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Spring at my step

After stopping by University in Frankfurt, we headed back to the shopping street in the city. Shops I never fail to check in Frankfurt ever since I was living in Tokyo are ZARA, Bershka, and H&M (of course more) and this time I found these lace ballerina shoes at Bershka. How sweet they look!
I am so excited to wear them this coming Spring and Summer?
What is your recent purchase?

you. and. us

(photo taken on 10th March)
3 years have passed since we met. I can't believe how fast time flies and we've made millions of memories until this second.
Ever since we became together, you've been always always nice to me, never ever mad at me (you should sometime, babe), smiling at me, letting me do anything I want, giving me compliments, doing everything for me, and your best. You've never let me feel cold because you never fail to walk next me and wrap me with your warmth.

When morning comes, you wake me up by rubbing my shoulder gently and give me a little kiss on my forehead. I don't tell you, but mostly I'm awake in the bed before you wake up but I like to wait for you to wake me up putting my head deep inside the blanket.

When we finish meals, you put your chair a bit backward and open your arms to ask me for a hug on his lap for some minutes. I have never made it denying it as it's so sweet.

When I wash dishes, you come stand beside me with a dish t…

When you give me the warmth

ILC jacket/ ILC ジャケット
tops: Forever21/ トップス: Forever21
ZARA short pants, boots/ ZARAショートパンツ、ブーツ
DHC stocking/ DHC 着圧タイツ

Last Sunday that was super cold, we made a photo shoot for the first time in a while.
Have you recognized that I've dyed my hair lighter? I wasn't going to make it this light and I grabbed ash color but it turned immediately this light brown that wasn't shown like this on the level :S
So my dark brown hair (original) became this color that makes a big difference now from new-born hair.
After this quick photo shoot we took 1.5 hour walk through out the half of our town but we didn't expect that it'd be so freezing. In the last half of the walk it made me want to go pee (lol) we headed back home. These days the weather in Europe has been going much too up and down. It couldn't have been more crazy yesterday. It kept snowing (I should call it blizzard) the whole day and made it everything frozen but today, the temperature went up to 11℃ and it st…

Body squeeze

Lately I've been dedicating myself to squeezing my body even more. The reason isn't not only because I've grained so much weigh since I moved to Germany (like life-shift..I was working all day in Tokyo but immediately became a student here) but because we're having the wedding in August :D  We've already made an appointment with the Priest, reserved the time at the church, sent invitation cards to our guests, reserved a restaurant after wedding, and decided the menu... We still have a lot to do, like to make a course for wedding dance (I swear I'd be horrible in August and so is Jan!), to check my wedding dress and his suits, makeup, hair, nail, what else.... And I'd start going to Univ. in July if it'll go successfully. I see this year is going to be a lot more exciting and full of events and growth that's great. 
About my body shape, I think my upper body is ok for now but I should make my legs thinner, otherwise other slender dresses would't…

I've been cooking.. What I made since I came back

Sure I don't forget to cook nicely every evening. Somehow my cooking gets a little better especially after I come back from Japan. Good foods and its recipes my mom makes are now immediately saved in my brain since I've got into cooking. If I could've known that I'd enjoy cooking this much, I should've appreciate more each meal my mom cooked when I was still in Japan and learned hows. 
But look I'm trying to reach her tastes she creates :) Looks good? 
All these foods are what we had for dinner with salad which is everyday must and soups. (and glasses of water!) 
The first one is Tenshindon which is a Chinese-Japanese specialty, consisting of a crabmeat omelette on rice.  Enjoy photos :D

2 Month stay in Japan

With my 19 year-old sister, Haruka
I'm sorry for the long absence. I was away from Germany for 2 months in Japan to celebrate Christmas and New year. I was going to fly back to Germany at the end of January actually, but I've got very sick and had to put my flight off. Medicine that I'm still taking is an inhaler for asthma. What I've got is asthmatic bronchitis and the inhaler was the healing treatment which I have to use for 3 months. Except for my sickness, I had such a great time with my family and friends. Since I cancelled my flight in January, we were able to celebrate my 24th birthday on 13th February. Time spent with family and lovely people is so priceless.  I took hundreds of photos but they can't be all posted here. So excuse these screen shots from my Facebook but hope you enjoy them :)