From one pizza dough to many to taste :) Nom nom nom

From the no knead pizza dough, today I baked my first bread (I baked many breads with my mom when I was little, but this is what I baked all by myself).  I usually have Rye or Vollkorn (brown) bread like this: for more Vitamin B, mineral, and fiber. 

After 1to 2 months I moved to Germany, I almost became anorexia. If I could think of the cause, it might've been that I had no friends, couldn't communicate with others for the language, got hungry from study but the food didn't satisfy me (completely different from Japanese healthy food...), and "I don't want to be fat.". The struggle of hunger and trying to stay thin to continue fashion/outfit blog. 

When I was about to "fall" (start to suffer from anorexia), I consulted with a person (food/nutrition professor) about my problem and she recommended me to buy Vollkorn or Rye bread that contains LOTS of vitamin B and mineral that help people on diet (≠ to be skinny; = to be healthy). And she told me to make 30 times of chewing at each bite. 
How lucky I am. I'm in Germany and they have loads of Vollkorn bread everywhere.
It saved me. I should say it really saved my life. If you had ever suffered from anorexia, you know how terrible and hard it feels. 
So, I started to get better about..since January (the end of December) and my appetite has got fallen off in a healthy, better way and I don't have the horrible desire for eating at all. anymore. :)

But now, I don't have my bread. :D And I've just learned to make easy pizza dough. So I needed to take advantage of it! 
Oh man, how fabulous handmade bread is! The word "FLAVORFUL" must be used for this bread. 
Nice, nice, nice smell of yeast and wheat. Warm, steamy slices melt the butter....oh my god. YUMMY.
Don't put jam, nutella even if you love really bad, or anything like that on it. Enjoy, taste it, and sigh.
Trust me, you'll love it. 
I baked my bread for 25 minutes at 200℃(400°F), checking the bread surface getting brown. 
Would you give it a try? 

Or simply put butter on it? それともシンプルにバターでおいしく:)

What would you have time? どう食べる? :)



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