Enchilada! エンチェラーダ!

My first Enchilada. This was amazing Saturday dinner and became my go-to recipe. It was actually easier to make than I expected (green sauce one would be harder though.), so satisfying, many tastes inside, simply great enough to enjoy. Someday I have kids, they'd love this :)
John never had Enchilada before so this was his first one in his life, and he did like it! Yay I got his "thumbs up" :D

Serve 2~3 
1.25lb/500g Chicken breast (鶏むね 500g)
6 sheets Tortilla (handmade) (トルティーヤ6枚 手作り)
1 bottle of your favorite cheese dip
1 stick green onion, chopped (万能ネギ 1本 小口切り)
1 cup/200g pizza cheese (ピザ用チーズ)
1/2~1 cup/100g-200g tomato sauce (トマトソース 耐熱皿の底に敷く用)
1 cup Salsa sauce (サルサソース)
Sour cream for topping (サワークリーム, トッピング用)


I used both plain and whole wheat tortillas to balance up. 
You know I always go healthier way even we eat heavy meals. 

1: Steam up chicken till cooked through and tear them. Mix with cheese dip sauce.

2: Preheat oven at 180℃(360°F). Lay cheese sauced-checken and chopped green onion on a tortilla. Scatter some pizza cheese over it and roll up the tortilla.

3: Spread tomato sauce in the oven pan. Adjust the amount depending on how big your pan is.

4: Arrange rolled tortillas in the pan. Put salsa sauce, pizza cheese, and the rest of green onion over.
Back for 30~40 minutes. Serve with sour cream.



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