Knitwear I'd be wearing for Spring '11

bobble stitch jumper
 One of my Spring/Summer addictions is Knitwear. Since some of crochet knits in my wardrobe have been my addiction and I always wear them all year, discovering new designs and colors on knits for 2011 Spring/Summer trend makes me wanna have more.
As I mentioned on this post I am going to match crochet/damaged knit with short dehim as soon as it gets warm enough here. Though I have a couple of short denims, I don't have colored one yet. So I will for sure have pretty shorts for my knits like the pink lace-up shorts in the picture below.

Coming across asos website and this coordianation: a stitched jumper and damaged denim with the boring wide belt. This look is for me not only simple but so winning outfit. Putting just one top on, men's like belt is boldly cool, and showing off legs. I love ittt!
I'd definitely make an outfit post inspired by this kind of look. Wish I had my dad around. I'd use his belts and shirts hehe.
Ok, so I looked through TOPSHOP knitwear that I would buy/wish to have for Spring. I already fell in love with the top knit: Knitted Pink Stripe Scallop Hem Top.
Knitted Pink Stripe Scallop Hem Top
Knitted Open Stitch Tabbard

Crochet Shorts

Slouch Jumper


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