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Halloween Makeup #1 Atlantic Goddess-extension of usual makeup

Since one of my good friends asked me what I'd wear and do for Halloween, I started thinking of what kind of makeup (lol) would be good for this season. Actually, in Japan, we don't have Halloween custom at all. But maybe for business, there are so many party stuff for it at any store here. like tons of sweets, accessories, Halloween limited menu at restaurants, and so on. I think you can imagine that. it's totally like Christmas. Then today I decided to do makeup of Atlantic Goddess looks like an extension of a bit loud makeup like I do on my day off.

Today I mainly used Bourjois' eyeshadow which I got last Saturday. I really wanted to use one of them A LOT to see how they come out on my  day off and the time finally came haha. Unfortunately it's hard to use pretty pigmented shadows during weekdays for work because it doesn't suit office wear, which means I have to use like nude, brown, or orange base makeup everyday. This time I was doing this thinking of an i…

Elegant Mink Brown Eyes for Work

Hello! Thank you so much for following my blog and leaving me comments :)) Your support really keeps me motivated here. Since I started working, it's got hard to update my blog..but I declare that I would definitely entry new post every weekend (Friday or Saturday): at least 1 or 2 posts. So please check here once a week for updates! I'd really appreciate that :D
Today I did a makeup that I wore yesterday for work. People around me gave me many compliments about this which looks attractive and makes them wanna talk to you.. :) this is the look.

In an official/formal scene like when you're at work, ceremony, and meeting, being without fake lashes should be good looking for people around you. So I don't (cannot) wear lashes during weekdays unfortunately ('cause nobody in my office wears them just because it looks too fancy or casual with suits/formal wear.). Then, I didn't use lashes this time too, though it's my day off :D (This actually looks a bit more dar…

Orange Eyes in Black Inspired by Ashley Greene

In the November issue of Japan GOSSIPS, I found Ashley Greene who I never knew until today! Since I've never watched Twilight at all yet, I didn't know her. Looking at her picture, I thought oh she looks cool! and I want to do her makeup. Plus it looked easy to do :) So this is what I've done down here
Using and mixing 3 different colors of Orange and surrounding eyes with black line. Though I used pearl white all over my lids, those black lines keep eyes looking sharp and aggressive. When you use lighter colors on your lids than others on your crease, you want to use the strongest color around your eyes not to make them look vague or obscure.
Okay! then please read this til the end!
*As always, apply any eyeshadow base you have all over the lid, and take Champagne e/s by NYX on the pencil brush. Put this on the inner corner of crease and bring it to the middle of it. Keep pressing the brush until well colored.
*Now take warm shiny orange by KATE on the same brush and apply …