No-Fried Fish croquette with Siciliano sauce 魚コロッケ シチリアンソースがけ

To avoid meat oil, but still wanting to be satisfied with what I eat,  I decided to make fish croquette. No fry. And I experimented Siciliano pesto from Barilla to make the sauce, which turned out perfect match with this fish croquette. 
I never tried Siciliano pesto until last week and always bought Genovese for safe-going. One night I found Siciliano at a grocery store and immediately grabbed it and tried it with penne pasta. That really was "Oh la la!" new discovery. The reason I went the sauce was I've got a new friend from Sicily in my German language class. New friends expand food variety,...right? This is fantastic.
It's an amazing combination of Ricotta cheese and walnuts. I'm sure I'll try all series of Barilla pesto haha! Now it's my turn to make her try Japanese products :) Tempura? 
You can check the fish dumpling recipe is my past post. Here you see all the process and details about the filling and tomato sauce to serve with. 

You need:
Fish filling, recipe follow (below) (下の魚の材料)
1 cup Bread crumbs (パン粉 適量)
1 cup All-purpose flour for dusting (薄力粉 適量)
1 Egg, beaten (卵一個 溶く)
300g/1 bottled Mushroom, drained (缶又は瓶詰めのマッシュルーム 300g)
1 clove garlic, minced (ニンニク 1片 刻む)
200ml/1 cup Milk (牛乳)
200ml/1 cup Water (水)
 Parsley for topping (パセリ 適量)
Salt & petter to taste (塩こしょう適量)
For the filling コロッケの具: just mix all in a food processor/blender till smooth. ミキサーに全部かける。
Cod (or similar fish) fillets (骨抜きの白身魚) 500g
All-purpose flour (小麦粉) 60g
Salt (塩) ½ tsp
Nutmeg (ナツメグ ひとつまみ) 1 pinch
Dill (ジル 2つまみ) 2 pinches, chopped

It should look like this. こんな感じ。

2: Prepare Bread crumbs, flour, beaten egg.

3: Shape the fish dough..filling in your hands. Go dusting it in flour, rolling in the deep....beaten egg, and covering with bread crumbs. Repeat till all fillings are finished.

Preheat oven at 150℃(310°F)


Japanese bread crumbs are the best! It's seriously unbeatable. 
Crispy and slightly nicely smells wheat. You Da One

4: Bake in the oven for 30 minutes without any additional oil. Mmm♡

5: WHILE you're baking croquette, make sauce. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil and fry minced garlic. Add in drained mushrooms. Continue frying till mushrooms are cooked through.
Pour 200ml of Milk and Water. Stir. Add 6 tablespoon of Siciliano Barilla pesto. Cook till thicken.

6: When croquettes are ready, cover with the mushroom sauce and scatter parsley. Serve immediately.
コロッケにかけてパセリを散らして終了。It's worth the wait :)
Gute Appetit!


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