Protein Apple Sour Salad

Pretty Spring salad is here. I made cookies and had 1 egg white left in my fridge.
And I thought "I don't want to just waste it in the sink but too little to make meringue cookies" What would it be like if mixed in salad? And I grabbed whatever veggies I found in the fridge drawer and sliced up apples. How easy and tasty!
Chilled apples are crisp, fresh vegetables are dancing with feta (really), and egg white has a unique texture with smoothness and elasticity. It's a pop in your mouth.
Would you try this salad? You'd like it :)

1/3 Carrot, cut into sticks (にんじん1/3 小さめのスティック状に切る)
1/3 Apple, sliced thinly (リンゴ1/3 薄くスライスする)
1 Tomato, remove seeds & cut into cubes (トマト1個 種を除いて1cm大に切る)
4~5 layers Lettuce, kale, or your favorite leaves, cut 1 inch/2.5cm size (サラダ菜など好きな葉っぱ4~5枚2.5cm大に切る)
±50g Feta cheese, cut into cubes (フェタチーズ50g 1cm大に切る お好みで量を調節)
1 Egg white (卵の白身)

[DRESSING ドレッシング]
150ml Extra virgin olive oil (エキストラバージンオリーブオイル)
2 teaspoon soy sauce (醤油小さじ2)
2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice (レモン汁小さじ2)
Salt & freshly grated Black petter, to taste (塩・黒こしょう適量)
1/3 teaspoon dried Oregano (乾燥オレガノ小さじ1/3)
1/3 teaspoon Sesame (白ごま小さじ1/3)
1/4 teaspoon dried Basilicum (乾燥バジル小さじ1/4)

1: In a small bowl, prepare cold water with ice cubes, set aside. Boil water in a small pot and pour egg white in it. Let it spread out in the water using a fork, just 1 stir to spread it out. When it's completely solidified, drain and put them into the cold water. Remove from the water when egg whites are completely cooled.

2: In a medium-large bowl, combine salad ingredients. Tear egg whites to pieces with hands and sprinkle over it.

3: Mix dressing ingredients. Pour 2 tablespoons of it over the salad per portion.



  1. this looks extremely awesome.i loved the ingredients!!!!!thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. Thanks so much for checking my post, Despina! This salad has many to taste and enjoy. I've posted Greek (inspired) salad too. Hope you'd like it too.


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