I'm a rabbit...Yummy Spinach Gratin. ほうれん草グラタン

Wednesday evening, we had spinach. Mad amount of spinach. It made me feel I feed on plants because I never had this amount of spinach till this day in my life and as a main dish.
At least, we (Japanese) don't eat spinach as much as German people do.  It never shows up on the big plate like here; sits in a teeny tiny dish included in appetizer just to balance & color up the whole meals.
Food is simply interesting. It always change its style in each countries.
When I was looking through a food catalog with John one day and I found Grünkohlgericht which is kale or spinach sautéed with potatoes and sausage.
I asked him "Which meat (or main dish) do you eat with this? Chicken?" I completely thought it's just a side dish served in a small dish.
"No, we eat this as main dish" he said. "WTH. you guys are horse? LOL it's just leaves.." No no no....how could this be main dish while you guys eat huge Schnitzel fried in over over used oil without salad. it's sort of ironic isn't it? :D
As for me, it's just fun to try a large amount of spinach, of course with much salad and miso soup. :)
And it was good. I actually used 2 pounds spinach, not 3 and found 3 pounds would be better. 2 lb spinach seems a lot but once it's defrosted and squeezed, it gets so small in the oven dish.
I recommend you to prepare 3 lb.

3 lb (1362g) frozen chopped Spinach, defrosted (冷凍のほうれん草 (日本に無いかも))
2 Tablespoons/30g unsalted Butter (無塩バター)
1 Onion, chopped (Lサイズ玉ねぎ 刻む)
30g All-purpose flour (薄力粉)
1/4 teaspoon powder Nutmeg (ナツメグ小さじ1/4)
2 cups/400ml Milk (牛乳)
80g Parmesan cheese (パルメザンチーズ)
Salt & black petter to taste (塩・胡椒適量)
Pizza cheese for topping (ピザ用チーズ トッピング用に少量)


1: Preheat the oven to 210℃ (425°F). Transfer your thawed spinach to a large baking dish or bowl. Set aside.  

2: Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Sauté the onions for 10 minutes or until translucent. 

3: Add the flour and nutmeg, keep stirring for 2 more minutes. And then add milk. Continue to gently stir until thickened. 

4: Squeeze defrosted spinach as much strong/tight as possible, and add the spinach to the sauce. 

I go herbivorous.

5: Add 80g of the Parmesan cheese and mix well. Season with salt and pepper. 

6: Transfer the spinach to a baking dish, and sprinkle the pizza cheese on top. 
Bake for 20 minutes until hot and bubbly. Serve hot.

nom nom nom


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