24 August, 2014

2 Days of Summer Vacation 2日間の夏休み

On 20th. and 21st. Aug., I went on Summer vacation to Shizuoka prefecture with my mom and sister. 
In the morning of 20th we were headed to Atami city which is located in the eastern end of Shizuoka and adjacent to Kanagawa prefecture. 
At 10am we arrived in Atami and went straight to the beach. We got to park the car in the garage, not in the outside parking space, so that the car room didn't turn a sauna. 
I needed to put many layers of sunblock on my skin as I've been trying not to get tanned and played in the waves while Haruka, my sister, was exposed directly to the sunlight. 
She always wants to look tanned. She listens to me warning the overexposure of UV but can't bring herself not to do it. Young lady! 
Only one thing that I didn't feel comfortable with at the beach was…… JELLY FISH. 
I never get used to the feeling of getting like a little electric shock when the tentacles of jelly fish touch your skin and you get red tiny dots in a row mostly on your legs..or body part where is soaked in the water. 
It looks like we shouldn't have choosen "beach days" after the mid August. 
But we had a big reason to be here on that day: they had a firework event in the evening. 



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17 August, 2014

My first awesome experience 動き出した仕事

With Sarah, the secretary of the founder.

We had a big event last week, between 11th and 13th, in the company. Where I work is a foreign-affiliated company which is from Germany.
This time the founder, his secretary, a Swedish company officer came to Japan to hold a conference with our client leaders to discuss management policy of our Japanese head office and its future.
Everyone's become irritated…I'd say "nervous" rather than "irritated" since the last 2 weeks to prepare everything for these 3 days as it was a very important event which could determine our future. 
The founder even cancelled his Summer vacation to come meet in the conference. It was serious. 
It's because we're in need of more people to work, about holding the conference this time no one was allowed to be absent. One lack of us would've given crucial damage on running the operation. 
Luckily none of us got sick.

My role besides the preparation was an interpreter at dinner. I was alone and it was my first time.
I had no idea how interpreters translate what they listen and tell, tempo, techniques, like how not to forget what you hear in the beginning and to translate it all intelligibly, etc. Which is why I don't have memory of the first half of it. Sorry. 
Although we were talking in English in the beginning because we have a Bulgarian executive director at our office in Japan, we ended up talking in German later, which might have made him feel isolated because the Swedish guy speaks fluent German as well.
When I have to translate for my president only Japanese language is needed and we don't have problem with which language to use. 
For the topics that are easy to talk about I spoke German that I feel comfortable to use and with German people. 
However I speak/spoke English to share the information with everyone when it comes to business.

What is the best part was that I got new friend, Sarah, the secretary. 
While taking this photo, the founder said to us that we are "selfie" generation. 
"Yes we are!" continued taking selfies. 
Ohhh I didn't know my face's gotten this red from drinks.
We had more photos of us but they were taken with iPhone of our president. :(

Doing interpreter job makes me realize how poor my vocabulary is.
I have to study more and more.
I even feel like I was in another different world. Business field is enormous. 






10 August, 2014

1st Wedding Anniversary 結婚式から一年

We can't believe that 1 year has passed since our wedding ceremony!
Please check the posts of last year when you still haven't.
All photos there ☟


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I'm here in Tokyo! 帰国から現在

Thank you to those who kept on checking my blog for updates while I was completely away for the past 3 months. I returned to Japan to work. 
I have a long story of having to GIVE UP on University in Frankfurt and the return to Japan.

After completing a language school in December 2012, we were at the tutor in the University in Frankfurt in March 2013.
She told me that I will be able to enroll in the school with the translation (either in English or in German) of the graduation from the last school I finished because I have finished 13 year-education (12 years till high school + 1 year of collage). And I've done it right away.
It was because the due date for Winter semester was on 15th July, we'd had enough time to await their answer. 
Waiting for 1 month, 2 months, and finally the end of 3rd month, June 2013, I received a letter from the University. It said that they need not the graduation certificate of my collage, but of my high school. Plus its transcripts and completion unit certificate. 

We had only 2 weeks and a few days till the dead line. 
I begged (and hurried) my mom in Japan to get those certificates from my hight school in Niigata, a prefecture away from Tokyo, the North Japan.
This sort of documents must be translated by a translator who's certificated by the embassy.  We called one by one who's on the list of the authorized translators. We were in a hurry. 
The woman who accepted our request called Ms. Nobuko who's working full time as a Japanese-German translator. 
Of course she'd had much of work to do besides my documents to translate but that was so nice of her that she gave priority to my papers. 

All procedure had to be carried through Mail. 
From Niigata, where my high school is, to Tokyo, Tokyo to Germany. 
I was just wondering why they had to take the whole 3 months to let me know that the required papers were wrong.
After Ms. Nobuko had received my documents we started to contact each other as often as possible. 
On 12th July, Friday, she let us know that the documents are done and we drove to her place. 
We'd made sure everything was correct in her translation and they were ready to sent by express delivery and delivered by the next Monday, 15th July. 
We were relieved. Even though she was busy she hurried the work and even her husband, German, cooperated her to finish to make it by the due date. 
I really feel sorry about it. I had to hurry them. 

On the afternoon on 15th. July, I searched my certificates on DHL website for its current location and saw they were delivered on time at University. 
It finally made me believe I'm in.

A month and a half had passed since then, the end of August, I got their letter.  
Opening it with an expectation of the allowance of entrance. 
It was written that a transcript and a form of completed credit of subjects in collage are required.
Why, now, do they say they need these papers from my collage even though they didn't mention it when I had to get ones of my high school?
Why didn't they tell me this in June?

But still I was eager to join the school. I asked my mom again to get ones from my collage.
Each of both in Japanese and in English. 
They told me on the phone that at this point, I could no longer make it by Winter semester, which means the entrance would be not in September, but in next April (May?).
It's taking too long. 
I sent them as soon as these certificates arrived from Japan.

And on 30th, September, Monday, me being down, I got a letter. 
There was:
"You need to send us the certificate of your high school".  WHICH I HAD SENT IN JULY.
I got no words to say.
"Send us the certificate of National Center Test for University Admissions". that's new request.
I started to apply for the University in March 2013 and it was already October.
It was taking almost 1 year just to apply and wait for the school and obviously they don't know what they had received from me. 
Why do they require me to send them the high school certificate again? and now new order of paper? 
I was working on it in vain. 

The circumstances of University admission in Germany has been also getting different recently. 
They have stopped obligatory military service in July 2011 and now there are more people who want to go to University. This means it makes it difficult for for foreigners, like me, to join them.
I can simply see that they want more German kids (and others who have no difficulty in German language and grown up there).
Despite of advocates of equality what's actually happen to rejected-foreigners like me is just the opposite. 
Those who want to study and work in this country, will sure be benefit for this country but I just wonder why this happens. 
They trim their possibility by rejecting foreigners. 
I wanted to study more. 

I had decided to return home to save up because I didn't want to waste my time anymore and I was turning 25.
I could've worked in Germany but with my German language level isn't much enough to save up to how much we need. 
As we don't have kids yet, and I can work in Japan, I decided to take advantage of it.
And we can save up at the same time. Jan flies to Japan once a week and we get to see each other exactly the same as we did in Germany.

If you are a core reader of my blog, you already know that I worked hard to save school expenses for 3 years after my dad's disappearance and family collapse.  Where I finally stood on the start line after finishing  the language school and I didn't get to have a place in University. 
Somehow, the reality that I never make it to University both in the states (I've already finished all credit for a freshman grade: 3 years to study left) and in Germany after years of struggle, I thought I'm not an University person. 
Then I have work.

It seems simple but this is my reason to come back to Japan. 
Now I'm working in Roppongi, Tokyo.
Returning to Japan, job hunting, and work have kept me from updating my blog for 3 months. 
I'm sorry to those who have accessed my blog for updates. 
I will start again to make posts here as often as possible. 







現地の大学で学びたく、現地で働けば自分の国には利益になるのに、なんでこうなるんでしょうかね? もっとドイツ語の学習も含めて学びたい、現地の人間になりたいって人の芽を摘むことになります。





30 April, 2014

White Asparagus Season & Recipe 白アスパラガス in ドイツ

The season of white asparagus has come. 
You start to see many signboards of white asparagus sell when Easter season begins around in the beginning of April.
The price of asparagus is usually €3 to €10 per 1kg but varies from the producing district and German one is basically pricey (I'm talking about only German market because I live in Germany.).
Foreign while asparaguses such as Greek or Spanish ones are also sold in supermarkets here and they're inexpensive. BUT they can't beat German one that tastes and smells better and stronger. 
You can tell when you try it. 
70% of white asparagus in market comes from Germany and most people tend to buy domestic (German) one even though it's more expensive. 

I thought that white asparagus must be a sign and one of symbols of Spring as well as Easter event after long and dark Winter time of Europe and it seems special to people here more than green asparagus.
You might wonder why they eat and love white one, not green one which is a lot cheaper, and wouldn't get any specific reason. 
But it's apparently special because of its production process that they spend time and effort to keep the asparagus white all the time by covering mud over it.
As you have seasonal vegetables in your country, we have ones in Japan. 
Some plants or vegetables might not exist where you live but I list some seasonal food here.

In Spring : edible flower bud of the fuki (Petasites japonicus) plant called Fuki-noto, rape blossom, Spring cabbage.
In Summer : pumpkin, bitter gourd from Okinawa, beefsteak plant.
In Fall : sweet potatoes, matsutake mushroom.
In Winter : root crops, Chinese cabbage. 

I've heard that you can eat fresh white asparagus in Hokkaido (Japan), we hardly see those fresh ones and have glass-bottled ones at supermarkets, we can't imagine how good they taste and why they're so popular. 
Also when I first had white asparagus, though it was in Germany, they were bottled ones and had almost zero taste. I didn't understand why people love this food.
Make sure to try fresh one!

If you get a chance to fly to Germany in this season, enjoying white asparagus must be in your plan list! :D 


Read more to see how we cooked and ate them this time ☟☟☟

28 April, 2014

Easter 2014 How we celebrated it イースター(復活祭)とごはん

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter as everyone else.
You see rabbits and eggs when it comes to Easter. 
Although I'd been always wondering why eggs and rabbits should be appearing for the season, I couldn't help asking people the reason since I came to Germany and got to experience it. 
This time it was the first time that I searched for easter tradition because I couldn't get any convincing  answers from anyone and Jan didn't also know it.
It can be the same thing that I can't answer every single thing of events related to Shinto and Buddhism. (I even belong to neither Shinto nor Buddhism.)

 First of all, do you know why they call it Easter? It doesn't derive from a point of the compass but from an old story that in time of Spring, ancient European had presented and worshiped goddess Ostera (also called Easter: Easter is called "Ostern" in German).

Chocolate eggs and colored eggs are very popular for easter and you can find many tables with eggs on it or decorated with eggs.
In the morning parents are hiding colored eggs and sweets in the gardens or homes and children have to search for them. Parents are telling their kids that the " Easter Rabbit " came and hide the eggs and sweets. Its like the fairy tail of Santa Claus. 
But the story of the Easter Rabbit comes from the ancient german time. The fairy tale says that a grandma was hiding easter eggs in the garden and there was a rabbit at the same time. 
The kids saw the rabbit and thought that the rabbit is hiding the eggs. 
Because of that fairy tale the story of the Easter Rabbit came up and is still popular with young children.

A common dish for easter lunch is lamb. The reason for eating lamb is that a lamb has always been characterized as symbol of pureness and innocence of Jesus for many years. In the old Testament you find the story that the ancient christians and jewish killed and worshiped the lamb and served the meat on the day after he came back from the death. 
For many people nowadays the lamb isn't so popular anymore for easter but for greek orthodox for example it still means a lot for them to worship a lamb for the third day of easter.
I find it's a bit funny that even though the lamb is regarded as Jesus people still eat it.

まず"イースター"という名前です。Easterだから方角の東が関係あるのかというとそうではなく春の訪れるこの季節に、古代ヨーロッパ人は女神Ostera (Easterとも言う:ドイツ語でイースターはOstern)を崇め奉ったことに始まります。​​​​




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24 April, 2014

Cochem-Beautiful City by Mosel River コッヘム-モーゼル川沿いの街

The next day on 17th, we drove to Cochem.
We could fully enjoy this Easter week as Jan fortunately got to have vacation off.

Cochem is one of beautiful sightseeing areas in Germany where Imperial castle (Reichsburg) stately located on the top of the hill and the city lies on the side of the Moselle river.
This city is in the Cochem-Zell district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and known for the Moselle wine.
There are still a large number of historical buildings such as Town Hall, St. Martin's Church in the Old Town, and Imperial castle of the late Gothic style.

I thought that Cochem is a pretty smaller then Rothenburg the day before, where you can walk through and enjoy the highlights in a day.
All streets are stone pavements and there are many souvenir shops, Moselle wine stores, bakeries, cafés, and restaurants on the both side of them.

翌日17日は再び車を走らせてコヘム(Cochem: 日本語ではコッヘムの様ですが、ドイツ人のじょんはコヘム(コヘンにも聞こえる)と発音しています。)へ来ました。


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23 April, 2014

Romantic Street- Rothenburg Photo Diary ロマンティック街道-写真集

On 16th we visited Rothenburg. Since it was right before Easter,  I had more fun taking photos because all stores were nicely decorated for it.
Rothenburg is one of 28 cities that belong to the Romantic Road and attracts tourists from all over the world. Although I'm also a foreigner in Germany, I was surprised how crowded the main street was.
Until Jan planned to drive to the Romantic Road this time, I was only thinking that the Romantic Road is a street of a town somewhere in Germany and famous for some reason. lol

Here you see the townscape of the Middle Ages, castles and churches in the big nature of the Alps like you turn pages of a book of fairy tale.
The Romantic Road is scenic Routes that longitudinally cross center of southern Germany.
There are 28 towns from north to south over the road which is about 350km (220mi) length comparable to between Tokyo and Osaka.
Romantic Road celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2010 from its inauguration, though, since the 19th century it continues to attract travelers for the nostalgic towns.
Because it is a very long road, the towns have many faces in the north and south. Famous Neuschwanstein Castle which is a model of Cinderella Castle is located at the foot of the German Alps of southward Romantic Road.
Small towns of Middle Ages range stretch the wide plain of the north half.
It is a good idea to go to the north side if you would like to see lovely towns and for the south side if you aim for beautiful castles

ロマンティック街道は、南ドイツの真ん中を縦断する観光街道。東京~大阪間に匹敵する約350Km の街道上に、28ヶ所の町々が南北に連なっています。

*If it doesn't load photos correctly, please reload this blog. 画像が読み込めないときは再読み込みをしてください。*

☟All Photos and More to Read! もっと写真を楽しんでくださいね!☟

04 April, 2014

Squats for Nice Buns! スクワットと最近の写真

It's been pretty warm in Germany and the temperatures almost reach 30℃ (86°F) in this beginning of April!
Are you ready for Summer that's coming in a few months?? 
Every year people talk about how to make your upper arms, thighs, waist thinner, or remove cellulite and so on. 
They probably talk or you hear less about how to lift your butt though, in case you aren't sure what's good for nice buns, I declare that squats work the best. 
I've been squatting too since last 3 months and my butt's gotten up and off fat! I will 100% continue as long as possible, preferably until I become an old lady!, and keep it in fit as well as other workouts for total body exercise. 
This first picture is me. I don't look as good as I expect to look and need more trainings but no fake. 
I put my favorite squats video from fitness blender down below and you can start it out when you click the image.  Please enjoy and let's have a nice bikini body!

☟Click the video! ビデオをクリック☟

03 April, 2014

Happy Birthday for Jan's Dad - Maccha Cake 抹茶シフォンケーキ

On 25th. March, it was a birthday of Jan's dad and I made this full Maccha (≒ green tea) chiffon cake with a filling of Anko (red bean paste) mousse as everyone loves Maccha flavor.
It took me 3 hours to make Anko from dry beans which was longer than I thought.
For the cream outside the cake, I used drained soy yogurt with sugar and maccha powder. It turned out amazing taste without high calorie cream.
The healthier, the better!

It's actually easier for me to use normal yogurt but Jan' mom has lactose intolerance that causes her stomachache and some problems from milk product.
You might probably think that I could've still use one because it was his dad's birthday though, one time she told me that she had my cake after removing all whipped cream with a fork and I thought I should make a cake that everyone feels comfortable to eat.
For this reason I bought soy yogurts for this cake.