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1/21 Brazilian Restaurant on Date

Finding somewhere new is fun. Since John and I decided to meet up on 21st, Friday night, I was being excited whole day at work hehe.. I was browsing restaurants at Shibuya, Tokyo, for dinner and found a Brazilian restaurant near H&M in which I go to a LOT. wonder why I'd never noticed them until today...
I didn't failed to bring my digital camera on the night 'cause I was definitely doing to post here! I actually couldn't take many pictures there but these are how it looks..
We had buffet.

They give you this card. showing the green side, all staffs keep bringing you many kinds of  meat. Lamb, many parts of beef, pork, chicken. If you're stuffed or you don't want meat for now, turn it over and show red side which means no more meat! and then they bring baked onion and other veges. 

 I made this salad :P Mmmm I love Olive!

 You don't need to put any seasonings especially on the pork on the right side. Amazingly tender and originally  sweet.

This is when he bro…

1/16 Skillet Lazagna

My sister and I were planning to make a delicious lasagna for Sunday dinner to surprise our mom. But I ended up making it from A to Z while she was watching me cooking..I started to make white sauce listening to Akon "Freedom" he he he
Lasagna is, I think, one of the easiest yummy dishes that everyone makes as a homemade meal. Though it takes a little bit of time till finishing, it looks full of love and warmth from who makes it..
Mine was good so far, though I didn't use meat at all..
Let me share what I did!
Since I didn't make it Cooked white sauce at the grocery store (totally forgot to buy), I had to make it from melting butter.

*White Sause* Butter 60g
Flour 60g Milk 1 Liter Black pepper and salt to taste. After melting butter, add flour in separately on low heat. As you know flour for white sauce is too easy to get brown, which means it's not a good result... Please make sure not to let it brown. Also add milk separately in the flour and make it a little thin sa…


still far till you see the sun.

 Things are spinning.

You'd been sad but trying to look strong and fine no matter how hard your life had been.because you didn't want to make your family and friends worried and didn't want to be a headache in people.
"I'm strong. so I'm alright.. I can take it"

You were working on things to make your people happy  You were pushing the hard time down inside your mind. and you were smiling the whole time..

What you've done is so great and you've worked well.

Where's your happiness? You might've left it somewhere in the past because you were desperate to fix things up and set up stuff well to make the life good for the moment. It's wonderful and amazing how strongly and hardly you've worked on all the stuff
and now it's your turn to pursuit your happiness! You deserve to be happy without any worry and fear.

 all is starting to get better like a butterfly gets ready to fly in the sky.  because you've reached …

Fun Saturday W/My Sister