Photographing never goes out of my mind!

Yes I know I haven't been able to upload my outfits these days. I didn't want to miss posting especially of my outfit which is updated every Sunday. Since the devastating earthquake hit Japan last Friday (March 11th that we shouldn't forget), all people, including me, in Japan island got so panic. Fortunately in Tokyo, it didn't leave chaos here unlike the North. I could've done photo shooting  if I ignored the crowd and this situation but it obviously seemed I shouldn't though I wouldn't ever do my hobby at that moment.  Last Sunday I was with John at Narita Airport. We were going to do photo shooting at Marroad Hotel where we always stay at every weekend but JAL this time changed the place where all cabin crews stay this time, which was Excel Hotel Tokyu Narita.

This is one corner of Marroad Hotel lobby. It looks great doesn't it? (sorry it's pretty dark shot. it was almost midnight when I took this photo and bad light condition for photographing. I know.) I was waiting to tell you good news as I mentioned before with Sunday look and my other outfit, which is (now I tell you 'cause I wanna tell! :D though I wanted to wait until my outfits come) that John bought me new bags by ESPRIT and ZARA!! This beige tote bag below is by ESPRIT. Do you remember when I put the picture on the top of the post?

and from ZARA, Ta-dah!

I fell in love with this bag as soon as I held it :) He told me that new ZARA shop built in Frankfurt these days so after getting the Esprit bag, he thought he'd check what they have at ZARA and found this bag. I wouldn't buy this kind of bag because I must be too conservative to choose bags and shoes so I always end up getting them in a color of black, silver, or navy. This must be a good start for me to wear beige and other lighter colors with my outfit and I am sure these bags will definitely widen my view of fashion look.
Soooo........... you don't know how much excited I was for photo shooting with them at Marroad Hotel. According to one of his coworkers, they've got some crack on the surface of the hotel's floor from the earthquake and they need to repair it, which is why we had to stay at another hotel which was designated by JAL.

Anyhow I am thinking of use one of those bags (or both? :D) for my outfit this weekend. Stay tuned beauties <3 I'm hoping you're having a great time and a bunch of smiles ;)



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