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Chunky fresh salad 歯ごたえ楽しいフレッシュサラダ

I just made a summery salad for dinner tonight.  I was going to make a salad from sweet potato, apple, and raisin but the sweet potato that I bought a while ago was a little too old and it didn't seem to work for it. Then I looked back in the vegetable drawer in the fridge, found 2 tomatoes, and a small lettuce and they looked so left behind. aww.. As some onions are always out of fridge, I decided to mix them with my granny smith (my fav. green apple).  Oh lord. This tastes so so fresh, chunky and full of flavor! Black pepper, a little spicy onion, and mustard give an edge to appetite, and juicy apples and sweet raisin make it milder.  Please try it for a hot Summer day. The more it gets chilled in the fridge, the better it tastes. I recommend you to make this before you start cooking main dish. 
本当はさつまいも、リンゴ、レーズンのサラダを作るつもりだったんですが、相当前に買って放置しまくってたさつまいもが結構キテたようで断念。もう一回野菜室見たら取り残されたような感じで転がってたトマト2個と小さいレタス。。笑 玉ねぎはいつも冷蔵庫の外に転がってるのでそれで作ることにしました。

Heidelberg ハイデルベルク

On 19th July, yesterday, we went to Heidelberg. This is where John had been wanting to take to and we finally made it.
In a Germany tour guide book that he brought from his flight, I got to find a page picking up this place and it shows what to see there.
Since the year 1386, the oldest University in Germany was built in Heidelberg, it's been known as student city. Ever since the old time, Goethe, Chopin, and many other poets and artists had come to Heidelberg, much of their creation were praising this place.
There are many old castles here. They were built about between the year 1300 and 1800 and people had tried to fix them over and over as these got damaged by destruction. The castle on the first photo is the ruin from Thirty Year's War.
The bridge, that comes on the end of this post, is one of symbols in Heidelberg known as "Alte Brücke" (Old Bridge), was made in 1788 by Karl Theodor and the length is around 200m.
When you come to the city center, you find tradi…

Finally Pikilia at home 自宅でピキリア

We finally got to have Pikilia at home.  Even though we knew that there was a small Greek deli section at a big supermarket in our neighbor city and we always walked by it, we had never bought it until after 2 years (I came to Germany almost 2 years ago).  Is it "The darkest place is under the candlestick"? Since we didn't get to have the best Pikilia this time which we had 2 years ago in Michelstadt, I suggested him to buy it at the deli section someday. and guess what? we bought it in 2 days lol All of them tasted the exactly the same as restaurants' one or even better, and what's more, there were more many pastes to choose: we bought 3 pastes and feta cheese, olives, beans and dolma.  When you order this appetizer Pikilia at a restaurant, you get 3 or 4 kinds of these pastes on a plate. But those pastes you can choose at the deli section are depending on how big it is though, about 12 kinds of it. and it's absolutely cheaper.  ...Ey, why the heck didn'…

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