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Eyes catch you in the dark

I wanted to do something dark colors for eyemakeup this time and decided to mix black with blue. I thought the gradation of these colors separated on the middle of the crease might come out nice but ended up this conclusion. Applying vivid blue on the lids with angles look more sharp in plenty of black...doesn't it? This time I didn't look for anything to get inspiration from magazine, fashion trend, and objects. Actually I was playing with eyeshadows to see what the result would be like :) Interested in how I did this? Please continue reading :) Xx
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Easy makeup for this Sunday look

Just a few times to finish! 
1 Take a frost dark blue eyeliner.(I used one by KATE (JPN brand))
 Apply underneath the lower lashline and bring it up to the outer corner. Wing it out and make a sharp angle.

2 Line slightly right above the lash line.

3 It's coming out a triangle.
4 Add mascara, n' you're done! As applying mascara, make sure to comb outward (toward the right hand side in this picture).

Did you like it? Please try it :) I'll use it for work tomorrow hehe love, meg

Sunday Look 6/26 Black Cropped Top

Tie dye cropped top: Forever21 Studded denim shorts: Forever21
Necklace: Forever21
Sandals: Bershka

Gloomy sky even made my outfit this way. This whole weekend I really had no one to ask for photo shooting and had to use the camera timer. Imagine me coming back to the camera each time I hear the shot to set the timer over and over again haha. You have no idea how long it took me only for these shots ;) However I can pose whatever I like on self-timer without shy-feeling minding people's eyes walking by me and photographer's mind. Who cares. This is me.. I want you to know me while I am here :)

こんな天気がアウトフィットまでモノトーンにしちゃった。結局この週末写真撮影頼める人が誰もいなくてタイマーを使って撮った。想像して、毎回シャッター音がするたびにカメラの場所に戻って設定し直すの笑 たったこれだけの撮影にどれだけ時間がかかるかなんて想像もつかないと思う ;) でもこうやって撮ると外で撮影するのと違うから人目気にしなくて良くて楽だったりする。撮影してくれるひとが何考えて撮ってるのかなーとかも。でもカンケーないよね。これが自分。:)

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Let me make you mine.

I finally got to take some photos for the first time in a week. Right after seeing my old coworker at Shibuya, I went to the hair salon to get my hair straight (not straight perm.) and then went to ZARA and GAP for random strolls. Yes, you know I bought new clothes :) What do you think about the combination in the picture above?
I've already have and worn the different color Voile blouse and been looking for white or more pale colors of this blouse. This pink suddenly came into my eyes and I was caught for a while with my mouth opened. "oh my gaahdd..." In this fitting room, they became mine hehe. Do you like the green short denim? It's actually been in my head all the time since colorful shorts started to be sold at the shops. I was trying to forget about it but couldn't resist it after all because now they're on early Summer sale and colors keep killing me.

And let me say...I am sorry I know my blog is getting boring due to a lot LESS posting and activitie…

New Suede babies by ZARA

Easy to walk in, comfortable, good design, hot. No need to ask, I'm in love with them already. I'm excited to match clothes with these babies for hot Summer!

Sunday Look 6/19 Because I miss the sun

Blazer, white denim, bag, acceccories: Forever21
White tank top: TOPSHOP
Studded belt: UNIQLO
White sandals: Bershka

It's been gloomy days since rain season's started here, Tokyo. I'm missing the warmth of the sun and decided 
to wear hot orange to feel the light :)

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my heart is full of emotions

How was your Friday night?
Mine? Fantastic.

I'm sorry I know I haven't posted here since Monday or Tuesday. It's been so hectic days since our company's started FIRING some of my coworkers and some of us have to share jobs that fired people did. So there's much stuff that I need to remember and do without mistake to let things go smoothly. I cannot get my coworkers into troubles just because I started what she used to do.. then I always end up working overtime for it..hehe  Friday night, finally released me from those days and let me have much fun with my (let me say) soul friend.

Thankfully, I'm having more people who check my blog day by day. many of my friends have given me sweet words for my blog and my work on Facebook, texts (on my phone), comments, and more.
I want to share 2 of them with you here.

Even only a few words to compliment my work really help me get motivated 100 times more. Knowing there are people check my blog makes me feel I need do make at…

Goodbye long hair

What do you think about my hair cut? :)

Crazy weekend again :)

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Sunday Look 6/21 After it rained

Puffed shoulder T-shirt: H&M Denim shorts: ZARA
Sandals: Bershka Bag: ZARA
Ring: Forever21
Necklace: Tiffany&Co.

I wasn't going to use this outfit for an outfit post because it's too easy for it. but the reason I decided to make it after all is this is what I grab from my closet without taking any seconds and the most simple combination that I do for every summer. Short denim is my ultimate item for all the year and tight shirts are my fav. to show  off my body figure. I have no hesitation to wear clothes that show my  body line out and I'm always comfortable with it more than loose ones. My thought is you gotta show off your favorite part in your body while you're young! :) hehe I honestly like my legs, my back line and my butt that my friends give me big thumbs up :D and to show off the favorite parts, I can make up for my hating part: my face. My chubby (and big?) face's been always my most hate part in my body and this wouldn't be changed until I d…

New In: new babies and silver rings

Presents from John from this weekend. New dolls by Bershka joined my shoe collection and it's getting crazy. I got new butterfly print t-shirt by ZARA and silver rings by Forever 21 beside 2 pairs of sandals.

Outfit of the day: Pale Pink to Go Feminine

Spring knit: H&M Belt: UNIQLO Pink denim: ZARA Sandals: Bershka Enamel bag: ZARA
Owl ring: H&M Butterfly Pierces: Claires

Taken by my talented sister, Haruka. She did a great job as always :) This outfit is one of my favorite ones and was what I wanted to share with you for a long time before summer comes. This shot taken right after I came back from Narita airport spent with John last Sunday and I couldn't wait so long till let them show up here today hehe :) As you see, it's easy combination: just Spring knit and similar color shorts that would match with darker colors-brown. I sometime like to mix up the same kind of colors for one outfit to balance the total look. Putting tons of accessories on is so fun as well but actually I don't have that many of them and not so many clothes in my closet. then I need to use my brain a lot (haha) to make many kinds of combinations of my looks. In Summer, I almost always wear short denim because it's cool to wear them in…

What about Geeky sweet look with uncombed hair?

Taken on last Sunday morning while John was getting ready for his flight. Any thoughts? :)) With my natural hair and the geek glasses make it different look with the same outfit. I literally liked this look :) hehe
先週日曜日の朝、ジョンがフライトの準備してるときに撮った。どう? :)) テキトーヘアとギーク(オタク風)メガネで同じアウトフィットでも雰囲気変わるよね。個人的に気に入ってる :) hehe

Zara Melbourne opening date: by

Zara Melbourne opening date  The combination of the quality of Sydney's new inner-city Westfield along with the fact that Zara opened in that city first may have removed the city of Melbourne's right to self-label itself as "Australia's fashion capital", but the impact of Zara's first Melbourne store upon the city's retail scene will still be huge. Competing retailers will feel it, shoppers will revel in it.
Now, after years of speculation and despite the fact that the store is not yet finished, the opening date for Zara's Melbourne shop has been announced.

The opening date for Zara's Melbourne store has been announced as 15 June, 2011. The night before will see Zara's new Melbourne stores host an opening night, VIP party.
With its modern brutalist facade jutting out of its neo-Gothic and Edwardian buildings on Melbourne's Bourke Street, the new Zara Melbourne store is going to be hard to miss. Placed in the heart of the Bourke Street Mall, a…

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Narita photo diary

We spent this whole weekend at Narita Airport together. Here's the photo diary. Just click "see more" if you're interested :)

ジョンと一緒に過ごした週末のフォトダイアリー。もし興味あったらクリックして写真見てね :) *love*

Sunday Look 6/5 Just one blouse on

Boiled shirt: ZARA Pale pink short denim: ZARA Baker boots: ZARA Accessories: Forever21
Handbag: GAP

Outfit for this time is very simple. Since it's been getting warmer and warmer day by day, putting one smooth touch blouse on should be good for recent weather. I was wondering if I should match the blouse with yellow ripped denim or this pink one before I left home because I've been adoring them a lot since I bought them..but this seems like a good combination after all. I am not sure if you like this outfit but it's actually so comfortable to wear all day long and I like when the silk-touch blouse rubs my skin :) After this photo shooting, John and I went shopping. I'll make a photo diary post very soon :)
Hope your weekend went fantastic as well! xxx


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