When it blows through

Pale pink Spring knit: H&M
TRF skinny denim: ZARA
Bandolera charol enamel bag: ZARA
Bracelets: TOPSHOP
Owl ring: H&M

This was very first time John helped my photo shooting and all the results came out so good. It didn't take us time until it all finished that was amazing. All these taken last Friday (29th April: William & Kate's Royal Wedding!) at Marroad Hotel in which he always stays at as he comes to Japan. He didn't miss any seconds for good shots like when it blows my hair nicely, when I tiled my head down looking natural, and when I smiled at him beyond the camera. My digital camera isn't really professional unlike Nikon or Canon SLR so the lens make your face look longer or your legs shorter depending on the position of camera, which is trouble and takes you more time until you finally get nice photos that look natural as you see the objects. I shouldn't complain but even this time, though he did such a great camera work, we couldn't avoid having those look bad like my head is so big like alien lol Anyhow, I was surprised at his work and appreciate it so much John.    

 our hotel :)

from our room's window


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