Vinegar and rosemary chicken

I guess it's time to make something different flavor or to refreshen ordinary cooking and this:
vinegar-ed chicken thighs flavored with rosemary. This was completely new/refreshing dish (as long as I've cooked till today) and became one of our favorites.
The meat got tender in the vinegar and the combination of rosemary and sautéed garlic is simply fantastic.
It's been 5 months since I officially started to cook in Germany (I almost never did in Japan.) and I still don't feel I'm a good cook.. I don't feel any practical recipes got settled in my brain yet and if I'm ever asked to cook right here, I couldn't think of anything nice to make.
But I've learned from what I've been doing that the motivation to cook is to see someone's smile from my cooking. Seeing "Oh delicious."-face and having compliments are always a strong energy that keeps me in it. What I taste isn't so important. What is important for me is if my cook can please him.
What motivates you to cook? :)

1 pound/ 500g chicken thighs in pieces, with skin (鶏もも・皮付き)
4 cloves garlic, sliced (ニンニク4片薄くスライス)
2 branches of rosemary (ローズマリー2房)
120ml + 80ml apple vinegar (リンゴ酢) *
extra virgin olive oil (エキストラバージンオリーブオイル)
salt and pepper (塩こしょう適量)

* I soaked chickens overnight in the 120ml vinegar to make them more tender. 80ml is for cooking.


1: Preheat your oven at 200℃(400°F). In a large (big enough to lay chickens) pot, heat olive oil and 2 garlic cloves.  When garlic gets golden, add the half part of rosemary.

2: Toss the chicken thighs, skin side down, season with salt and pepper, and add vinegar. Brown chickens on each side.

3: Crush the remaining garlic and rosemary. Lay chickens in the oven dish and put in the oven to bake for 40~50 minutes.  



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