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Oatmeal Crunch Bites オートミールクランチバー


I am here

Where should I begin? Actually the last post was on 3rd July and the latest post I just made was after more than 2 months. There were so so so many things durning the past 2 months and I'd love to tell you each of them. Like I wrote in July, John and I went to the North Germany, I took hundreds of photos there and uploaded them all in Facebook ( We were going to stay at his coworker's guest house but we even changed the place to go in the same North Germany. 
His friend didn't keep the room for us until only 1 day before we left and in the morning we were about to leave home, grabbing our suits cases, he messaged John "Sorry I couldn't find a room for you guys." We unpacked all stuff, bought something to eat, because we made our fridge empty for the 1 week stay, and made another plan for our Summer journey. We didn't want to only stay home just because it's got cancelled. In Bosau, where we decided to stay for 4 …

Strawberry Galette with Sunflower crust パリの味♡イチゴガレット