Oma Erika

When you were asked if you were happy back then, you said you are. In different places, times, with different people you said you are happy.
And now you’re asked again, 10 years later if you are happy. You say you are, happier than ever.
Through storms and bumpy roads.

A Pavement of Stones

How can I get through this.  How can I survive this time?  I'll lose my visa. I need a job. 
I put myself in this place. Nothing and no one else. I chose to be here. So any kind of outcomes were welcomed. And here it is.

The First Day. Lost in Town

My first morning!! Started with a couple of things on ToDo list for today. And I'm feeling determined. Somehow. 1) I will get officially registered as a resident of this town and other required procedure. 2) Get a small mirror for my desk (for makeup when the bathroom is occupied etc) and a body wash sponge 3) Explore the town, find a shortcut to the station.  This is what I had for breakfast.  I sat on the chair in the kitchen and looked outside the window.  I've got all the time for my own. I can do anything here.

The Day I Moved to Düsseldorf!!

It's still feeling like today was just a dream in a random night. But I'm awake. Then this means today wasn't a dream. Such a big big day. A big change in my life.  I can't still believe the morning I woke up early to finish up packing and the night I lay down on a bed in a house that I never knew before happened in the same day. The morning feels like a few days ago. And I have to say that all this big move would've been way far from successful without Jan's support.  I moved to new place in Germany. Meerbusch. 

28th Birthday and Boxes!

Big boxes are surrounding me. I'm literally surrounded in excitement. Today I turned 28.
And no, boxes aren't presents but they're love.  Love from family and friends.

It's going to be a life-changing year!

10th Feb. Visit New Home in Düsseldorf

I am moving to Düsseldorf! How could I expect that?  When I decided to quit the community college last year (September 2016), I was thinking that returning home in Tokyo would be my fate and I would go back to the life with crazy hours of work, no vacation, and random people to hang out with. I could've made it better but honestly, I didn't like it.  I almost started to get myself ready for it and told most people back in Japan that I would come back for good. No wonder, my mom was the happiest. It's easy to see that your mom would be relieved and happy when she knows you're coming back home from overseas. Having her kids where she can reach (not by a plane) them must mean a lot to her. And/but of course, she tells her kids that we should live our lives any way we want and wherever we'd like to live in. 
If the trial for our divorce would've been taken place in 6 months as our expected, I would've left Germany right away which was the mid November and star…

Return Home for 2 Weeks

I returned home for exact 2 weeks in January. Surprising my mom that had no idea that I'd ever come back was a plan. :) On 14th January, Frankfurt Airport, Jan in his uniform and I walked up to the check in counter and his friend who always checks me in took care of my baggage and seats. Yes seats. She gets me extra one or two seats next to mine and blocked so that I can lie down to rest ;)  The flight was nice but I couldn't rest for even 30 minutes.  After I went through the immigration, picked up my suitcase, said goodbye to Jan, I met one of my best friends, Mike that came all the way to Narita Airport to pick me up.  He carried my suitcase and we got on the express train back to Tokyo. What a joy. We enjoyed our reunion and endless chat until he saw me off from a taxi right in front of the door of my mom's apartment.  I tried to keep lifting the suitcase from the ground not to make the noise of rolling and unlock the door with my key as if either my brother or sister…