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One Saturday with cool people ミートアップ!

On 22nd. Nov. I met up with Thales for some new books to study.  It is because he went to University in Canada, lived nice long enough to get used to things in French, he can understand what's written and what people say in French.  He has however officially started to study the language, and so have I.  This time we wanted to get some books to study and our goal is to talk in French as we did in English. When we met as we were in high school, sure we talked in Japanese but now, reunion after his return from Canada, we talk in English.  I'm sure we'll talk in French near future. 
22日土曜日にタレスと勉強用の本を一緒に探すべく会いました。 彼はカナダの4大卒業して、フランス語圏にいい期間住んでたのもあり、だいたい人が何言っているのかとか読んで何が書いてあるのかは既に理解できるんだそう。(もうこの時点で引き離されてるw) でも最近本腰を入れて勉強を始めたそうで、じゃ一緒に本探そうっていうことになり新宿で再会しました。こうして一緒に高め合える友だちっていいですよね。 今回、二人でちょっとした目標を立てました。笑 いつかフランス語で会話しようって。 高校生の時に出会った時から専門学校時代はもちろん日本語でしたが、彼がカナダから戻って来て6年ぶりに再会してからはずっと英語です。 だからフランス語で会話も出来るはず!

Small transformation ちょい変身

I've gotten bangs for the first time in over 10 years!! and with light brown color down to the end.
What do you think? :)

10年ぶり(中学生ぶり!!)に前髪作りました!! わわわわわ
そして少し明るめのブラウンを毛先に向けて乗せた感じ。どうでしょう? :)
xoxo M

2 years

2 years have passed since we officially married. He was at my place. We celebrated the anniversary.

Thank you for being caring, kind, you to me.
Only in front of you I can be real me and show myself 100%.

Workaholic? ワーカホリック?

Already 2 weekends ago. I can't believe how fast time flies.  On 14th., 15th., and 16th. November, we had the biggest events of the year welcoming the founder of our company and his scientists who support our products for pre opening of its international subsidiary of Japan, not just Japanese branch. That is such an honor.  We had a reception party on 14th., the biggest, most important one that is a convention on 15th., and on 16th., a leader training to accelerate our business and boost their motivation.  Despite months of preparation, unexpected happenings and unpredictable requests from VIP guests which are from Germany made us run in the party and convention halls, drive back and forth between our office and the event buildings by taxi.
もう2週間前。時間の経過の早さには驚きます。 今月14日、15日、16日にドイツから創立者と彼率いる我が社の科学者たちを迎え今年の最大行事が開催されました。 日本に、現在の日本社としての形でなく、国際部としての会社をオープンしようという計画が現実化してきていて、それをお祝いし、今後のビジネスをより加速すべく創立者たちが講演会をするものでした。 初日の14日は前夜祭といった形でパーティが渋谷であり、15日はコンベンション、16日はミーティング。私たちスタッフは何週間も前から開催、イベ…

Next Stop: France 次のターゲットはふらんす語

I've decided to learn French as my 4th language. My English and German aren't perfect yet and I still have to work on them to improve but learning French has been one of my dreams. When I made a trip to Paris, I fell in love with everything there immediately.  My goal is to be able to speak 6 languages and I am sure I would make it.  I can see myself speaking French and take a walk on the street in Paris again. 
Whether or not it was a coincidence, 2 weeks ago my friend and I got together at her place and saw pretty cafés and shops that looked similar to ones I saw in France.  Wish I had enough time to take more photos of them but we were busy chatting to catch up with the blank of 2 years.  I met her when we were both 21 years old at a call center where we worked. She was my coworker and we kept in touch. 
4つ目の言語にフランス語を選びました。英語もドイツ語もまだ勉強が足りないし上達しないといけないけど、フランス語はずっと憧れてたのでついにスタートしました。 2年前にパリに行った時に一瞬で全てのものの虜になってしまって、でも語学学習には手をつけていませんでした。 私の目標としては母国語の日本語も入れて6言語話せるようになること。大丈夫、話せて…

Date and Meet in Crazy Days つかの間のデート

I forgot to take a photo of us. One day we got to have some time together and a day off.  Fortunately Jan's day off and my weekend matched that time and we were in need of having some relaxing time before he had to fly back. 
A restaurant we found for dinner was one serves Hawaiian food.  I'm always in love with Hawaiian style rooms and its exotic interior items. I couldn't stop imagining my ideal room (just one of options) with all that. 
食べもの写真ばっかり撮って自分たちの写真撮るの忘れちゃいました。 先日、幸運にも週末とじょんのフライトのオフが被って久しぶりに(ほぼ)丸一日一緒に過ごせました。 もっと寝ていたいところだけどせっかく彼がいるのにもったいないのでお出かけ!
一日ショッピングモールを歩き回って夕飯に見つけたレストランがハワイアンでした。 初めて来たけど雰囲気は良かったのでここでいただくことに。 ハワイのインテリアって私はいつもすごく惹かれてしまって妄想が止まりません笑 ご飯も美味しくて楽しいひとときでした。

Girls thing..

I couldn't resist it.
I haven't had shopped like this over 3 years and it just finally exploded. I didn't mind the bill went $ 900 with 4 pairs of shoes.
You live once. Let's buy what we want.

People who you'd keep in life ずっと大切にしたい人たち

I got to meet two of my best friends for the first time in 7 years in Takadanobaba, Tokyo!!  The guy next to me is my school mate who I got to know when I was 16 (and so was he) in high school at trial enrollments of the collage that we graduated from.  After the graduation he studied and finished the University in Canada and came back here to work. In my opinion he must've been one of hardest worker in the school. I was "panting" over my assignments and dying studying but he was always going ahead. All efforts he's making that I take my hat off to.  And the guy behind us is a professor from Kansas who taught us economics and American history in collage time.  He'd made best classes with a lot of humor over years. There are thousands of "fans (we)" of him.  

高田馬場で7年ぶりにこの二人に会えました! 私の隣にいるのは高二の時に専門の体験入学会で知り合い入学、卒業したタレス。 卒業後彼はカナダの大学に行き卒業してから日本へ帰国し仕事をしています。 学校一くらいの勉強家でいつも彼の努力っぷりには脱帽です。 私たちの後ろにいるのは経済学と米国史を教えてくれていたカンザス出身の先生。厳しいながらもユーモアたっぷりの授業でほんとに彼のクラスは笑いで溢れて…