American Cherry Pie アメリカンチェリーパイ

My kitchen was full of American Cherry smell from the oven. How nice and much it made me excited to bite.  
Since today, 31st March, Easter/Spring break has started. I finished A1 exam which is first level of German language and a test for non-German people and our teacher gave us the result, though we'll receive the official form after Easter, that wasn't bad: 90/100. It's been 4 months since I started to learn German language and now I am able to express what I want to say. There's still much much long to go but I'm growing everyday :) 

We were going to have a party at school before Easter break started but it wasn't officially announced and I missed the chance last Thursday to ask our teacher if we'd make a party on Friday. But my Italian friend backed pizza for me (how sweet she is!). 
"We won't have a party but I'll bake a pizza for you, meggy :) (in German) " she said. 
This is my reason to bake this American Cherry pie :) 
The recipe I used: HERE

*Chill flour, butter, and a large bowl for 2 hours. (I put them in the fridge before I went to bed and made the pie next morning) 

Watch his video to make proper shortcrust for this pie. (パイ生地作りのビデオ)

-------Shortcrust パイ生地-------
400g Flour, chilled (冷やしておいた薄力粉 400g)
200g Butter, chilled & cut into cubes (冷やしておいたバター 200g サイコロ状に切る)
1 pinch of salt (塩ひとつまみ)
Just under 100ml cold Water (冷水 100ml 全部使い切らなくても大丈夫)

--------Filling ソース--------
240g bottled sweetened American Cherry, or blueberry, strawberry etc.. (ビン詰めのアメリカンチェリー240g  ブルーベリー、イチゴ等でもok)
1 Tablespoon fresh Lemon juice (レモン汁大さじ1)
2 Tablespoon/20g flour (薄力粉 大さじ2 (山盛りにしなくていい))

Check Directions......>>>>

[Make shortcrust 生地作り] like the video.
1: Put flour and salt in a food processor and pulse to combine. Then add in butter, pulse again for 20 seconds till all incorporated well. Make sure there's not butter clumps.  

2: Transfer the mixture into a chilled bowl and make a hole in the center to pour in 2/3 of the water.  
Twist in with your hand very gently and add in the rest of water. Make a ball.  

3: Knead it quickly on a floured surface to combine well. 
Divide in two balls and put them back in a bowl. 
Wrap in plastic. Chill for 2 hours.   
Roll out the dough on a floured surface with 2 inches/5cm wider than your pan.  Form into pan, letting excess hang off the sides.

1: フードプロセッサーに冷えた薄力粉と塩を入れ混ぜる。そこにバターを入れて20秒程度(しっかりパラパラの粉になってよく混ざるまで)プレスする。

2: 冷やしておいたボウルに粉を開けて、粉の中央に手で穴を作りそこに冷水を2/3注ぐ。

3: 薄く打ち粉をした台の上に生地を置いて手早くこねる(生地があったまってしまうのでこねすぎないこと!)。大体ムラなく混ざったら2つに割って形を整え、ボウルに戻しラップをして2時間冷蔵庫で冷やす。

4: めん棒で生地を3mm程度の薄さに伸ばし、耐熱皿より3cm~5cm大きめにして生地を敷く。(私はグラタン皿使用でエクストラの生地は1cmにしました(写真見て))

[Make filling ソース作り]

1: Combine cherries and flour. Squeeze lemon juice and stir well with a spoon.  

2: Divide evenly into crust. Fold the hanging dough over top, leaving the center showing. Sprinkle some granulated sugar on exposed top crust.   

3: Bake until the crust is golden brown and cherry sauce starts bubbly. About 30 minutes.  
焼く。クラストがこんがり焼き色がついて、ソースがふつふつしたらok. 約30分。

Enjoy it!



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