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Greek dinner ギリシャレストランで夕食

It's because I haven't updated my blog lately, I thought I'd share photos of when we had Greek dinner on 1st June.  The first two photos are appetizer. The first upper one is called Dolma. Seasoned rice wrapped with grape leave and it's mostly served as a cold appetizer. 
This one was warm appetizer. Cooked shrimps with melted spicy cheese. We enjoyed it with amazing handmade bread.
これはスパイシーチーズとエビ! アツアツで超美味。ふわもちの手作りパンと一緒に頂きました。

Unexpected salad. We thought we'd have only ordered appetizer and the main dish. I wasn't hungry anymore lol


What Jan's got. Gyros, Bifuteki, and Lam chop with baked potatoes.
ジョンはさすが白人、狩猟民族。みたいなプレート。ギロスという豚肉をあぶったもの、ビフテキ、ラムチョップに焼きポテト。 レストランに来てジョンが注文するもの見ると、やっぱ肉が好きなのね〜と思う。。肉もりもりです。

That's what I got. Gyros and rice pasta seasoned with tomato sauce.
It was sup…