puffy cookies besides chewy ones, please check this recipe out.
Easy as always :D

日曜の夜、手作りピザ作った後、クッキー作った! "夕飯いらないけど…

Teriyaki & Margherita Pizza!-Whole wheat flour dough

Sunday lunch, we made all handmade Pizza. Teriyaki and Margherita. I can't come up with other words besides "That was amazing". Hot, crispy, nicely baked basil and tomatoes were insanely gorgeous, and the whole kitchen was full of yummy smell from oven.. And maybe because of "all handmade" made us taste more delicious. What else could beat this lunch makes you Mmm!  When you have time with your family, handmade Pizza is one of the greatest foods to make, I think. Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe!

Coconutsmilk Curry Udon (chewy noodle) ココナッツミルクカレーうどん!

Since it's been awfully cold in Germany, and all other Europe, I couldn't help making something warm for dinner. They report that -30°C (-22°F) wind's been blowing down here from Russia.. OH LA LA! It makes me happily want to move out to Japan.
This time I usedJapanese delicious Udon noodle. Have you had Udon before? If you have a chance to go to Japanese restaurant, please try it. It's perfect match with Tempura
Last time I made Coconut milk curry, it completely got me addicted so I took advantage of this cold weather,  I cooked it again as soup. You need the warmth too? Here's the recipe :)
Click "SEE MORE"

ここ最近ヨーロッパ全域が凍り付くような寒さで、今夜は何かあったかいもの作らずにはいれなかった! ロシアからマイナス30度の風が吹き付けててイタリアもスペインも雪が降り冷凍庫状態。先週フランクフルトは日中も-12度とかで。。今すぐにでも喜んで日本に帰りたいね。

Carrot Gnocchi

Last Tuesday, when John came back from flight,  we had Carrot gnocchi (with Potato one which was frozen) for dinner. Adding other colors of gnocchi makes it look prettier. The recipe is the same as Potato gnocchi. You can arrange the ingredients substituting pumpkin, spinach, or even fruits (never tried tho) for potatoes. Step by step pictures. Please check it out!
Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe


Only 4 steps. Simple, easy Carrot cake. Nice substitute for breakfast pancake!

Do you still think baking a cake is a long labor work? Here's the easiest, healthier Carrot cake! 超簡単&ヘルシー(こってりバター一切不使用だから)なニンジンケーキ。試してみて! Click "SEE MORE" for the recipe. "もっと見る"でレシピチェック。