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Very Last Dinner 2010!

It's because my sister went out to her boyfriend to celebrate new year together, my mom and I are at home. We decided to order delicious Italian course from Napoli'sOven for last dinner after my mom came back from work. Since it is going to be last meal this year, something fancy would be good plus it's kind of tiresome to cook much at last night..don't you think? So these are what we JUST had for dinner.

This Margherita was too amazingly delicious! The smell of basil and tomato spread out the kitchen once I opened up. Thinly baked pizza dough was great: inside was a bit chewy and outside was just good crispy. My mouth was filled with hot tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese xD Mmmmm!♡♡♡♡ Can't forget the taste!

Basil Pesto Pasta. This was also great. Flavorful basil and olive oil were well balanced with al dente pasta. 

Fried Herb Chicken with basil paste. I was shocked when I bit it. It was amazingly tender. I doubted if it really was chicken lol I think this was the most…

I Wish You a Happy New Year

Thinking back of this year, I have had so much stuff from many people, places, and opportunities to improve myself. In the beginning of this year I was wondering what my 21st year would be like. Would I keep working so hard until I save enough for study abroad in U.S.A.? but it seemed to be endless work 'cause international students need to pay for ridiculous huge money for school, especially Japanese ones. Though I'd been working well since I graduated from a college, I was almost lost after visiting my aunt in Montana state, U.S. in March.

Getting to know John totally changed the direction for my life in a positive way. We actually got to know each other in the end of February, but I left Japan for Montana right after that. I was going to get new job once I came back here, but something stopped me to, which turned out to be correct decision. He and I have made a great relationship since then and I've been thinking of studying in Germany later on this year. I'd like …

Finally Got Connected Again

I'd been disconnected to the Internet for 4 days or so. Now I can finally make posts again here and see my friends on Facebook etc for updates! Gotta be thankful to be able to do what I normally can do.
Wanted to put photos of X'mas presents that my boyfriend gave me here, though it's been a little while since Christmas ended...('cause of no internet :S)
The biggest, the most amazing (all amazing tho!) one is this fabulous fur coat by ESPRIT

The fur is removable. It's long enough for me to stay pretty warm, and the thick belt and its big buckle is so trendy! *2nd*
 I don't need words.

I still clearly remember when I had the package and saw the beautifully shining Tiffany&Co.! This is so fantastic! It even makes me feel hesitant to wear this because I'm not sure if I deserve it.  Beside these presents, I got German calendar from his mother, and Christmas CD from his father. Too bad is I couldn't make it his present since I didn't kn…

Let's Go Back To the Hotel!

We got so stuffed...but still some time left.. why not go to Forever 21 just opened in Shibuya on 23rd Dec.!!
It was pretty busy but we found out it's sooo huge!! 5 or 6 floors total O_O LOVE it!

I was looking for good accessories and found these long necklaces. I was wondering which I should take... xS all good but should choose one....then he bought me all 3 eventually! It feels like I got another Christmas present here. I really appreciate it, John. I really do. I'll definitely wear one of them on Monday for work! Caught the train to go back to the Airport. 

ew? This hotel is where we always stay at.

Cute reindeeers welcomed us. Morning. Bright sunlight flooded the room. This is the lobby. 
He's flying back again✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ "when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile 'cause you're amazing. Just the way you are" LOVE YOU!! ∞ xoxo∞ meg

After Walking in The Cold

When we came back to Shibuya from Omotesando, John and I went to Okonomiyaki restaurant. We made 2 of okonomiyaki. 1st one has small pieces of fried chicken inside and 2nd one has slices of black pork grown in Kagoshima, JP. 

They bring you a bowl stuffed with all ingredients. This is of 2nd picture above. Start mix it all up very well.

Once all mixed well, put all of this on the hot plate and make the surface flat with the flipper or turner.

In 4 minutes, turn it over and wait for another 4 minutes.
He did it! :D

Add sauce, mayonnaise, green onion, and it's done :D 
sauce and mayonnaise art lol :P

The Greatest Christmas Ever!!

I made it such a wonderful Christmas with John this year. This time was actually my first X'mas to spend with someone I love. on 23rd he came over to my house and celebrate the night with my mom and sister. We had so much fun all together. Enjoyed big dinner, exchanging presents, and endless conversation. Unfortunately my mom had work on 24th so we made one day early party. Next day I took John to Tokyo to show him great places with illumination which were Tokyo Midtown and Omotesando.
[Tokyo Midtown]-->See what's Tokyo Midtown

This is called Grass Park located in front of Midtown building. It was amazingly beautiful. It kept me speechless because it was the most wonderful illumination I've ever seen.

Tokyo Tower On our way back, we found the wedding dress shop on the street. That looked so gorgeous! And he asked me how do I like it :D

[Omotesandoh] Since Omotesando's been said that it's one of the most beautiful illumination spots in Tokyo every Winter, I'd want…