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Phone call broke the silence

So many things going on in my head. Job and apartment hunt and rebuilding my life.  I'm on start over. This almost makes me faint.  But I will be soon ok again.

Fly outside the window

Thursday afternoon. 6th Oct.
It's gotten cold since the past few days. The temperature has dropped to 12 degrees from 25 a couple of days ago with the east wind.  It's coming from Russia and pushing airplanes southward and they keep making noise over the apartments for arrivals. If you are the long term reader of my blog you know we live near the airport.

Promises in A Relationship

How do people make promises in their relationships?  Here I am only talking about promises in romance/love. Not in general. (...can it be separated? I do) Do all the promises really come to the reality?  I have an experience with a guy who I was in relationship with.

Sun is too bright

22:37 1st.Oct
What do you do when you can't sleep? Wide awake and keep thinking. But you can't clearly figure out what you are thinking about.  You know you should get your you're trying to make yourself sleepy. But how? You might read your book? Blog? Browse Facebook or Instagram? Maybe tweet that you can't sleep? As for me, I'm missing my friends back home. My head is full of thoughts. Do they think of me? Do I still exist in their lives? 
14:12 2nd.Oct I went to bed around 0:30 and woke at 3:20. I couldn't get back to sleep till 6:30. Seems like I drifted off to sleep and woke at 8:51.  Finished breakfast in the kitchen and did some workout in the living room. Then I got nothing else to distract myself. Today I can't get anything done. How could a Sunday be so long?  I wanted to write but I can't find right words to start. 
I tried to read but nothing goes into my head and end up reading the same paragraph over and over.

A song for my weekend home alone