For the North Japan 被災地の人たちへ。届け!!

Click this image below to listen to this music

じっくりじっくり、聴いてみてください。オレンジレンジが被災地でライブできたら最高だな・・ :)

My sister said to me that this should be a really good fight song for people in North Japan tonight. What the lyrics says might sound common and that everyone knows but I would really like you to listen to it with your eyes closed. It does sink into your heart and so touching. In the affected places in the Northeast, survivors for sure have been feeling exhausted, depressed, hopeless there in chaos. but we are here to help them out and thinking all about what we can do for them, and how to shape it up and tell them. Though I'm trying to share what's going on with my friends and what I want them to know about the earthquake that happened this time on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and wherever I can be on, I have no idea how long it is going to take until they finally know what I share here or it wouldn't even reach their place after all. Yet this is one of ways what I chose to share what I do for them with you. Please please please listen to this song and you will get something in your heart. Wish Orange Range could make their music live in the North... :)
* Sorry this song is in Japanese* But why not enjoy its atmosphere and tune? :)


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